The Finals Season 2 Update & Rework Changes


Everyone is here, and today we're going to be talking about the finals because we are getting the new season in just two days, and it's very exciting, with CNS giving us even more hints and tips about what is truly going to be happening in the world of the finals. Without further ado, let's jump into today's topic.

Season 2 of the finals is about to kick off, and it's going to be a pretty exciting journey through a world where hacking meets competitive gaming, and they've done it with the introduction of the Rogue Hacking Collective. CNS Slayers and viewers alike are going to be in for a wild ride because we got a bunch of new gadget abilities, maps, and game modes, so let's go ahead and start off with the invasion of the CNS.

It's set as they are infiltrating the finals, finally injecting chaos into a system with their cryptic messages, and unauthorized addition showrunners are scrambling to decipher their motives. Contestants find themselves thr R Us into a world where the rules are constantly being rewritten and Scotty and June are in a little bit of a pickle, yet despite the challenges posed by the hacker collective, the spirit of competition prevails, as with the finals.

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The show must go on, but let's go ahead and talk about those game-changing additions because there is a ton of new content that this trailer gave us designed to shake up the game-play experience. From new weapons for each class to disruptive gadgets and abilities, contestants have access to a huge arsenal that challenges traditional strategies.

There's going to be the introduction of the brand new hacker play style that allows players to step into the shoes of CNS, building a set of gadgets that defy the laws of the game. The first one to go over is the dematerializer, for mediums that allow contestants to temporarily erase physical surfaces, which allows you to create new passageways and strategic opportunities.


Then you have the Anti-Gravity Cube for Heavies, which manipulates gravity in its immediate areas, offering both traversal and defensive capabilities. The Gateway for Lights is going to introduce limited-range deployable portals, perfect for quick getaways and tactical maneuvers. Additionally, there will also be a data reshaper for mediums that transforms enemy fortifications into unexpected objects, providing a creative way to break through those enemy defenses.

Now, along with that, season 2 is going to be getting a brand new map, which is called CIS Horizon, or, you know, just Horizon for short. It's going to be a glitchy neon-filled cityscape, as you can see here. Crafted once again, the CNS There's going to be boxal bridges, floating geometry, and a surreal aesthetic, which will go really well with the hacker play class, and this new map offers unique opportunities for parkour and strategic gameplay.

Along with that, they're going to go ahead and expand the map pool with this providing a fresh environment to test their skills and adapt to the challenge posed by the CNS, not to mention a brand new rank system and what seems to be talked about is a new contract system with the sponsors being added in as well not to mention there will be brand new private matches which will be beta tested for the season.

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This is something that everyone should be hyped for because being able to play with your friends or just a couple other players in a non-sweaty environment can be a ton of fun. However, there's also a brand new mode, and it's 5v5, which is going to be really, really fun. It's cool with the new specialization, and with the hacking, it looks like in this 5v5 mode there's a spinning platform and two teams that will try to capture it.

What seems most interesting, though, is that if you watch the trailer, you'll see that it goes through buildings and other environments, meaning that this platform will destroy a lot of the map as you're playing around, or at least that's what the trailer lets us know. Also, as pointed out by members on Reddit, they did find out that it does look like there are going to be three new weapons coming in.

It seems to be the burst AR Famas, which was previously leaked by the CNS, possibly a burst pistol, maybe the m93r. And a pump-action shotgun, which would most likely be for heavyweights, as some also pointed out, is probably the KS23.

The Finals Season 2 Update Reworks Are Here Season 2 of The Finals arrives on March 14 and strange things are happening in the free-to-play arena. The game show has been compromised by the rogue hacking collective CNS, and showrunners are scrambling to decipher their cryptic messages but one thing is clear the show must go on.
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