How To Medium (the Finals)


H, I can't believe we are here making a meta planet for the medium class. If this is what the people want, then they will get it. A short disclaimer: Meta Planet started as an effort to try to get people to try different classes, showcasing their strengths and how fun playing the game differently can be.

I personally feel that a lot of people's frustrations with the game stem from the boredom of playing the same build with an unwillingness to try something else due to the learning curve and also the frustration of being eliminated by the same meta, who abuses the class over and over again. Showcasing different bus builds has always been the goal of Meta Planet.

Anyway, enough with the yapping; let's get, Started, the medium comes in many shapes and sizes, and all forms are very powerful. For the sake of brevity, I will be mainly focusing on the new dematerializer, or heel. With assault rifle variants, the primary weapon of the metam medium is either the fcar, akm, or famas; these rifles are extremely strong and versatile.


The medium should also carry a piece of defensive utility such as gas mines, gas grenades, or pyron nades for area denial; they should also carry a piece of movement utility such as bounce pads or ziplines; and of course, they should be running defibs. Even with the recent defib rework, they are still the most essential gadgets they can carry.

All of this put together can make one very effective and versatile fighting machine. Let's start with the specializations. First, I want to give Heark a big round of applause for removing recon senses, which was a bold move. It was a very polarizing specialization, but I think it's for the best that it's gone.

The heel beam should go without saying. Treat your heavy like a queen and heal them up whenever you get the chance. Keep all of your team healthy, for that matter. If you are wise with your team engagements, you can keep your team healthy more often than not personally. I use dematerializer exclusively now, as it is so fun and versatile.


The ability to create new angles flanking paths and change the cashouts is no joke; scurrying around like a dirty little hobbit is insanely fun, and I urge everyone to try this ability. The defensive utility is to help you secure and hold cash outs or deny a path to you while you are recovering. Teammates, you can even use the dematerializer to drop said utility on the cash out and trap your movement.

Gadget also enhances this use of the dematerializer, allowing you to be incredibly fluid with your pathing. As far as the defib rework goes, it is still very powerful. Just move your teammates out of harm's way for a moment before hitting them with the fibs. The combination of all of these gadgets and abilities makes for a very formidable and versatile weapon.

Contestant, the play style of the meta medium is very versatile and capable, essentially being a decent matchup against all classes. The medium excels with good positioning and is very hard to beat. If they employ good team play, this class is described as a support unit, but the way the medium is actually used is more like a good tactical spear; it has some of the most impactful gadgets in the game, and the dematerializer is a very good addition to the class.

It has completely changed my personal play style of the meta medium on a fundamental level; so much is still to be done with it and so much is still to be explored. I'm sure that the heel beam is probably more useful on a Surface L level, especially when it comes to ranked games, but boy boy, the dematerializer is great fun.

There's not much more I can add to this episode. Come along and hang out or even submit an idea or two happy to rate some in-game outfits for the new drip check segment, and we have a 3v3 custom goofy loadout series in the works that could do with some funny loadout suggestions anyway until next

Today we look at the most played build in the game, the medium class. EDITED BY PLUUG.