Best Loadouts For Each Class Season 2 - The Finals


Today, we're going to break down the three classes in this game. We've got light, medium, and heavy, and we're going to talk about the best loadouts for each before we get started with today's article. I'd like to express my appreciation for all the engagement and love you guys have shown me over the course of the last few weeks.

I keep looking to improve my articles and the channel as a whole to ensure that you guys are all satisfied with what's going on around here. With all that out of the way, let's get into the best loadouts for each class in season 2 of the finals. First up, we have the same class now when it comes to weaponry.

The light class is perfect for the XP 54. Sure, it's not the flashy new 93 or B pistol that came in season 2, but it's accuracy and damage. I'll put it on the XP 54; trust me, I've dropped 20 kills time and time again with this bad boy. Some debate rages on about whether the M11 or the XP54 Reain Supreme by him firmly in the XP54 Camp, which needs those crazy fire rates when you've got pinpoint accuracy.

best class

Plus, that 30-bullet magazine size is more than enough to handle those intense 2V1 battles that you might see yourself in. Let's not overlook how clean the aim-down sight feels. I love it. Now let's talk about specialization. Cloaking devices are the ones here, guys, unless you are those top-tier players rocking evasive.

Dash is able to be invisible. While you zip around the arena, it just sounds like you're overpowered, which essentially means you are, and gadgets. We've got some good ones; we've got the stung gun, the glitch grenade, then either the gas or the pyro grenade. Take your pick. Though I was tempted by the new Gateway Gadget that came in season 2, these classics have saved my skin in more situations than I can count, but hey, who knows, maybe with more time with the Gateway.

I will be able to put this in my loadout and be able to express my love for it to you guys, but for now it's going to be the stun gun, the glitch grenade, and then for me it's gas, but you can have pyro if you want. I'll leave that bit up to you. Moving on, we've got the medium class now. At the start of the show, here are the brand new Famas.


Fresh out of season 2, this B weapon is an absolute game changer. We've got steady recoil and hefty damage all in one gun; it outshines even the AKM and the F car. In my opinion, yeah, you've heard it right; we've got more damaged weapons than the F car now from last season. That's crazy this Famas is unreal, and our specialization of choice is to dematerialize.

It peeks through walls when your enemies least expect it or pulls off those crazy. Cash Point drops between the floors to stop people from stealing the cash. It's a game changer without a doubt now, gadgets. It was a tough call, but I settled with the jump pad and the defibrillator. And with the new glitch trap, the zip line almost made the cut, but these three Amers are the real MVPs.

We got the jump pad for the quick height advantage; you don't even need to aim where you want to really put it or where you want to go, unlike you would need with the zip line, so it's a lot quicker to use. We've got the defib obviously for clutch Revis to the medium class; I figed flip is an essential, and then we've got the brand new glitch trap, like I said, for those sneaky plays and defending the cash out.

finals gameplay

We've got heavies in there that are trying to drive in there with their dome shields and their mes shields and all that; just get rid of it. We don't even need them there. That's why we've got the glitch traps sitting on the cash points, also just to add those new animations on the defib, pure icing on the cake stuff.

Finally, guys, let's talk about the heavy class, our weapon of choice. It's the brand new season 2, KS23, the pump-action shotgun. Sure, it took me some time to get the hang of it, but once I did, there's no turning back unmatch damage output and an increased fire rate since update 2.2, which came out a few days ago.

This is a beast in the arena, now a specialization, which might raise a few eyebrows. I've got the goo gun; trust me, it's underrated. Forget the mes shield; this bad boy is both great in defense and offense. Being able to build a wall around the cash out or create bridges to flank the enemy team, the possibilities are endless.


Last but not least, we've got the gadgets for our heavy class; we've got the gas grenade, the dome shield, and the RPG. All you need is gas for AOE damage. Dome shield for those tricky situations for revives and cash out steals and the RPG for wiping teams and dropping the cash out a level or two if necessary, simple, effective, and devastating.

And there you have it, guys.

We are a few weeks into Season 2 of The Finals, and I have taken the time to give you the bestmeta loadouts for each class.