The Finals New Ranked & Easter Update Today

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Dusty brings a mode called Shuffle that introduces some significant changes to the game's gameplay options, which is always fantastic. The finals are always on top of this stuff. One of the notable additions is the return of cash. It's a casual 3v3. V3 mode that I do once as many v3s as I might have that provides players with a fun and quick way to enjoy the game without the pressure of A ranked tournament, this mode has been well received in the past, and I'm pretty happy to see that it is coming back for a lot of newer players.

However, alongside the introduction of cash out, the update also sees the removal of banket and unranked tournament modes from the public rotation. The decision to temporarily retire these modes is explained by the developers, citing lower player engagement compared to other modes. Despite their removal from the public arena, players are assured that they can still enjoy these modes in private matches, which is really fantastic and well thought out.

There are other games like Apex Legends where you really can't do stuff like that in private matches, so it's pretty cool that we get to see this here. It is also mentioned by Dusty that there is an upcoming egg salent event, which is no doubt the Easter event, which will be coming with this bunny skin that we've seen in a lot of promo arts.

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It should be released today on Wednesday, but it's very possible that maybe they decided to drop it on Easter Sunday, and the decision to announce all these changes once again just reflects Bark's commitment to transparency and player communication. There are very few studios that do what they do, and I think we all need to once again recognize that they are absolutely on top of it and communicate.

As one of the best dev teams out there, however, there is something that has been going on, and that's actually the absence of a rank progress bar in season 2, which we've discussed now. They didn't actually give us too much information in season 2. Passion was just saying that ranking had been changed, and there's now been debate within the player community.

As evidenced by the feedback shared on Reddit in a post, users definitely need the progress rank bar back, and users express their desire for a clear, invisible indicator of their progress, which is completely reasonable and understandable. I do as well, and there are quotes from the thread that highlight this, saying it's frustrating not knowing where you stand, and the progress bar kept me motivated to keep playing.


One person is obviously saying this is a bug, but it does not appear that is the situation because there's another Reddit post, and this actually comes from Embark Oscar, one of the lead developers, and he does confirm hidden Fame points. I'll go ahead and play the clip right here for you guys. Why can't I see my fame points?

That's a good question. Nick so with season 2, we updated the rank system quite a bit; it's really quite different from season 1, and so the fame points aren't really there in the same way anymore. You will, first of all, go through eight placement rounds to get your first starting rank. Most of you are going to wind up between bronze and gold, and from there, you're going to work towards your actual rank based on whether you win or lose your games.


This season, you can also demote, so if you play horribly or if you have terrible teammates, we all know how it is. Sometimes Tuesday evenings are terrible. You can actually demote, but the important thing is that you're going to get rewards based on your best placement in the entire season, so if you hit platinum at one point and then demote all the way down to silver, you're still going to get your platinum rewards, okay?

But the actual FES isn't visible right now, but we've seen all the feedback we've seen from all of you. Hey, I want to know how close I am to ranking up, so we've heard it, we've seen it, and we're going to take it into consideration. As I hope you've noticed that we try to do a lot of the time so this does confirm that ranked at least in the beginning of season was not supposed to have a ranked progress bar, but he is aware of the feedback, and if anything we have seen in bark do in the past is that they're likely to change this.

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many players find motivation and satisfaction in seeing their progress visually represented it's why we do battle pass grinding it's a lot of player retention, in knowing that you are progressing through the game overall though I'm happy for an upcoming holiday event I am wondering if there will be something else other than just the cash out 3v3, v3v.

The Finals New Ranked Easter Update Today as The ongoing struggle with the absence of a rank progress bar in The Finals, has been a topic of intense discussion among its player base. The recent update announcement, coupled with the promise of a new holiday event, has reignited the conversation surrounding this issue. In this essay, we will delve into the significance of the new finals update, the anticipated holiday event, and the player community's feedback regarding the missing rank progress bar.
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