The Most Underrated Sword Player The Finals


Yeah, they WIP got it, damn it, nope, purple got it, we're first, let's go, let's go, yes, we are no, we're not, yes, we're not there's a [__]] roller coaster right there, but that's [__]] Loi Team, he's goated on light. When I tapped it, he came in, jumped up one side, stabbed me from one side, then instantly went to the other window, jumped up the other window, stabbed me, and then dashed straight backwards out the window.

I was like Jesus Christ. Me get away resist you me crazy in love you exist you back never knew you were, tra I'm calling that blackag ever since I lost love I'm trying to find like never the baby while up on my cuz you [__]] with these other sending. Me was from the. Stop wish could be been driving the been driving I forget you left mear tripping like why I have to be a and I'm some wish just take and I need sister so I can get away you got be crazy in love you exist going to take you to the moon going to take you to the stars.

That. Ding, but I, you girl. God, To forever Shining beauty alone as fire the [__]] to thinking of the better things in life and thinking of how I could persuade you to become my wife hand in hand as we ping over tropical sand You, my lady. I'm your man, so let's further advance to the next scene.


Be sleeping next to you, resting you as the personification. Of all God's blessings coming to me, it's just one physical dream that I want to redeem your voloptuous sweet caramel brown honey do sa skin. Mo to the touch What a [__] do so sensual her smile like a chemical extract up fact your rare leral she smell like a happy birthday on a Thursday quiet time love sleeping awake early Honey Brown with the long black hair teasing me with a kiss in the stair SL touch and you taking me there so fine and it just ain't fair so beautiful and so damn rare, she's Angelic energetic using sex as a weapon.

I reckon, and for the body to bless the guard down to earth, she needs to be in a church to prove it. Fish work, see the body, see what Val told me, like CL, she is the key to my body, and see the energy that radiates from the Gates of Heaven, BL. I reminisce over touching and kissing why you [__]] the [__]] I go to make blood of my miss, never scandalous.


It's unanimous that you will handle the lights off, Candling. BS is glamorous, so I call you sexual. You look edible in parallel; I love close intellectuals, and I wish you a rap. No make-up, jeans shorts, and to you, I want to hold you, hold your soul. I beg your pardon; you know me better than I do.

I never owe you, but I never leave you. Going through the motions, keeping the skin soft lotions got me coasting down. Thigh SL, with the long black hair teasing me with the kissing, the stare, a slight touch, and you taking me there so fine, and it just ain't so beautiful and so damn rare. Look at this agreeable.Delight.