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This game has been primed as one of the most unique FPS titles that we've seen in a while however the blend of that uniqueness mixed in with the community and update has fizzled out a lot of that excitement today we're going to be diving deep into a topic that hits really close to home for a lot of us and that is what's happening with the finals and I actually think I have the perfect answer rewinding back to the end of 2023, the finals is everywhere players are dying to get back in after finishing the open beta and well the game overall was expected to contest the big five the game at the time only had three Maps which was Monaco soul and then Skyway Stadium but players didn't really care about that the adrenaline of spawning in blowing up any building stealing a cash out was just all new fantasy unlocking something players have been craving for years to finally arrive, the trailer releases people are interested and the popularity, on this game skyrockets.

Of course, at this time, there were already small criticisms from the close betas, but they were nowhere near as sounding as what we currently have. Now players were curious. This is a free-to-play game, and obviously it's not going to be for everyone, so we would expect the popularity to dip after that initial hype phase is over.

So in order to actually answer to you guys what's happening with the finals, let's first of all go over what makes an FPS game fun. Well, first of all, let's start off with the obvious: the visual and audio aspects have to be on par and at their highest standards. Even in today's world, the style of art is criticized.

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I mean, let's take, for example, the fact that people were essentially calling it a mobile-looking game when it was first teased in 2020. We know Riot games art style but that doesn't stop the criticism of players across that realm I think we can all agree that the finals is very good in this area, visually the game looks beautiful and the audio after some updates is in a pretty damn nice place carrying along with this we all know Embark selling point of the game is destruction in the early days across every single article that I could find everyone always mentioned about the destruction, and yeah obviously you know you could tie this aspect into technical but just looking at a damn building collapsing from something you did as a player is huge, and it really gives that kind of Battlefield Nostalgia back now the next is of course progression.


Why should you keep playing the game what should you even work towards, and I'll admit this area is something that I felt Embark have missed the mark on massively when I first launched the game in the alpha I came under the assumption that your character or contestant would start off as kind of like a nobody, right someone who's maybe perceived as an underdog in the realm of the finals and it's essentially up to you the player to build your Fame I really thought that this would be a secret leverage that Embark had which kind of set it apart from that classic play to unlock weapon system in games such as Battlefield, and Call of Duty imagine this as you're slowly building your Fame you get messages from sponsors in the game to play Under maybe their brand.


For example you might be given contracts similar to what we have now where you could basically come to a dilemma where you have to choose who you'd want to represent in the game and then be given rewards for completing those contracts, even some for let's say wearing The Branding so you kind of feel like in the arena you're being backed by an organization backed by a team something to represent I mean think about sponsor battles for example being able to fight against each other in let's say cash out Rewards for money you know like let's say AO versus vulpe for example is a really damn fun idea, as your Fame grows in the arena maybe you would let's say hear a louder crowd when announcing your team maybe even displaying something about you as a player on the boards across the arena of course Team Dynamics and roles in FPS games are obviously crucial as well why should you work together as a team in the first place now it's factual that games which allow you as a player to choose roles that fit your play style obviously enhanced team play right you know you could have snipers.

Medics and assaults, as you know, are simple, common examples across all games. At the same time, if you want to chill out in a non-competitive environment, you should be allowed to do so. You don't always have to use the most optimal setup. I will say, though, that team communication is obviously vital for team play to be achieved, but let's be real, most of us FPS players are pretty damn introverted.


It's not every single day that I would want to be using voice communication, so to replace that, we obviously need first of all an intuitive ping system and then, second of all, a text chat. Even outside the scope of a competitive or casual game environment. System this is in theory one of the biggest drivers why players stick to or quit playing, when I you know look into playing a game for the first time it's literally top of my list to check on you know how the cheating is in the game, if most of the time I hear that it's pretty negative experience I won't even bother in touching the game in all honesty this isn't Direct, impacted though to embar Studios or you know the finals you know cheating around the world, is rampant right now in gaming taking over even the biggest titens so far for example like counter- strike 2 and Apex Legends and obviously for a longer time but more notably escape from tarov and let's be honest the cheaters are winning the battles right now and something really has to give or some I guess Evolution has to take place for those tables to be turned a lot of the solutions come through for example like the face of antiche where players like Pro players aren't even confident in playing the game, in their own inhouse matchmaking systems they go and turn to third party.

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We're shown constant clips of streamers and creators all the time with cherry-picked clips of them popping off in our algorithms, and we kind of compare ourselves and expect ourselves to be just like them in every single game, and if we're not, then you know even all think that we're a failure. There's cheating, or the game is just bad overall.

No one likes the concept of challenge anymore or being told, Hey, you're just not good. It's a mixture of time and ego. Players who cheat save time because they progress faster, and they save ego because even if they're cheating, they clutch a 1v3. They still have this crazy feedback loop in their brain that goes, Hey, that was pretty nuts.

Right now the community is in a storm, torn between a battle over the decisions Embark make in each weekly update, and we have to talk.
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