Perugia Vs. Monza. Highlights. Superlega. Round 3 Of The Finals


it's all in the race for the scudetto title here in Italy for the Whites away side tonight in game three. Vera Vol, mon, get the game. Underway, we keep you updated as the scoring charts develop, and there's one in the positive column forant Takahashi fine serve right down a seam. He's not a server that's going to blast you off the court, but probably in a similar mold to Simmon, another fearsome server who didn't get it right on Sunday.

Benetra couldn't get his ball. Toss sorted takes the pace off the first one that allows option attack, and they've contained it well off the block. The chopper might get away with this; Kalachi makes the dig on Liy; Simuk tries to angle for the blockout but doesn't get it; the next swing is defended well by Li Key M; and Mar's first go tonight is blocked.

Sarily, from Peru, really struggled on these longer rallies when Monza got the ball under control, but there the ball just drifted a little bit, with M jumping away from the court and bringing the P Bro back into play, and they do not need any Janelli wants to make sure those rallies are short and that he's spending a lot of time at the service line.


A good aggressive start from him blocks his solid lobs over the Defenders and into play, and Flavio opens his account decisions against right now will be on his side of the net in just a few weeks time, and that's what we love about Club volleyball International teammates going head-to-head, but on the same, court is incredibly difficult.

Well, the block is good. Benedikt cleverly gets that ball to play onto his side; that's not the best, but Plitki saves, and again, Messi rallies to finish, and it is the finish. Bentara puts it on the floor that is clinical; they lead this third game of the SKTO final by set. In one of the few rallies in this first set where mons have had multiple opportunities, they're not going to score all of them, but they need to in Peru that lead the match by a set of visitors in white and blue.

M ver Vol Monza Peruja is looking back to their very destructive best, and they start strong at the net again. You need to get off to a positive start, and they've shown the ability to do it, especially from the service line. AR Schwarz getting warm might mean seeing him sooner rather than later.


Good, save it's great work from Peru's defense, and it's even better, and the two middlemen are heavily involved there. Russo makes the D. Flavio makes the block brilliant athleticism here by Russo, not just to get to the ball but to get the ball and put it in a position where Gianelli can do something at the top of the net, and a little rush by Steven Mah trying to get the ball back over the net a little bit too fast for Monza, a fine serving Plitki controls it though and then runs the pipe, which quite superbly gives him the advantage over the block there.

Nicely hit by the Canadian, the Ukraine star, he's going to do one of his little 360s. Can he work it out? He can back in to set two Mar on Four Points. The 28 points of game two will seem a long, long way away. Tapping it into play didn't quite get the cut on it to beat Ganelli. Dear the old, Campfire, we love a Twist, but it looks highly unlikely at the moment Kja is in dominant form.

sir susa vim perugia

Quarter defense from Ganelli Kachi races to play it, but Benetara nicks it off his arms. It's a heavy swing, good blocking, Monso again pumped to Leki on the reverse, it's defended once more FL, Nitzki straight back into his face. When it works, you have to keep using it. It seuk with not a great position to swing from there, Nizki going to try and do that Monza contain again, and De Martino is forced to tip quite an important side out on this one for Pette.

Gia hasn't served well; tonight doesn't, but keep an eye on this game off-pace. A good pass side out keeps them in the match, and he can still bring a lot of heat and draw four receivers into the pattern set point for Monza. Still, Gassi saves it off the net. Looky doesn't, doesn't put it down balling play, and though Kachaa goes to LY again, he tips off the block somehow.

sir susa vim perugia vs. vero volley monza - vbw - superlega

They've got it in play, and they put it away. Absolutely stunning from Perua serves into play; it's a belter of a serve. Tight ball for Mah off the fingertips, and well played, Steven Mar. It's down a little bit of luck for the Monza players at the end, but they've earned that Monza in the white and blue playing really well to force the issue here, but again, we move into a period of play where they have only one option, and that is to grind it out against this Peruvian team, 2-n.

Monza once again has to fight hard. Ley diving to make the play takes him out of it, and Mar bangs as hard as he physically can, and Ventara is not going. Anywhere good hit from Benedikt, that's his biggest serve of the playoffs so far. Monza contain it, but that's all they do, and no surprise to see Gan Elli go back to Benedikt, but it wasn't a great set might get another go here, no sticks, a smly ball up to see, and unusually for Gian Elli, both Lios have played well tonight.

Kini for Monachi for, kette, that's a great dig right on Q. Gini stabs it into the air, looks, and tries to throw it to the ground. Peru goes again, though that's wonderful. What a touch, and still we play on bodies everywhere. Way down the tap, P. Martino gets another go at it, but it never settles well for him above the tape, and the sea can't put it down.


Moner scrambles great shots from Maah. Leon bumps it into the net too high and hard off the hands. Gajini knows where he is going, and Monzer has done a quite fabulous job in that rally, chopping a lot of balls down to look short just by that CR logo. This time goes the other way, and Mar Shanks it.

It's tight, though, and well, it was a good enough ball, and Mar's a bit annoyed with himself that he didn't do more with that kacho throwing it straight. back the chance for the game to change. What a beautiful pass from Takahashi! It's an even better read from Flavio and Benetara. Peruja, with the luxury of attacking a good pass, finishes, and Peruja takes a 2-1 lead in this scudetto final series.

They've done well; they've come back nicely from that game two defeat; they've come back nicely from the setdown or the set lost in the third.

Watch the highlights between Sir Susa Vim Perugia vs. Vero Volley Monza from Round 3 of the Finals of the 2324 Superlega.