Ranked The Finals Sucks And Here's Why


The rank system in the finals has a lot of problems, and I haven't seen many people talk about it, so in this article we'll talk about the major issues with the rank system in the finals, starting with matchmaking.

There are even worse cases than that, and you cannot actually find a fair game anywhere. The fix would be making the match. All you see is that if you actually rank up, you'll get a message saying that you're ranked up, and it will show you a new rank. That's not even the biggest problem. Let's talk about the second issue.

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Solo que solo que is something that the developers cannot fix. I've heard people say, Why don't you put everyone who is solo queing in a different lobby? That would make it fair. It's not fair, but still, if you do that, that's going to be bad for the game. I'll tell you why in a second. First at the beginning of season 2 The devs made the ranked matchmaking a little bit more stricter which means now you'll have more fair lobbies in your match and you'll only be matched up against if you're silver you'll mostly be matched up against bronze and gold and other silver players which makes a little bit more fair than how it used to be, so yeah that's a good change but the problem with that change is that you'll have to wait a really long amount of time to actually find a match, especially let's say you are at Diamond 2 or something you'll have to wait really long to actually find a match this would have been fine if the game had a large player base but considering that the player base has dropped recently yeah it's pretty bad if you put players who are solo queuing on another Lobby it's going to take even longer for matchmaking.


Now let's talk about the cheating aspect of the game this game has a lot of problem with cheaters especially in casual gamers they just ruin the experience, they're not that common in ranked but you'll find a lot of them if you play casual this game does have an anticheat called easy anticheat which is really popular and used by a lot of games but even with that there are so many hackers in this game like so many, especially if you play on the Asian server if you want to play the finals in the hardest difficulty you have to go from bronze to Diamond Solo queuing on the Asian server is basically the hardest difficulty you can ever have in the finals.

The last thing I wanted to talk about were the servers. The servers, ever since season 2 started, have been experiencing frequent crashes, and a lot of players, including me, were playing ranked games when the servers actually crashed. You see, when you quit a rank game, you lose Fame points, and you are temporarily banned from playing ranked again.

And we also lost Fame Points. Because of the server crash, I think they should do maintenance on the server, and as of recording this article, there's a new update coming soon. If they do change a prank, I'll make a article about it. We're really close to 600 subscribers, so a sub would be really helpful, and yeah, that's about it.

We all know how hard it is to solo que to diamond, I mean alot of players have proven that you could get to diamond just by solo que, you have to get good, but getting good wont help you against hackers. In this video we went through all the problems players face while playing ranked mode in the finals, and i hope they fix it.