How To Quickscope The Finals And Any Fps Game Really

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If you want to master the art of quick scoping but you stink at it, then you're at exactly the right place. And although we're going to go through it in the finals, you can take this knowledge to any game that lets you shoot people with a sniper, and when I say master. I mean don't get H stone for trying to be a quick scoper and having zero kills and contribution to your team because I'm not that good at it myself.

Heck, I'm 31 and my wrist started hurting 10 minutes into this, but this is why you can become better than me with a few easy pointers, so be sure to watch till the end. But since you have your reasons, let's get into it. First off, everyone is bad, apart from a very small percentage of quick scorers, usually very high-ranking players or pros.

ALS is the guy who instacuted you in the split. Second, you saw him miss his last five shots. You think of yourself as Majestic being basically overpowered, like this, and then going on to miss your shots and generally not feeling like a pro. Okay you can only get better at this with time, and while embracing the fact that there will always be somebody who can and will kill you in a one-versus-one, now that you have that mindset, let's get straight to the most important part: shoot with your eyes, not your hand.

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Some of you may have adopted this style of gunplay naturally, and others might think I'm an idiot for saying this, but do not aim with your hand. If you want to quickly scope, obviously your hand is going to do the hard work and move that mouse over to your dancing partner's head, but it should not be the part of your body that calls the shots.

You see what I did there when quick scoping. Your hand is the little your eyes sent for a coffee run, while you would naturally tune your aim with your hand when tracking targets with any other kind of weapon. If you want to snipe fast, you can't find tune because the direction your eyes chose is where your shot is going, and you have no time to adjust your aim, which is why you want to think of it like positioning the enemy target in the middle of the screen rather than positioning your aim on your target, and thankfully.

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This is a natural instinct to look right at your object of focus. Be it someone you're having a conversation with, wanting to beat up, or just the cat doing cat stuff, now in the case of the finals you have an actual crosshair out of scoping, so this helps. Some of you, on the other hand, might have gaming monitors with a built-in option to turn on a crosshair, and others grew up gluing their boogers in the middle of the screen when playing Counter Strike.

Same Purpose by the way, if you appreciate my effort here, leave a like and consider subscribing for future content like Champs do. You are not bound by a quick-sense code of honor. Trying to only quick scope is definitely not advised and will make you miss on kills that you could get if you hard scoped, so be sure to use all tools at your disposal to kill an enemy hard scoping melee grenades.

Everything quick scoping, once you're good at it, is just another two. It's not something you should be doing just for internet points, but rather learn to use it only when necessary and when you want to make yourself look cool for internet points, of course. Know your partner, And don't go all the way; knowing the weapon you use is crucial, especially in the case of the finals.


See, the sniper feels really fast but actually isn't, and that irritates me. Beyond Reason, once you shoot the rifle, you can instantly scope again but can't shoot yet since it's in cooldown, unlike in other games where you can't scope if you aren't finished rechambering, and this has gotten me killed so many times I'm ashamed to talk about it.

What's nice though is you don't have to go all the way in, meaning your weapon scoped accuracy is enabled right after you press aim down sides, and you don't have to wait for the scope animation. That's actually the case with all weapons in the finals. Here, look at me doing it with the revolver.

And just to know, this isn't the case in many other games, like Call of Duty, for example. And lastly, have fun and know when to stop. It's okay to keep practicing for as long as you can, especially the aiming with your ice parts, but this aggressive, fast-paced style of gameplay will exhaust you quickly, so bear in mind that you should only keep it up when having fun.

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The moment it starts feeling like you are pushing yourself to the limits is the moment you stop progressing and are bound to make more mistakes, thus feeling you're bad, which most probably you still are, but you shouldn't feel like it when the time comes to switch to the AK or a double Barrow and live the easy life, and don't underestimate the health of your wrists; that's all champs.

I hope you had fun and learned something new.