The Finals. Master The Power Shift Mode - Top Winning Strategies



In this episode, we are diving deep into the details of the new Power Shift mode introduced in season 2. This mode brings an exhilarating 5-versus-5 team challenge where controlling a moving platform is the key to victory. The more players on the platform, the faster it moves, creating a dynamic team.

In Focus Battleground, we will explore the top strategies and tactics to dominate in this game and claim victory. I will start by discussing optimal team formations and loadouts. Get ready for some insightful tips on mastering power shift in the finals.

Let's dive right into the team formation loadouts through my game experience.

I found the most effective team composition includes two heavyweights, two mediums, and one lightweight. This setup allows for a robust defense of the platform with heavy rotating shields to block incoming damage. The medium plays a crucial role in quick revivals and shielding the platform from grenades and rocket spam, while the light class acts as a disruptor, keeping the opposite team off.

Balance: This combination strikes the perfect balance between defense and offense in the game regarding clutches. Here's what I recommend: Heavyweights equip shields and D for maximum defense for mediums. Use healing beams and APS for team support lights; opt for invisibility; and use sniper rifles for stealth and long-range attacks.

Next, let's break down how each class should strategically play to their strengths.

Heavy class tactics: uncover the keys to mastering the heavy class ␓ your platform's main guardian.

Heavy class tactics: uncover the keys to mastering the heavy class ␓ your platform's main guardian.

strength, the heavy class, is the cornerstone in this game mode and often the deciding factor in whether or not I would choose to play. If your team lacks a heavy, it's usually more strategic to stick to a team of mediums. As a heavy, your primary objective is to secure the Your role revolves around using your dome and shield abilities effectively to protect your team and turrets.

The platform is essentially your domain, and with the two heavies coordinating well, you can provide near-continuous protection for your team. Your focus should be on guarding and neutralizing any threats that come near the platform in terms of weaponry. The L or KS32 are your to-go choices. The flamethrower can be effective, but remember that its limited range can be a drawback, especially if you need to engage enemies on the platform.

The primary vulnerability for havies is against glitch grenades or stun, but it's where the medium class comes into play, providing essential support. As a heavy, your mantra should be to stick to the platform and defend it relentlessly with your abilities.

Medium class strategies: find out how to support your team with healing beams, aps turrets, and more.

Medium class strategies: find out how to support your team with healing beams, aps turrets, and more.

All in all, for medium-class players, the ultimate loadout should include the healing beam specialization and APS turret. The healing beam is crucial for keeping heavy teammates in the fight, especially when they are vulnerable to glitch or stun attacks.

The APs are indispensable for intercepting grenades aimed at the platform. Given that the platform moves slowly, it becomes an easy target without APS turret protection against projectile and grenade attacks. Continuous deployment of AP turrets is key to keeping the platform safe from area-effect attacks.

When it comes to weapons, anything goes for medium-class. Typically, one medium should stay on the platform to ensure the heavy players are continuously supported, while the other might be more effective in destructing the enemy teams and preventing them from focusing fire on your teammates on the platform.

As a medium player, your priorities are to keep the heavy class alive and continuously deploy APS turrets for.


Light class maneuvers: learn how to effectively use invisibility and sniper rifles to disrupt the enemy.

Defense, As a light-class player Your role is to be the ultimate disruptor, and your primary objective is to divert the enemy team. Focus away from the platform; utilizing invisibility and the sniper rifle, you can maintain a safe distance as well as strategically eliminate opponents.

Besides targeting enemy team members, your key objective includes destroying APS turrets when the opposition controls the platform, enabling your team to effectively use grenades to reclaim control. This approach forces the enemy team to be cautious and often leads them to allocate one or two team members just to counteract your actions.

Being a light-class player is both rewarding and challenging. You might rack up an impressive kill-to-death ratio, but you'll also likely be the primary target of the opposing team. I've seen many games where the skillful fly player secures up to 20 kills with minimal deaths, significantly keeping the scales in their team's favor.

Light players can make opponents on the platform easy targets for their stealthy long-range attacks. The challenge for light players lies in mastering the sniper rifle and evading enemies constantly on the lookout for them. If you're playing light, focus on being a continuous thorn in the sides of the other teams, drawing their attention away from you.

Additional tips & tricks

Additional tips & tricks

Platform : these were the main tactics for each class; however, there are additional tips and tricks for you to consider for my and power shift modes: block front and back entrances on the platform with the right equipment to prevent easy access by enemies; Op for grenades over specialized Gadgets in power mode Grenades offer more versatility than conditionally used gadgets; snipers stay away from the platform and work from outside; always support opponents and help teammates.

Focus their fire and utilize the area under the platform when it's close to the ground; it's a great hiding spot that offers confusion. Opponents make the most of APs; they're currently overpowered, providing strong defenses against incoming damage. use canisters to break through APS defenses and dislodge enemies from the platform using zip lines.


They are very effective at reaching high ground and the platform because it has quite a vertical path to traverse through the map. Let's wrap up today's tips. Good luck reaching the finals.

The Finals | The Ultimate Guide with Tips Trick to Master the new Power Shift game mode in THE FINALS Season 2. We are here today to master the the exciting Power Shift mode, a thrilling new addition in Season 2 of The Finals. This 5v5 team challenge requires strategic control of a moving platform and demands teamwork and skill. Strategic Breakdown.