The Finals Mid-season Update 2.6.0 - Big Nerfs


It's AY, and in today's article, I want to cover the midseason update, which is 2.6.0. So we have the new game mode, which is a terminal attack, but we've also got some juicy updates, some of which are quite good and some of which are quite bad, so let's get right into it. I'm not really going to cover the game mode that much other than its termal attack; it's a bit like an SND with no healing, no revive, and only one life.

The next thing right underneath that is from the design dire director. Matt Low. I should say, and he's talking about the rank game mode that has been changed, so for season 3, there will be changes implemented such as a more of an ELO system, going back to the nitty-gritty ELO rank system. I'm not sure how I feel about this; it's good for competitive players, but for casuals, they may not like it.

They've also added two new battle pass pages, which is great. The actual skins look phenomenal. I'll put them on the screen here. We got like white skins; they do look really nice, so no props to embarrassment for doing this. I do like this a lot. Powershift has a new arena in the rotation, which is fine, so if you want to play platforms on PowerShift, you now can, and another cool little addition they've added is that when you buy a bundle, you can buy one part of the item, so if you don't like the full set and you just want that one little piece, you can.

2.6.0 patch notes

I noticed that they've got a big article here talking about the anti-che, which is good to see that they are still working on trying to improve the anti-che and try and take notes via the Discord, and it's said here that they may provide a 7-day ban. I feel like they should just get permanently banned; it shouldn't even be a 7-day ban.

If you cheat a article game, you shouldn't be able to play the game alone; it just ruins the game for everyone else, and now, for the most important part, the balance changes. This balance-change list is kind of crazy. A lot of things have been nerfed, so first of all, the barricade has been increased by 20%, which is actually a nerf because if you're a heavy M, you usually want to stand over the top of the barricade and shoot over the top.

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That's the reason why many people use it. It's now so big that you can't actually stand and shoot over the top of it. The barricade being so big has one kind of positive. If you do have the cash box and you've got it secured, if you put four of these around the actual area, it's going to be so hard for the enemies to take the point, especially when they're so big.

The next thing I want to cover is the actual sting gun. The next item on my list is the F car, so this is the new F car skin, but the weapon has been nerfed as well, so the weapon actually now has 25 bullets, but the actual decrease in damage is from 25 to 22. The developers even said in their notes that the F car is very strong in the hands of good players but harder to use for new players, so they've tweaked it, and I feel like the F car will probably come out of the matter a little bit and it'll be more of the akm.

The next thing I want to talk about is the sword and dagger, so for the animation. I can't really talk much about this personally because I don't really use these weapons, but swapping items when quick meleeing will now instantly cancel the quick melee animation, which I think you can see on the screen here.

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I just stopped hitting him for some reason, so I feel like they've probably nerfed this as well. And I'm going to mention this very quickly: there is a gyro setting. I'm not really sure, myself, what most of these settings are, but we now have a gyro page here, and there's a load of different stuff here, so if you're a gyro player, this is probably really important to you, and I highly recommend checking this out.

When you load the gamer for the first time, this is the screen that you'll first see, so you can see here the terminal attack event and rewards. You can see that there are quite a few things to unlock. The only nitpicky thing is that the contracts are kind of easy. I would have liked to see them a little bit harder, but that's just me, but they are kind of cool.


I quite like some of these, especially with the battle pass. The next thing I'll go over is the actual store items, so we've got a few new items. You can see here that this is in the light. I quite like the mass; the mass is super. Cool, you see, I'm just going to slowly go through these, really like the MC 60, and you got the shoes, and then you got the trousers, and then you got a cool little emote.

We also have a fard bundle, which I already showed you at the start of the article, so if you want to buy this pack, you can just look at the preview previously. I quite like the stickers. I'm not a really big sticker-like user, but these are kind of cute, and I probably would use them if I bought them, which I have.

I know it's a common theme that I keep saying everything is cool, but OT does a really, really good job, and these knives are pretty badass. Imagine just throwing these like CDs at players, and yeah, super cool. I'll just say it again, but then lastly, we've got like some arm sleeves, and that is it, guys.

If you want the full list of the patch notes, I'll leave it in the description.

Get the latest update on The Finals, The highly anticipated version 2. 0 is here, with major changes to the game.
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