The Finals Weapon Meta Is Getting Huge Rework By Dev's

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Nerf, as many of you are aware, and the developers have recently spoken out about why they made the changes they did and how it will impact weapons going forward in the future, so we're going to go over that today, but we're also going to go over another exploit that has made its way into the finals where mouse and keyboard players are kind of doing the exact same thing that they hate that controller players get.

We're going to go over that as well, but without further ado, let's jump into today's topic. As a lot of us know, Embark Studios has actually remained pretty committed to addressing the issues of an assist in its game. I mean, for example, in response to concerns raised by players, they actually rolled out a patch aimed at mitigating the perceived advantage that control players had over their mouse and keyboard counterparts, which is very different than any other first-person shooter we typically see out on the market looking at you in Apex Legends and Call of Duty, but we'll circle back to that in a little bit.

This patch is mainly focused on F tuning, which aims to assist on a weapon-by-weapon basis, giving a more balanced gameplay experience, as some players have noted. It feels very refreshing. However, they have made an official statement on this that emphasizes that balancing is never done, and they also express their dedication to meticulous testing, which is very much needed.


You need those Q&A testers. You need the general player base to try these things out and make sure that they actually work and that they're thoroughly evaluated to avoid any further frustrations. With the community, and while the response from the players on the final subreddit has generally been positive regarding the recent changes in the broader gaming community.

Call of Duty players on mouse and keyboard are urging developers to take cues from the finals and address similar issues in their own game. Also, this is a huge issue with an apex legend that was also brought up on the final subreddit. There's a ton of dissatisfaction, with higher assist magnetism estimated by some players to be around 60%.

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There was actually a Reddit post that emphasized the urgency of addressing the assist rotational magnetism issues because you can actually draw parallels between the handling of this concern and the controversial skill-based matchmaking. If you haven't heard of what skill-based matchmaking is, that is a whole other article that we'll talk about.

I've covered it in the past with the finals, but you tie two of these together and it's actually a recipe for disaster, and the community has urged developers to swiftly address the problem, expressing concerns that failure to do so is probably going to lead players to migrate to the finals, which is fantastic.

I'm covering the topic here, and the more people that play the finals. I'm all for it, especially because the finals developers are actually gaining attention for how responsive it is to player feedback, which I think a lot of these other AAA Studios could take notes from. I mean, the aesis debate has always been a point of contention as far back as I can remember since the standardization of crossplay.

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It has been there when mouse and keyboard players argue that Ay is overly strong, especially for those with exceptional mechanical skills. At the same time, they just chose to get good; that's not early's fault; what about the average? Timmy doesn't have time to get good; shouldn't he have some form of aim assist?

However, on the flip side, controller players are going to assert that aim assist levels the playing field against the precise aiming capabilities of mouse and keyboard users looking at you guys, who can use your entire arm and then click a little button with almost no recoil, practice. However, even with assist being the problem that it is, there is now a new layer to this controversy, and it's because of a new emulator, and I'm just going to go ahead and say the words out because I don't know if it's pronounced a different way; it's re e w.

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SD, and this has recently surfaced. I think Jack Frags did a article on Modern Warfare, but it allows mouse and keyboard players to simulate controller inputs and benefit from Amy, designed for controllers. This exploit actually introduces a potential challenge for developers, who now need to not only address inherent assistance issues but also the use of third-party software that can circumvent the intended balance of the input method.

It's not just mouse and keyboard players that can abuse the system, though, as there are chrona Zen and strike packs, and whatever it is for controllers allows you to turn off recoil on them. It just seems like cheating via third-party programs is going to be a major issue in the coming years for a lot of these first-person shooters, and it's also further complicated by the fact that the rews.

Ad software designed to address accessibility concerns is not currently actually flagged by anti-cheap systems as cheating software, which, as we know, the finals do have a little bit of an issue with their cheating software catching people. A Reddit user actually discovered a workaround using this Rew.

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SD, highlighting the potential for this exploit to impact other games with a robust aim assist feature on PC, which is only going to spell disaster for probably Apex Legends or Call of Duty, and overall. I want to say it's absolutely fantastic to see that the finals developers are navigating the delicate balance of addressing aim assist well players on mouse and keyboard advocate for Swift action simultaneously, though that new exploit with the rewd.

Introduces a layer of complexity, and I'm interested to see how they actually handle that because now you have basically a strike pack for mouse and keyboard players, and at this point I don't really know who can actually fix a lot of these issues because at a certain point the developer can only do so much.

How do you feel about the assist in the finals? Also, don't forget to check out this channel right here by my editor Noel, who does amazing content on the finals. Until next time, everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

The Finals Dev's Want To Rework Weapons Meta asEmbark Studios will continue to smooth over aggressive aim assist issues in its destructive shooter The Finals. The studio rolled out a patch just yesterday to address the game's pesky aim assist, which supposedly gave controller players a sizeable advantage over their eternal mouse and keyboard rivals. But the team plans to continue testing aim assist tweaks because "balancing is never done. " "We checked and adjusted on a weapon by weapon basis to bring a much more even approach," one developer writes in an official Discord message.
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