Ks-23 Weapon Stats - The Finals


I'm going to break down the stats of the gun and give you some recommended loadouts that complement the strength of the weapon, along with giving you my opinion on where it stands next to some of the other heavy weapons for the heavy class, specifically in higher ELO, where we see it quite heavily dominated by the SA26, even after the Nerfs.

With some LS users here and there and the rare spotting of the M60 growing in popularity, let's take a look at these stats. The Lewis gun has a respectable ttk, and its main strength lies in its ability to pump out a ton of bullets at mid-range. It is really strong in the hands of somebody with fantastic recoil control; however, the SA 1216 has some insane stats, and other choices don't even come close to its power.

This thing also received a Nerf, and despite that, it is still the best pick in Hilo. As of the time that I am recording, this is the number-one player on the leaderboards. Shield SA2 Main, and next we have the M60 with some decent stats, but its main strength comes in having 70 bullets in the magazine, pumping out some insane damage without the need to reload, with the Lewis being a long-range demon and the SA2 being an absolute beast in close range.


The M60 is also just a bullet hose; let's see how the KS23 compares. The damage per slug is 100, and the RPM is 73, giving it a pretty average DPS of 122. You get six slugs per reload, giving us ttk values versus light of.82, versus mediums.1.64, and vice versa. 2.47, putting this thing at one of the slowest ttks, outside of stuff like the Sledge and the MGL, which themselves do have different play styles.

The sledge with the alt fire actually kind of negates this; this is only considering the left click, and then the mgl also does AOE. It's a grenade launcher, so again, it's a little bit different now, I think, because of the ability to do a bunch of structure damage. This thing should be sitting near the bottom of TDK, in my opinion, because it does have some unique attributes of being able to destroy walls, but honestly, in High ELO, this thing is basically never seen.


Outside of the odd round one round two games where you just kind of want to troll a little bit, the falloff damage starts at 18, ends at 23, and the falloff damage is 60. We would also have the projectile speed to calculate, so these ttks would technically be even lower because we would also have to consider bullet travel.

You also need to be much more accurate, and you need to predict movement, so because of that, this weapon becomes even worse than it sounds on paper. I don't think it's the worst weapon despite this, but it just doesn't provide the strength that you would want to see in your primary weapon as a heavy I agree with the changes that they made to the KS23.

From the initial launch, I actually just made this weapon something that you're constantly reloading. I spent most of the time in the game basically just reloading this thing and not actually shooting people because you empty your clip so fast and it does very little damage, so you just reload the slug, and it makes it pretty hard to play as a frontline-class weapon.


It doesn't really complement that role, so you have to play more reserve. I personally think this weapon needs a buff. I was hoping to see some good players master this weapon and potentially make it shine, but I have yet to see that. I think when you are considering bringing in the KS23, it might be best suited on a team where you're like medium-heavy and you already have your sa2 mesh on your team, and then you can bring in the KS23.

If you want to, I still don't think that's optimal, but that might be the best place for it to come in. I personally love the idea that Embark is adding more utility to weapons. These are the loadouts that I think complement the weapon quite well. My personal favorite is the goo gun with RPG, barricade, and antigrav.

With the KS23, you can open walls and even drop cash outs, so you don't necessarily need the C4. Here, you can also patch up those holes with the goo gun, or you can do the reverse of dropping cash out by using the anti-grab. The barricade is a pretty nice touch because you can use it in order to crouch behind it, peek up, and then continuously rotate those crouches between each slug shot.


This is a very fun combination. I find everything here complements each other quite well. The next is a take on the typical Lis loadout, but you replace the lwis with the ks23. So that was actually a triple shield, a very defensive setup we brought into the barricade.

While also kind of being in the front line, the KS23 also brings that much-needed destruction that you might not really get with this specific load. Comment below what load you enjoy best with the KS23, and be sure to stick around for some KS23 clips. Subscribe if you haven't already. I'm going to be covering all the new weapons in the future.

Full Weapon Stat breakdown, along with comparisons to other top weapons in it's class and some loadout suggestions.
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