Can Anthony Edwards Lead Minnesota To The Finals. Ep.4

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The playoffs started for Minnesota in the best possible way, defeating Durant's team and company with another Anthony Edwards show. The Minnesota team prevailed in game one by 120 to 95 against the Phoenix Suns. Let's start by talking about this game. The standout of the match was Anthony Edwards, who came alive in the second half of a third quarter that entered the franchise's history, putting them ahead in the playoffs.

Less than a week after facing off in the regular season, the Timberwolves and Suns clashed again in Minneapolis, AP, with three consecutive victories, including against Minnesota's rivals. The Suns seem to be following the same script, starting strong, led by Kevin Durant. Remember that this article is the fourth in a series of five articles in which we are discussing the five teams with the most potential to be the next NBA champion.

If you haven't seen the other articles, hurry to our channel and follow this saga. The home team's reaction came in the second period and was led by Carl. Anthony Towns recovered from a miniscus tear in his left knee, which kept him off the court for over a month until the previous game. The Wolves star led the teams turnaround, which even opened up a 61.

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51 lead before halftime ranked six in the conference the Suns returned for the second half with the mission to rebalance the game and Chase a result that still seemed possible away from home what they didn't know is that the third quarter would have a name and surname Anthony Edwards, inspired the Timberwolves star scored nothing less than 18 points in the third period alone with the highest scoring performance by a franchise player in a single period since Sam Cassell in 2004, he steered the team towards Victory and an advantage in the first round of the playoffs a spectacular game by Anthony Edwards with 33 points nine rebounds six assists and four three-pointers.

A truly spectacular second half. He's not afraid of these moments. For some, he's the future face of the NBA. His presence on the court makes a huge difference for his team with his unique handling and incredible crossovers, always confusing his opponents. Besides him, we had Carl Anthony Towns and Rudy Goar.

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These guys played really well, and that can be a good sign for this team. Rudy Goar had 14 points and 16 rebounds; Carl Anthony Towns recovered from injury and scored 19 points, grabbed seven rebounds, and dished out four assists. Minnesota's defense worked very well, and that's a good point to discuss because a team to be a champion needs exactly that: a good offense, but their defense needs to be excellent, and this team showed that in game one, of course, the Minnesota team played with the support of their fans, which usually helps the team's performance.

However, we need to remember that in the second half, the Minnesota team nullified the Phoenix team, and yes, they finished the season in sixth place with 49 wins and 33 losses. Phoenix seems to be in decline. Last season, they finished fourth despite having fewer wins than this season, ending with 45 wins and 37 losses.

However, in the 2022 season, they finished with an incredible record of 64 wins and 18 losses, but they fell in the Western Conference semi-finals to Dallas with Luca Donic. Even though they are a team that hasn't been successful in the playoffs, they are still an excellent team with a powerful offense, led by Kevin Durant and Devin Booker.

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Minnesota's defense didn't stop just any team. Phoenix has been a constant presence in the playoffs, with players of the highest level. The Minnesota team is showing that with their two towers, Carl Anthony and Gober, they can go far in these playoffs. With their defensive ability, they can prove to be super competitive and make it difficult for whoever passes through them besides them.

Anthony Edwards himself has a significant presence in Minnesota's defense. In addition to his excellent offensive game in this game, he had two steals for a team completely dedicated defensively. We'll see in the next games, and of course we can't decree the outcome before the game ends; we've seen everything happen in the NBA.

We saw a huge improvement from Minnesota compared to last season, when they finished the regular season in eighth place with 42 wins and 40 losses. This year, they ended the regular season with an incredible 56 wins and 26 losses in third place in the Western Conference and fourth overall in the NBA.

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Remember that the OKC. Thunder, and Denver teams led the conference with 57 wins and 25 losses, meaning the gap between them is only one win, showing that Minnesota's ability is great and very close to the top teams in the league. Minnesota has positioned itself as one of the best teams of the season, ranking among the top, which shows that they have the capacity to go far this season.

With their young and super talented team, these guys seem to be thirsty for this title. This team is super organized. From now on, the playoffs will get tighter and tighter; the strongest will continue to fight, and in my opinion, this team deserves to be on the list of teams with the most potential to be champions this year.

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It's one of the most organized teams, alongside Boston and Denver. Additionally, they have a solid defense and an interesting team rotation, and who knows if a team like Minnesota can bring back the old school with two huge centers? Even though Carl Anthony Towns has a lot of versatility and skills that are usually given to smaller and lighter players, he still has the strength of a center and the skills of a point guard.

Remember that this is the fourth article in a series of five articles in which we are discussing the five teams with the most potential to be the next NBA champion. If you haven't seen the other articles, go to our channel and follow this saga.