The Finals - Dev's Explain Attack & Defend Details. Exclusive Twitch Drop & More


The finals are getting a brand new game mode where I have all the details, including some of the ones not talked about in the trailer. We also have some further development comments around the studio as well as a setting that could potentially boost your performance. Additionally, we have some new game theories and potential lore, as well as a whole bunch more.

It's Utopia back in with another article today we're checking out all things the finals so first up we did have the new 5v5, game mode of course that's representative of a Search and Destroy or a Counter-Strike mode now we've had a few questions around the mode itself including stuff with the gadgets as well as the healing mechanic so of course during the trailer it did say no healing which could mean no regenerative healing or no heal beam and we actually did have a developer come out and answer this so we had someone on the Discord ask Oscar the new mode isn't going to have any limited weapons or gadgets will it Embark Oscar responded here, saying that outside of no defib and the heal gun, there are no restrictions.


We still don't know if the health will remain consistent or if there will be regenerative healing; however, more than likely, it's going to play like counter-strike, where you do not heal after being hit, although at least we do have a clear answer on the gadget restrict, which is the no heal beam and the no defib, obviously with no revives.

I assume this will just change your specialization, and it will be completely locked, so I won't even allow you to select the heal beam, and if it's already selected, it might change it to a different item or a different specialization. Again, that new mode does drop on May 2nd, which is also alongside the new event, which is a twitch drop happening on May 2nd as well, so we have this post Here Again by Embark Oscar on the server announcements page where he goes over here to say if you're a content creator who's interested in having twitch drops turned on for your stream, during terminal attacks, or in other content creator opportunities in the future, please fill out this form.


Of course, I did fill out this form. I don't know for sure if I'm going to the Twitch stream on that day. I used to be a part of the finals partner program back in closed beta and closed lpha. Of that mode as well as how the twitch streams and twitch drops do, as well as the player voice when they were going to remove banket but kept it in the game unfortunately, for some who wanted that on ranked tournament mode they did actually get rid of that, however it did seem like that was the minority, there or at least overall.

It seems like that might be the case going forward for the rest of the challenges as well as the rest of the circuits. Someone also pointed out here that the 100-meter challenge might not be the right description, or at least might not be calculating correctly as they were able to do it with melee, so it seems like some of the ches might be calculating incorrectly and a bit iffy again.


Just be aware that your challenges might be different from mine or others. Currently, there is a setting if you are a PC player to get some more performance, although you will need a 3, 000 series or newer GPU. Again, this should work with every game, so if you haven't had the setting on, it should give you a boost in performance for all games, but that is to enable a resizable bar.

You will need to do this through your BIO, so depending on the manufacturer of your motherboard, this setting will be in a different location for each. However, it seems like some people have had this disabled, and upon enabling it, they have gotten a major performance increase. I'll' just make you guys appy.

Most people do know about this setting; however, if you're newer to PCS, you might not know again that this is with Nvidia only and a 3000 Series or newer GPU, and this should significantly increase performance across the board for all of your games, including the finals. Overall, if you do have an AMD GPU, you're not totally out of luck; they do have one called smart access memory, and apparently it can even have a bigger performance increase benefit than Nvidia if you also have an AMD CPU.


I am not sure if this one can be enabled via the BIOS; however, it is enabled in the adrenaline software, or at least seemingly so, so if you do have an AMD graphics card, you can access that through adrenaline. Now we do have some new potential lore news, or at least a game theory overall. If you look at the trailer for The Attack in game mode, the thumbnail for that specific trailer actually showcases CNS and Via on either side, where CNS is on the blue side and Via is on the red side.

Now, this could potentially represent good and bad, although this is the team color typically, so maybe not so. Again, via is the security company to protect the finals from CNS hacking them, so there is something interesting there lorewise overall. Moving on to some of the community stuff, we do have a lot of people talking about some of the character designs and the skins.

Obviously, people still want that goth girl skin, and it hasn't been released as of yet. Maybe we see it as a potential reward for the upcoming twitch stream or twitch drops, or even a twitch drop for that matter, which I think people would be really impressed by, as the last twitch drop was a little underwhelming.


As that was just a twitch charm, which a lot of people weren't really excited about, if they dropped the full skin on the twitch drops. I think that could be really successful for the game; however, we'll have to wait and see more than likely that this will be a bundled shop item. We also have someone here pointing out that this character design overall, yes, we do have this skin and outfit showcased in this image, but we do not have the hair and face design overall.

Hopefully they do release some more there, as I think we do need a little bit more dynamic with that. I know a lot of people wanted some different character designs, and I definitely agree they could use some more face options as well as hairs, and again, we still don't have that facial hair, although I did cover this a long time ago where the dev said that this is more than likely coming.


For sure, we'll have to wait and see if they do actually add facial hair or when they're going to. I'll keep you guys updated on all that if I hear anything or see any more developer comments, but moving on to one of the developer comments here, people are kind of curious about the studio size of Embark.

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