The Finals - New Cosmetics Outlined. Ta Leaderboards. Challenge Fixes & More


The finals just got a brand new leaderboard, and we also have some developer updates around future cosmetics, as well as the current patch and some devotees. Additionally, we also have player feedback around the new game mode as well as the patch itself. We have some currently-bugged challenges and their fixes, as well as a whole bunch more.

It's Utopia back in with another article today. We're checking out all things final. Okay, so first up, we did have that new leaderboard launched, and that was specifically for the terminal attack. So there is this leaderboard here, and that is again specifically for that mode. This time it has many different stats, like games, one round, one total round, elimination, and even the score, so a lot more stats for this one specifically compared to some other leader boards that we've had previously.


Now again, we don't have any community challenges as of yet, but I assume that we're probably going to get some, especially since they launched this new leaderboard, which we're also Now use the full Embark ID plus the numbers. And if you haven't noticed already, those full Embark ID and numbers are now on the scoreboard or the leaderboard within the game itself so that way if you are submitting a new report via the article player or the article play Method just make sure that you showcase the leaderboards, or the scoreboard with in the game itself that will actually have their Embark ID as of currently the only way to submit that player report is to also have their full Embark ID so make sure you are recording both that the leaderboard scoreboard, and whatever is going on in game when you do file that and make that report again that is via the Discord and the article report Channel, which is that brand new support system that they just launched a few days ago.

Now, with the new circuit, there are some new challenges. However, currently, players are having some issues actually completing those challenges or at least receiving the reward from that completed challenge. This seems to be happening with various items, including the emote and the ending reward, which is that sweatshirt.


However, the reason for this is that you will need to actually complete 14 games as opposed to what it currently says, which is just 10 games in total, so you will need to do four more games. Additionally, with the terminal attack, some players have been able to just relog, and then they're shown up.

However. I do believe you will need to play 14 games as opposed to 10, and as someone mentioned here. Oscar did mention this during the community live stream that you have to play 14 It's currently a bug that developers know about. I'm sure that will either be adjusted down to 10 or they will display it as 14 again.

I probably assume they're going to adjust it down to 10. However, currently, you will need to play 14 games if you do want that sweatshirt. To complete all those challenges, we did have some further developer updates with some future cosmetics. Again, we do have Embark Rob Back giving us a lot of details on future patches as well as even some future cosmetics that we might be seeing now.


People have been requesting this like crazy, but they've wanted a frog onesie, so there is now a reach the finals frog onesie page. If you head over to this and they reach 1, 000 signatures, they will make the frog onesie and put it in the store. Even the reply here from Embark Rob replied to someone else, asking if they needed 1, 000 SES.

He went on here to say he told Essie and Fungus, their art director and creative director, that if 1, 000 people ask for the onesie, they will be able to build it, or they will build it, and again, they will put that in the store. If you just head to the Reach the Finals website and then head to the bottom right corner, clicking on the frog, you'll have to fill out a Google form and then put different details there, including your Embark ID and a message.


The last update here from Master Fish was about 5 hours ago, and they were at 33%, signed, so I assume it's quite a lot because originally it was at 10%; 9 hours ago, within 4 hours, they got up to 33%. So it seems like they will reach that goal and eventually get the frog wanty in the store. Again, this might take some time as they do need time to build those assets, which, if we coincide that message here with what Rob said earlier, this was in a reply to somebody asking about the Battle pass pages and the additional battle pass stuff if it was added last minute, however Rob went on here to say that it's not a last minute thing and it takes him quite time to do those assets to be honest during season 1 there were a lot of people who finished their premium battle pass talked about if they could add a couple bonus pages to season 2, they started on them about 3 to 4 weeks ago and those just got published with the recent updates so as you can see to make those assets it's going to be about 3 to four weeks although they did build four of those different ones so maybe it's a little bit less with the onesie, but that does kind of give us an idea on how long it does take to make these assets or how long they take to at least make them and at least publish them in the game either in the store whether it's a circuit challenge or other via methods like the battle pass One last thing here from Rob is him talking about the new patch stuff.


Or again, of course they do talk about this being their biggest update ever, which, yeah, with the patch notes, was quite large. However, he went on here to talk about a new potential spray that we might be getting again. I'm not too sure if this is going to be in the store or if they're going to add this to an additional battle pass page.

I assume not. Since we're more than halfway through the season, I doubt they're probably going to add anything more to the battle pass. Now this is also within the Easter egg section, so we might be seeing this with some Easter egg stuff that could be a potential for unlocking this Easter egg specifically, or unlocking different Easter eggs, so we might actually see rewards that are tied to the different Easter eggs.


Moving on, though, we do have that community and player feedback. We have had a ton of people talk about the health bar changes, and they want different options for them. Of course, I think this pertains to the UI changes. What they did was make it so that it scales to your monitor size or your TV size.

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