I Used Every Medium Weapon The Finals. Best & Worst Build



So I decided to play one match with every single medium weapon in the game, just like I did in my previous article with the light build. I thought this was a fun idea, and the whole purpose of this challenge is to give each gun a test in the banket game mode, and then I'll rank each weapon based on my KD ratio from each round and give some feedback from my experience.

Now, obviously, before we go into this. I just want to clarify that I was purely pub-stomping in these games and that I was purposefully trying to drag the game on for as long as possible to increase the number of eliminations and give each gun as much time as possible.


So without any more waffling, the first weapon I was tasked with was the AKM.

Now this is a gun that I've used a good bit in my time playing the finals. But ultimately. I've kind of moved on from the AK because it's very hit and miss the actual recoil is very dodgy, but then again, the huge mag size is a great bonus for players who don't hit all of their shots. In the game I played here, I ended up with 32 kills and nine deaths, leaving a KD ratio of 3.6.



And the akm ranked in as our third-best weapon from The Challenge, Okay, so the next weapon I had to use was the CL40 Grenade launcher. This thing really isn't my type of weapon. I found that I was punished for taking on 1v1, but I also found that it's nearly impossible to win a fight against players who have even just decent positioning.

The grenade launcher got me 15 kills with seven deaths, giving us a 2.1 KD ranking as the seventh weapon on the list, meaning that it was our lowest ranking gun.


Now the next weapon actually surprised me as to how easy it was to use. Oh my days, the FAS is a gun that I just can't justify using in any mode.

Now it ended up ranking fairly well, but when I compare it to the fcar or akm, this thing just isn't great. It does a job all right, but I'd rather get more damage. With one of the other two rifles, we went 23 for 8, with the FAS leaving a 2.9 KD and ranking as the fourth best weapon.


All right, and coming in next, the F car is, by no surprise, the best-performing weapon of choice for medium.

This is the only gun any medium player runs in, so it makes sense that we went 31 for 4, leaving us with a 7.8. KD ratio that is ridiculous, and I can't fault the weapon, even though the mag size is low; if it were any higher, people would simply quit the game. Obviously, this ranks in , at number one.

Model 1887

Model 1887

Okay, the pump-action shotgun performed surprisingly well for a finish, even though I found it very frustrating to use. I mean, it's strong and hits hard up close, but I don't think it's worth the effort. I found myself having to waste so much time finishing off enemies that should have been dead much quicker and would have been dead with the F car or AKM.

The shotgun gave us 20 kills with five deaths, leaving a 4kd and ranking in as the second best weapon based off of KD ratio.

Riot shield

The riot shield is a weapon I hadn't used before this article, and I probably won't use it again, unfortunately. It's fine; actually, it isn't fine. This is a noob. A central weapon designed for objective merchant bots who don't know how to aim and jiz their pants over a victory on their shift I can't understand how it takes five whole hits to kill a heavy, considering how slow it is to charge up. We got 17 elims with seven deaths, giving us a 2.4 KD and ranking in sixth place just in front of the grenade launcher.



Finally, the revolver. I love the idea of this gun. I love how it sounds and looks, but just like a lot of the other weapons, it's underwhelming. I think this gun is very difficult to use, and it should have much more damage at range.

Because of that, I took away 15 elims with six deaths, leaving a 2.5 KD ratio, and put the revolver in fifth place to finish the list. Looking back at how each weapon performed, I reckon the list is actually quite accurate. To what most decent players would agree, overall, we know that the fcar is the best weapon in the game, but other than that, the only change I would make to the list in my opinion would be moving the grenade launcher ahead of the riot shield.


Other than that, it looks good anyway.