Cheaters The Finals


Kart, so obviously we're going to have cheaters in the finals. It's a first-person shooter, so you're bound to find one or two cheaters along the way, but to encounter seven cheaters in under a week, that's a problem. Now, this is from my personal experience; it could be different from yours, but I've been encountering cheater after cheater after cheater.

I've had three cheaters be my teammates this past week, and I've gone against around four other cheaters. It's really bad now. I did manage to take a few clips of these cheaters, and we'll be reviewing them right now. For my first teammate that I encountered, I was cheating Albus. Now I'm just trying to test that the sniper practiced a little bit when I suddenly noticed this light had a lot of kills compared to everyone else, which is really suspicious, especially this, and as you can see, he's aiming directly for his head but still chokes.

It's now on to tuner number two. Rick James, and as you can see right here, my teammate is already dead, and Rick James is going up against the pink team right now by himself, already getting one kill. I jump off like no. I fell off accidentally; I did it on purpose, and Rick James continues to get two other kills, wiping out the team by himself, but hey, he's a heavy Heavies eat bullets for breakfast.

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For all we know, he can be taking all the damage and, with great accuracy, taking out the whole team. I mean, I've taken out full squats by myself as a heavy before. It's completely possible, except for this part. Right now, you're going to see that, for some reason, he decides to go to Peak underneath the cash.

And would you look at the fact that he just locks onto him? Now let's see that again in slow motion. Initially, he aims for the floor and locks onto him so fast that he just flicks up, and after killing the player, you can see his aiming goes back to normal as it instantly starts to shoot at the floor.

You know what? Maybe he just got really lucky peeking, but wait, there's more. There's obviously smoke covering the entrance, but somehow he gets a hit marker, logging on to someone on the bridge. It's quite obvious he's cheating, and if you're curious to know how many kills he had, there you go.


He had 17. Now for the last shooter, he was a bit of a weird one, and unfortunately, I didn't really get any good clips of him. They were using the grenade launcher and just slingshotting to weird random directions, really locking on to something well attempting to, and I just thought it was really weird because aimbotting with the grenade launcher really isn't going to be working out that well, and again, unfortunately.

I don't have any actual footage of the cheaters I was going up against. You're just going to have to take my word for it, but the way they were playing, it was really obvious they're cheating. I mean, I was in a long hallway with my teammate; he was a light invis right in front of me. We were hiding behind white smoke, and suddenly he was getting beamed down.

He almost died, and the moment that he went to hide behind a wall Those bullets went straight to me right after, and keep in mind that I was heavy and I was getting beamed down too. By the end of it, he had around 27 kills. He was a medium, and using the Fard, So we have a problem. What exactly can be done to fix this?


We could get a better anti-cheat, and that would definitely help out a lot, but the only issue with that is that sooner or later, these cheaters are going to find a way to get past that anti-cheat. So what exactly can we do? I mean, if you're spectating your teammates, you can obviously report them as being very simple and easy, but what about the enemy team?

How will the enemy team know that they're cheating? If you're going against someone who has 20 kills, how can you be completely sure they're cheating? For all you know, they can just be really good at the game. In my case, I was put in situations that made it obvious that they were cheating, but it's not going to always be obvious.


So the best answer that I have for this solution would be to give us a kill cam. A kill cam will allow us to see what the player is doing. We'll be able to see if they're locking on to someone through smoke in a building, and like that, we'll be able to confirm if they're cheating or not. Obviously, if you see something suspicious, you're going to report it, and the more reports someone gets, the more a developer is going to have to check it out to confirm if they're cheating or not.

Okay, let's just say they don't ever give us kill cams. Okay, that's fine. I'll accept it only if they give us replays. I want to be able to see my previous game to confirm if someone is cheating or not. I can see their perspective and see exactly how they're playing what they're aiming at, and if I decide that I don't feel comfortable with how they're playing.

I can report them as someone who really wants to see the final Thrive and get more players to enjoy this game. We really need these features. I'm not saying that the cheaters are going to be the death of the finals, but they're definitely hurting the game. The finals definitely have a lot of problems besides the cheaters, but that's not the topic for today.


I just want to talk about the cheaters and how they're affecting the community. If the developers really want to help us, then they can just give us these features so we can point out who we believe is cheating, and they can just do the rest and get rid of them. Now, there could be a few other ways to prevent cheaters, but in my opinion, right now this is the best way to do it.

Most first-person shooters have a kill cam; either that or if your whole team gets swiped out, then you can spectate. I've been enjoying the finals a lot lately, and I've just been thinking about making more content for the game to try to keep it more alive, so you're definitely going to be seeing more of the finals from me in the coming week, but that's it for now, so bye

The Finals have been a blast to play but ever since season 2 came out I've been dealing with cheaters nonstop.