Is The Finals Season 2 Dying Already


There are a couple of concerns, and some people are even saying the game is dying, and we're going to actually dispel those rumors because it is not the case at all, and this season is actually going to continue to ramp up and give us even more content. We're going to go over everything you guys need to know about what's really going on behind the scenes with Finals 2, what improvements are coming, and you know without further ado.

Let's jump into it. The finals have always been a very polarizing game since its launch, mainly because it launched with such huge fanfare, and since then the player count has seen fluctuations, which is normal; you can't always stay on Cloud 9. However, there has been the hype of the brand new season 2, and there are notable aspects that suggest that this game is going to be resilient and have potential.

For a very, very long time now, the big thing that came in season 2, or at least that caught a lot of people's eyes, was the introduction of the 5v5 Powers Shift game mode, which was anticipated to be a significant draw for players, especially because it kind of resembles popular modes in other games like Team Fortress 2 or even Overwatch.

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However, when you do a closer inspection and you get to play a little bit more of it hands-on, there are a couple of issues with the game that might need to be addressed in the near future. One of the core problems that I personally highlighted was the ease with which teams could defend the platform due to the presence of walls around it.

The choice actually makes it a bit challenging for attackers to mount a successful assault. Maybe I'm just a potato. Maybe you're really good and you're like, well, you're just a bad skill issue. You could be totally right. I'm just pointing something out; this often leads to matches being decided by the team that gained an early advantage rather than through dynamic game play and strategic maneuvers, which is one of the highlights of the finals in its normal game modes like quick cash or tournament.

The whole thing is that we like dynamic game play. We like strategy, and this mode kind of lacks that. Maybe it's supposed to be a little bit more of a casual thing, but this lack of variety and excitement could actually deter players from engaging with the new mode going further and could cause issues with the player count.


Moreover, the power shift has a very static nature, which contradicts the fast-paced and movement-focused gameplay, which makes the finals, like I said, so engaging for a lot of us. Players are accustomed to the game's emphasis on mobility and agility, and they find that the stationary nature of this mode is, you know, less appealing.

You sit on the platform, you sit behind the walls, and you shoot people. It isn't as engaging as other aspects that made this game so popular and fun, and there's also a lack of ability and a restriction to showcase our skills and adaptability. It's just a fundamental flaw that I think the team is going to address in a future update because, despite the concerns regarding the new mode season 2 of the finals introduced, there are huge improvements that I don't think are being talked about enough, such as the specialization and gadgets, including the medium dematerializer.

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These additions were absolutely amazing to see added to the game. It's a fun new way to play it; sometimes it doesn't work out, sometimes it does, but then also tying the lore of the CNS into this was just an absolute chef's kiss of game design. Being able to now alter the environment with a whole new way of hacking abilities instead of just blowing up the walls is really cool and very clever, but I do have to actually mention that while the initial hype surrounding season 2 did lead to a peak in player count on platforms like Steam, there has been a subsequent decline in numerators, suggesting the need for sustained engagement and innovation to retain and attract players.

However, once again, Embark's responsiveness to feedback and willingness to address gameplay issues and introduce compelling content have always been absolutely top-tier. In addition to that, Nexon has actually given us information, saying that they will be providing a ton of financial support and that they have a ton of confidence in the finals.

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They've already started to put up some ads that you might have seen on websites indicating that they are going to be doing more and more marketing campaigns, and hopefully a couple of them take off and go very viral. I don't think just putting a little banner frame there is going to be the end-all-beall solution; I think you're going to need to do some really cool stuff with creators in the future.

Another issue in the game right now was the rank situation where you could not see your Fame points. Once again, highlighting how amazing this development team is, this is Embark Oscar, who's actually streaming the game for everyone to watch, and he gives us a ton of information on what changes are coming.

Take a look. Why can't I see my fame points? That's a good question, Nick. So with season 2, we updated the rank system quite a bit; it's really quite different from season 1, and so the fame points aren't really there in the same way anymore. You will, first of all, go through eight placement rounds to get your first starting rank.


Most of you are going to wind up between bronze and gold, and from there, you're going to work towards your actual rank based on whether you win or lose your games. This season, you can also demote, so if you play horribly or if you have terrible teammates, we all know how it is. Sometimes Tuesday evenings are terrible.

You can actually demote, but the important thing is that you're going to get rewards based on your best placement in the entire season, so if you hit platinum at one point and then demote all the way down to silver, you're still going to get your platinum rewards, okay? But the actual FES isn't visible right now, but we've seen all the feedback.

We've seen all of you go. Hey, I want to know how close I am to ranking up, so we've heard it, we've seen it, and we're going to take it into consideration. As I hope you've noticed, as we try to do a lot of the time. I absolutely adore the fact that there is a Dev member playing on stream with the audience and that he will give you answers when you have questions about it.

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You do not see this a lot in Triple A gaming, and that is my main reason why I do not believe the finals are dying, nor will they die anytime soon when you have a dev team like this that is committed to engaging with the community and that is willing to listen to the community; that is a recipe for success built on all the other great gameplay features.

Is The Finals In Danger Of Dying Already. Inside of every FPS player are two beasts the casual enjoyer of lightly competitive shooter romps, and the sweaty coordinator yelling callouts and going only for headshots. Lucky for both of those beasts, the genre is brimming with really good options for every type of shooter fan. I bounce around shooters depending on the mood, but I'm still not sure what mood I should be in to enjoy The Finals.
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