The Finals - New Discord Quests. Huge Event & Faq. More Tech Found


The finals just got a brand new Discord event and skin that goes with it. There's a little bit of confusion around that, so I'm going to go over all the details with that. We also have some of the April Fools things that happened with the finals, as well as some other details from the developers. We have again some brand new movement tech and also some of the errors that you might have been experiencing this morning, as well as a whole bunch more.

It's Utopia back in with another article today. We're checking out all things final. Okay, so let's just jump right into this Discord quest, as well as all the nuance and everything happening with it. There's been a ton of confusion around this as the feature is actually brand new to Discord and just got launched, so not only is it brand new to the finals, it's brand new to basically every game and everything that's linked to Discord, so it seems like Discord is trying this new thing with Discord Quest.


However, first I'll go over what the finals is actually doing with it, and then we can go into why and how it works so we do have this post here from Embark Dusty, who goes over here saying Welcome to our Discord Quest we're so excited to be included in the very first new official Discord Quest so yeah as I said this feature is brand new and it seems like the finals is going to be one of if not the first Quest utilized in this starting now and slowly rolling out to everyone we'll be inviting you to earn the exclusive.

The skill issue set is currently only available by completing the quest. Here's how it works. Once the event is fully live, you'll either get an invite when you log into Discord, or you can go to your user settings and then to the gift inventory section. If you do go into the settings wheel, which is right next to your name, little settings Cog there at the bottom; once you go into that section, you can then go into gift inventory.

Where it should appear now, as I say here on the website, when you do go to join or when you want to accept the quest, it should look like something like this. Now the reason why I can't show you currently what the finals will look like is that I actually don't have either quest in my gift inventory.


And I didn't have it in my section on the bottom left either when I logged in. Now that I've closed and reopened Discord several times and reloaded it, it hasn't popped up for me, so I can only showcase the default imagery that's on the website, which is kind of what it will look like when the finals do launch or the finals Quest does launch.

However, here is the actual quest part, so they're going to say that you will need to play the finals and stream your gameplay on Discord to at least one person for 15 minutes. This is a good time to show your friends your amazing skills and to earn an outfit that will make each elimination you achieve in the arena a lot more memorable.


For the opposing team if you don't see it yet you will soon, and again they have this section here that this will be earnable from April 2nd to the 16th, over again so far on April 2nd we haven't seen it just yet so hopefully the feature does get launched sometime soon so people can actually earn this outfit as they obviously wanted this to be a twoe or deal so hopefully we see it within next day or so and I've noticed a ton of questions around this actual stuff on the Discord when people are wondering can they earn it on PlayStation 5 can they earn it on Xbox, how can they get this to track properly, now someone did ask if the cross progression for this was in like if you could earn it on the PC version will it be able to be earned on PlayStation and Xbox, inar Dusty did reply here saying yes the cross progression.

If you link your accounts, you'll have it everywhere, but Discord can only detect the progress of unlocking the reward on PC. Someone also asked here that they're on mobile and they can't find the setting anywhere. Oscar does currently have this setting unlocked, but he can't find it on mobile either, so it's only with the desktop version of Discord.


So yeah, if you are on PlayStation if you are on Xbox, even though I do believe both have Discord available, you won't be able to get the track progress for that, so you will have to play this with a PC or at least unlock it via a PC. Now there's also an additional setting that you will need to turn on, so you will have to head into privacy settings and activities and then scroll down to this and make sure that in-game rewards, a.k.a., quests, are enabled.

Again i do not have this setting currently, so if you don't have this in your Discord right now, please be aware that not everyone is going to have it as of yet. As someone asked here, is it live? I have no invites or requests, but Imark. Oscar did go over it, saying it was live, but only for some.

It is slowly rolling out, so again, if you don't have this in your Discord, don't freak out just yet if it's on your gift inventory, wherever it is slowly rolling out again. It seems like this just dropped today, and yeah, the finals are the very first quest on this, so this might take a little while as it is a global release for this, and they do roll those out pretty slowly.


It is pretty awesome to see that they are doing some more promo work for the finals, and this is a big one as it is through Discord, and having you stream to other players and your friends. I think, is going to make a big impact for the game or at least help somewhat. Again, you cannot do this within the finals.

In Discord, you will have to do this in your separate friend discords or with your friend in separate channels or servers. You cannot currently stream in the finals looking for group sections, so you won't be able to do that there. Tech that I did want to go over where it is the prop surfing with an APS turret here posted by truce Brian, It's pretty cool.

You just need a flamable, or prop, and then an explosive mine in front of you and the APS turret on top. You shoot the mine, and you do go flying quite a bit. It definitely depends on the angle at which you place the APS turret as well as where you're sitting on the actual APS turret. There is still some really cool movement.

Tech here showcases my own footage with it, and yeah, it's pretty fun to do this other cool article here by ODed. Who was able to launch a cash out in the air using a goo gun and a few other tactics, like a gateway? He was able to put the cash out basically at the top of the map before cashing out.


Still, really cool idea. People were asking if this was going to be nerfed, but I doubt someone is going to be able to get this running in an actual game, but if they can pull it off, they definitely deserve it. We also had the subreddit closed yesterday just briefly while they switched the subreddit to the finals quote unquote, so like school finals or actual college finals, a really cool, really funny idea here.

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