Ranking The Best And Worst Light Weapons The Finals From Season 1



All right now, today I'm going to be telling you something that may cause a bit of controversy. Okay, so the way that I see it is that most players who use the light build tend to overrate the absolute dog water out of some of the most used guns in this game. I want to share with you guys what I think are the top three guns for the light build in the finals, purely based on my own personal experience.

So before we get into the best three weapons, let's look at the three worst light weapons that I avoid at all costs. Man, when I get a teammate who uses any of these weapons, I just can't figure out if their monitor is turned off or if they just don't have thumbs.

3 worst weapons

Not in any particular order.

best build

The dagger has got to be one of the biggest jokes about a weapon in the finals. If you are rocking this as your weapon, I don't even feel bad. This thing is by far the most pathetic attempt. Anyone could try and get some kills. Never mind winning a game; just use the sword. It is actually the same thing, but three times better.

All right next up is the weapon, which is three times better than the dagger, the sword. Yes, this thing is Miles clear of the dagger, but it doesn't help the fact that it is still one of the worst weapons in the game. Now, it isn't as downright useless as the dagger because when you pair this thing with an evasive dash, you may find some success against the average player; however, anyone with two fully functioning thumbs should beat a sword dash player by using any of the other light weapons.

Finally, we couldn't have a worst weapons list without including throwing knives. I just love when I see someone on the enemy team using these, thinking that they're going to hit that team wipe clip that they saw on Tik Tok right before they hopped on the game. Not going to happen, buddy. If you just look at the range of these things, you will quickly see that the use case for them is very limited.

Now I'm all about hitting clips and playing flashy, with the more difficult to use weapons, and yes, the throwing knives do look great in a kill feed, but I've lost count of the number of times I've won a close-range gunfight using the sniper against a throwing knife player, which says a lot about how effective they really are.

3 best weapons

3 best weapons

Okay, so now that we have identified all the trash weapons , let's take a look at what I am calling the three best light weapons in the finals. All right So number three I can honestly say that the shotgun is the third-best light weapon in the game. Unfortunately, many players will disagree with this, but the fact is that this gun can one-tap lights and two-tap mediums.

The reason why it's not higher on the list is the fact that it will struggle big time when you come against a team with more than one heavy. In that case, this weapon does lose its power. Before it was nerfed, it had the ability to kill a heavy in two shots, which is ridiculous, and I'm glad they nerfed it because it turned this weapon into the cheesiest, no-skill weapon in the game.

Probably one of the more skill-gapmed weapons to use; you know, if you come against a team of Lights, it is just beautiful to use. Okay, coming in at number two, I have to give it to lh1, probably the most underrated gun in the game. This thing outputs so much damage that it actually baffles me how I don't see more players using it.

The reason it isn't number one is due to the fact that the skill gap to use this weapon is much higher than the number one slot, but let's just take note of the fact that this gun melts lights, mediums, and heavys. Faster than the fcar, which is commonly known and agreed upon to be the best gun in the game.

Just know that a player who uses the lh1 to its full potential will have the fastest ttk in the game.

1 light weapon in the finals

1 light weapon in the finals

All right, for number one, there was never any doubt in my mind that the M11 is undisputedly the strongest light weapon in the game; it simply clears all other weapons. Don't even bother mentioning the XP54. Because that thing ran out of bullets by the time I heard you, the M11 with 40 rounds in a MAG is the most noob-friendly yet ridiculously overpowered weapon in the game.

You can wipe up to three light players with a single round of this gun, something that the XP will very rarely be able to do, as for the sniper, the Silenc pistol, and the XP54.

3 middle weapons

They are all good weapons, but I just can't rank them in the top three due to the limitations that they have. For example, the sniper takes four body shots to kill a heavy, and that sucks; the Silenc pistol doesn't offer a better TT K than the SMGs, even though it takes much more skill, so that's just not great; and the XP simply lacks ammo, even though it is still a very strong gun. The sniper is without a doubt my most used gun, as you could probably tell from the clips in the background, but man, it's kind of terrible when you actually compare it to the other weapons.



All right now, folks, that's going to wrap up my list for ranking the light weapons from season 1 of the finals.

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