Will Light Be Meta Season 2. The Finals



So season 1 saw a long list of balancing changes, and during that, we saw plenty of meta changes. But recently, we haven't seen many balance changes. I'm assuming they might be cooking up a bigger list of balance changes for season 2 or maybe introducing new mechanics and gadgets that could shake up the balance of the game.

As previously stated. That the light class is viable and ranked, but it is harder to use in stuff like Pro scrims when it comes to something like solo Q; that's a whole new topic I probably should have mentioned, and in the case of a solo queue. It honestly isn't as viable. The value of a light is kind of dependent on how coordinated you are with your team.

If everyone in Solo Que had a microphone, then sure, it's viable, but without that teamwork, the light just isn't bringing a lot to the table. But let me get into the aspects of the light class and explain where their value is and how that value works.



For specializations such as grapple, dash, and cloak, these tend to bring a lot of value for positioning. You are able to position very effectively as a light class, often getting in and out fast positioning on high ground, and in essence, you're a scout, the executioner, and the initiator.

Stun gun

When it comes to using light tools effectively, the stunt gun can both be used to stall cash deals, set up kills for your team, catch enemies, and get picks on isolated targets. Often times, this requires timing your stun for your team to capitalize on, because sometimes you will just get killed, especially if the enemy has something like an F car or an SA2.

When you stun somebody and you're pretty close to them, there's a good chance they actually just turn around and kill you, so being able to position correctly and being able to set up those kills for your team and not always being the one to get the kill is really important, which takes a lot of teamwork, and this kind of falls into that initiator role along with the executioner.

I understand some people might find the gadget of the stun gun very frustrating. I'm not sure how I change this to make it less frustrating because if it doesn't prevent all the things that it does, it's going to become a useless gadget, so if any of you guys have any ideas on how you would balance it, just feel free to mention them, but personally. I do think it's actually , in a pretty good spot.

Glitch grenade

Glitch grenade

The glitch grenade brings tons of value for breaking defensive setups, removing shields, stopping defibs, and healing, and during this time you and your team have a fantastic moment to play aggressive. If I were to change the glitch grenades, though, I would probably make them explode on impact with a player, a shield, or a gadget that at least can be glitched.

The 1.8-second fuse time can be really rough to play around with in the heat of the moment, and the bounce can often lead to the gadget getting little to no utility. My main gripe with it is the 1.8 timer, though, as the bounce can be learned with time, but an impact would just provide more utility for the team at a quicker and more reliable rate this also would probably help with a lot of the solo que players if they bring in glitch they might be able to just open up those opportunities for the team, without needing to kind of coordinate it and let your team know it just might happen a little bit more fluidly this would also help with coordinated teams as well I just think this would kind of help add more utility and make it a much more viable pick and probably wouldn't be so frustrated when people are picking.

Breaching charge

Breaching charge

Now, when it comes to breach charge, it plays a niche role in stalling steels and creating entryways to approach from, often smaller holes that can be used for good peaks. However, I just think the comparison of the breach charge versus the C4 feels pretty obvious. Weighted in terms of the heavy C4 just being much better.

I don't know if the C4 needs to be nerfed or if the breach needs to be buffed, but I'd like to see these more on par with each other in the motion.

Motion sensor

The sensor doesn't need much explanation; it is pretty weak. It's probably one of the weakest gadgets on paper. It does actually seem pretty good, but the radius is just really small.

I've thrown this on top of cash outs before, and people were able to steal it while the motion sensor was on it because it wasn't detecting them, so it just feels like it needs some pretty big radius buff, and then I feel like in theory, based on the fact of how it works, it could actually be very useful, but at the current moment it's just pretty weak, so I'd like to see the radius buffed.

Right now, I will say it can be used, but it just doesn't feel as impactful as some other gadgets.

Thermal vision

Thermal vision

Thermal vision feels like it could be great, but the fact you can't see stuff like gas means you have to play pretty safe with it often, meaning that you need to play at a higher range. But at a specific range, it's no longer revealing anybody with that thermal reading, so this can get you in a lot of bad situations.

So if you don't use this correctly, it might not really feel that good, but when it is used correctly, it can actually be a pretty fantastic scouting tool. I like to see this get more clarity in terms of reading, as long as it doesn't become too strong and feel like you know wall hacks or some sort of aimbot, but I think there's probably a balancing.

The situation that they could do here, like I said, is still pretty good, and it is pretty good for using as a scouting tool, so maybe if they lean more into that role. I don't really know, but I would just like a little bit more clarity on it, and potentially being able to see gas would probably help it out.

Vanishing bomb

a bit Vanishing bombs are something that I actually love to use, and I think this is very underrated. Gadget, and it can open up some fantastic team opportunities with a full team cloak. It can allow for incredible flanks and pushes, allowing you to just escape. I want to see this used more in team situations, so if they increase the radius of the vanish explosion to make it a bit easier to get your whole team, that could be a good way to add more teamwork to the light class, along with again those solo light picks.

If they're using it, it's going to be a lot easier for them to land this on their team and themselves without having to really coordinate it too much, especially since we don't have a lot of people using mics. This just might feel like it flows a little bit better, and I don't think it would necessarily make it any stronger.

It's just going to feel like there's a quality of life to it that's kind of missing at the moment.