Inside The Mind Of A Riot Shield Main The Finals



Hello, I'm Jingo, and today I'm going to explain to you what my thought process is when I'm playing the riot shield in rank.


In this first clip, we are in a bad position even though we have the cash out, so as soon as I see my teammate jump out. I follow him to try and help him; he falls down, but I get an occasion to attack this guy to finish him off, and now I'm going to camp his body because I know someone's going to try to revive him, and I see a medium, so of course he's going to try to defib.

Somehow, by pure luck, I block it with my shield by my side, and we spot the last guy, so right now he's killing my teammate, and he does kill him. I have my DEF, but I don't use it. I follow this guy. I'm going to try to kill him, and now I'm running sideways at him so I can keep my speed while still blocking buses from my left side.

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I'm not going to let him go because, as long as I'm following him, he cannot revive his team, and if he turns back, I'm going to destroy him. Eventually, my team cleans him up. In this second clip, I spot a stranded enemy. He seems to be alone, so I use my zip-line. I rush him. He wasted his time shooting at me, which is perfect; it's my job, and he gets destroyed by my team.

I can just finish the job now that his teammate is here, so again, I block bullets. I pay attention to me. He wasted his mind. He's looking at me, and my team can just destroy him. He has no cover. This is another example of me distracting my team. I jump on three guys, literally. I start destroying the heavy, and as soon as they start all focusing on me, I put my shield up.

I try to survive as long as I can, and in the meantime, you can see my team is still full HP, and they wiped. Now this is another match, another team. I have a heavy medium. I failed to save my medium, so I revived him because my heavy is close to a shield. Sadly, I instantly fell down, so I cannot heal the medium.

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I just revived. The other medium is going to die, so I'm focusing on my heavy. I'm healing while blocking, and now I'm absolutely required to stay alive so my heavy can stay alive. So I'm hiding while healing. He gets a second kill. It's just a light left now, and I have a very good team, so I kind of trust this guy.

Just heal him, and he finishes the team. Now this is with the same last two guys as before the final round. I use the Z plan to try and get to the vault first, but I see the enemies are here before me, so I put an IPS turet down, I hide behind the wall, and I watch the flank on the right. Of course, an enemy went there, but because he saw me just because I showed prisons, he left, so this was very good.

Now I'm saving my medium because two Hill beams are better than one, so I always focus my medium first. He killed someone, so I know I can just rush in, and indeed, when I do, they cannot do much. We have firepower, and we have a shield to draw them up, but they cannot do anything. Now, as you can see in the top left corner, we have 10K, and 10K is the last cash out of the last round.


I put a zip line that's going from down to up so only us can use it from our side. Now the enemies are coming, and you see, they cannot use my zip plane from their side. I'm regrouping with my team; I'm focusing my heavy, but he gets beamed because they have actually two turrets, so I revive him.

I close the door behind me. Now I open it back again and take some info. They have two turrets, indeed. Now they make a big mistake; they try to steal, which makes no sense in the finals because you need to wipe before you steal. And now I'm going to ignore the enemies because they are clearly losing the fight, so to help my team.

I'm just blocking the turrets with my shield and destroying them, and as you can see, my team just cleaned up. I finished the last guy, and it's an easy wipe. I'm placing this APS here so the enemy team can basically never see it until they come to us, so it's going to be very useful. Now, a few seconds later, it's the last chance for the enemy team.


They respond that they barely have time to wipe us out and win the game. I see a gas can, so I take a big risk and throw it back. I almost died doing this, so it was kind of a bad decision, but it ends up well because the G landed on the cash out on the GU stealing it, my team cleans them up, and we win this tournament.

So this article is dedicated to players who think that you need good aim to win. You can be useful in other ways, just like you can be a healer in Overwatch. As you can see, I had a very good team in this last tournament, but I was far from useless. I saved my team pointless times. I revived my teammates.