The Finals: How To Spot Cheaters

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This is what the game looks like to a cheater visually. There are a few different things that are easily noticeable. The first is the check boxes, where you can see enemies moving around the arena, which show the cheater where the other players are. This is also known as a wall hack. There are also some written notes in the middle of the screen that tell the cheater what other players are doing, so for example, you can see right here that it says this particular player is looking in the cheater's direction or not, or if they're looking at something else.

If we look a little closer, we can also see a snapping motion happening when the cheater is aiming at enemies. I'm going to play the clip first. I'm going to play it like a couple of frames behind, so it's a black screen here. I'm going to pause, go back, and show you what I mean. Okay, so it starts here, right there, okay, so let's do this frame by frame now.

All right, you can see clearly that he's tracking this player in the middle, okay, and then if we go frame by frame at some point, it will just snap to the other player's head, right? Here, I'm going to play this one more time at normal speed, so you can see what I mean. That's ridiculous Watch this boom.

Spectating your own teammate

Spectating your own teammate

When it comes to spotting cheaters, you really only have two options, so this comes down to whether the player you think is cheating is on your team or not, so the first thing you can do is spectate your own teammates. This is the easiest way to spot a cheater when you're down and waiting for a respawn.

Players can reveal a lot about whether they're cheating or not when they're being watched. Interestingly, in almost all the examples that our fans posted online, cheaters have put no effort into hiding the fact that they're cheating. It's almost as if they're robbing other players faces, so in the examples that I've found online, it's very easy to spot these cheaters, knowing what we know about how a cheating program helps cheaters.

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You can look for a few red flags when spectating your own teammates. The most obvious one is to look for aim-snapping happening when they play. There are also other things to consider, such as wall hacks and how well someone can aim, but these can be quite difficult at times. For example, if your teammate is a medium who has sight as their perk, they actually have the ability to see through walls, so you need to keep that in mind.

Also, players who use a controller get aim assistance. This can also confuse people into thinking that someone is cheating when, in fact, they're just using a controller. Even if they're playing on PC, there's been a cheat going around recently to manipulate the system to think a player is using a controller, but they're in fact using a keyboard and mouse.

Another red flag you can look for is to see how fast a player empties their weapon clip. There's currently a hack that basically empties the entire clip onto the target, which makes every kill a one-shot, so if you see someone one-shotting the enemies and reloading after every kill, chances are very high that they're cheating, as you can see in this clip here.

I mean, this guy is just one-shotting every single player, and as you can see, he's also shooting them through walls.

Clues from enemy players

Clues from enemy players

So Next, we're going to talk about spotting cheaters who are your enemies in the game, and this can get a little bit more complicated because you can't spectate them like you can with your own teammates, but if someone knows how to configure and use their cheat properly, it can be almost impossible to tell if they're cheating or not, not because of how sophisticated the cheating clients have become in general.

When looking at other players, you want to see if they're killing enemies through walls or not. Also, pay attention to how much damage they do to you since they could also be using the cheat I mentioned before with the clip getting emptied in one shot. Pay close attention to the weapon they're using and how far away they are shooting at you from.

Sometimes it's easy to see that what's happening in a match just doesn't add up. Now let's put your skills to the test.

Spot the cheater

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Let's take a look at some gameplay footage. I've numbered them so that you can identify them easily. We're going to wrap things up here, but I just want to leave you with one thing: to smarten the enemy and understand their game better than they do because, by recognizing the signs and understanding the cheats, we can collectively work towards a fairer gaming experience in the finals.

Uncover the hidden world of The Finals cheaters! This video dives deep into identifying and thwarting cheating tactics within The Finals. From a cheater's perspective to spotting red flags in gameplay, equip yourself with the skills to outsmart unfair play.