Road To Mastering The Riot Shield The Finals


Reasons reason number one: my connection right now is much better than it was one year ago, so even the upload times are much faster than before. When it took a while to upload a article, it was very annoying because I had to stand still like I couldn't play when I'm uploading a article I can't play otherwise, it lags like crazy and the article takes double the time, but now.

With this new connection, I can upload this type of article very quickly, so it's not a problem for me. Also, yeah, I already have some more content for you guys. As you can see, I already have the gold shield; it's not gold; it's yellow, but, you know, a gold shield. Let's call it that, and I'm improving already in the finals.

Still. I'm not like the best player, and it's still going to take quite a bit of time to actually become a pretty good game because there is a very high skill gap, you know, if I can say that, so it's going to take a while, but I'm improving. As you can see in today's article. I have a quick cash, you know, normal games, and the first strong, did try for the first time a tournament, and the first strong, did you know I did pretty well, went pretty well, the second round I could have won, but the problem is we lost from the beginning because one of our teammates left, and tournaments there is no refilled team, so if one of your team left leaves.

medium class

You're going to be stuck in, being two players, so yeah. I mean, as I said at the beginning, not that much, but becoming better.

A shiny new vault just spawned in June. Let's see who gets to it first. Our Mega Damage event gets the ball, and what a match we just had! We witnessed a great victory for the jet setters; we'll see them in the arrival hall next.

I'm getting stronger boys. My PSN ID SH13LDG0D. My THE FINALS ID SHIELDMASTER.