The Finals New Update Sees More Buffs & Nerfs


Don't worry, I'm not going to do any more of those anyway. Alongside these additions, there are balancing changes to existing elements that have been implemented overall. A lot of the changes are very good, and we're going to go over what happened and how the meta has changed, but we're also going to go over some things they will continually need to do going forward in the season and what needs to be buffed and nerfed.

Next, let's go ahead and talk about the dematerializer. Right now, for the medium build, it's actually a pretty big game changer. It allows a lot of players to create temporary areas and surfaces, and the specialization not only opens up that line of sight but also allows you to get good escape routes.

It's overall probably one of the biggest buffs in the medium class, and I don't know if it'll stay as powerful as it is right now. Maybe there will be some adjustments about how much you can actually fire through it. There are also three new gadgets. There's anti-gravity cube, which offers unique mobility options for heavy builds by lifting players and objects into the air, I actually think is very well balanced and haven't had any issues with it whatsoever.

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The Gateway introduces teleportation mechanics for light builds, enabling Swift movement between designated points, and the data reshaper, which is exclusive again to the medium build, introduces a fun twist by transforming objects, including enemy defenses and harmless props, leading to creative and really fun strategies.

While these things are harder to pin down on whether we will see more busts and nurses for them, we do need to talk about the new weaponry. Now, the burst pistol 93r for light builds I've noticed seems pretty well balanced and pretty good so far, along with this slug shotgun KS23 for heavy builds.

Yeah, we need to address this right now. This thing is too powerful. The Heavies already have a really good shotgun. Players have been complaining that the shotgun was too powerful for the Heavies already, and then what did they do? They gave them another shotgun that's really good. Who at Ark was listening to the player base on this one seriously?


But I do know that they will probably adjust it and tone it down, and there will most likely be a shotgun Nerf in the very near future. But we also have to talk about what's going to need a buff, and that's the burst assault rifle. Famas, for the medium builds that also came in this season, I was really excited to take this thing out and try it out, and a distance of about 75 M or further out is pretty good.

It's not the best, but it's not bad at all either. That being said, up close, it's absolutely horrendous. It's a very weak weapon. I might be alone in this, but the AKM is still reigning supreme, and it's kind of a shame because the Famas have a lot of hype behind them as they are a very popular weapon in a lot of other FPS.

I do hope they actually go ahead and buff this in the very near future because it would be nice to actually have a Famas that we could use in the game that feels, you know, really fun, kind of like old-school Call of Duty. In tandem with these additions, there have also been balancing changes that have been made to existing weapons and gadgets to make a fair and engaging meta.

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Notable adjustments were actually the disarmament of explosives on throwable objects, diminishing returns on nuke damage based on item count, thanking the Lord, and fine-tuning of damage. Mechanics for toxic gas and Dome Shield, along with that, they've relocated certain gadgets if you were just coming back to the game, like motion sensor star grenade and tracking Dart, to different builds to optimize their utility, and also, you know, just change up who people are playing.

I actually like this a lot, and I think it makes it a little bit more fun and engaging. Along with that, there have been tweaks to the defibrillator mechanics that now make it a couple of seconds before the person gets spawned. I thought this was a great change for a medium build that runs defibrillators.

And if you're looking for more articles on Power Worlds Hell Diverse 2 or Finals, you can go ahead and check out my other ones right here. Until next time, everyone, thanks for stopping by because this is the

The Finals Buffs Nerfs Getting A Huge Rework Update as Season Two of the finals brings a wave of innovation and balance adjustments that reshape the meta and elevate gameplay experiences. From new gadgets and weapons to refined mechanics and community-driven feedback, the evolution of the meta reflects a commitment to diversity, strategy, and competitive integrity. As players adapt to these changes and developers continue to iterate, the finals promise a dynamic and engaging arena for hacker-themed battles and strategic mastery.
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