I Used Every Heavy Weapon The Finals. Best & Worst Build



Folks, in today's article, we're going to run back to the same challenge as last week, except instead of using all the medium weapons, we'll be using all the heavy weapons. All right, so for those of you who are new to the channel, this is a series where I try out each and every weapon from a particular build and then rank each of the weapons from best to worst based on their PVP performance.

In the banket game mode, purely off of the KD ratio, now I know that some of you would prefer an all-rounded ranking going more in depth into the objective-based performance of the weapons and so on, so just note that this article is meant to rate only how the guns In a PBP aspect, in doing this challenge.

I will be purposefully trying to extend the duration of each match so that I can pub stomp with the weapons to try and drop as many kills as possible now without any more explaining. The first weapon on our list is , the flamethrower.


I was very surprised by the performance of this gun while doing the challenge.

The flamethrower absolutely cooks in close-range fights and is very effective in chaotic scenarios. I personally play with a top-rated EU Diamond Heavy who would stand by the opinion that the flamethrower is a devious weapon in this game, and it is very fun to use. I found in the game that I used that the enemies were just scared to face it, and it actually causes them to panic rather than shoot back anyway.

The obvious flaw is its range, but anyone with a 10+ IQ knows that you just need to close the distance before engaging this thing, which scored US 24 eliminations. With only five deaths giving us a 4.8 KD ratio and ranking in at the top of the list for this challenge.



I know that's going to surprise some of you Lewis Gun and M60 players, but that's just how the games went for me here anyways, moving on to the KS23, or slug shotgun. I was very surprised by how this thing performed. I am not a fan of this gun, but I completely understand its use case, and that's how I used it in the game.

It is way too weak up close, in my opinion, especially for a shotgun, but at distance or even just mid-range, the damage actually holds up. It actually hits for 100+ damage at far range, but the big downside I found was the accuracy. This is one of the strangest weapons to aim with in the game, and most of the time it feels lucky to actually land shots up close just because of how off-putting the aim-down site is anyway.

We took 21 kills with eight deaths, giving us a 2.6 KD ratio and ranking as the fourth best gun on the list now for the most used weapon on heavy, which is by far the most referred to as meta.

Lewis gun

For this build, we had the Lewis gun. This thing is great. I definitely understand the backing that it gets: high damage, decent range.

plenty of ammo The Lewis gun only falls short in two categories: recoil and range. The range is self-explanatory, but the recoil is abysmal, even on the controller. This thing is like a self-driving Tesla out on some country road trying to find its way back home; it has terrible accuracy at range, and even up close, it's difficult to control.

But that's the skill. Gap I guess we dropped 26 kills for six deaths, giving us a 4.3 KD and putting the Lewis gun in very close second place on our list. Okay, so.



The M60 is next, and I can safely say that this has to be one of the most underrated weapons I've used. It definitely gets overlooked because of the Lewis, but the M60 really beams if you can land some head shots; it has a ridiculous headshot multiplier and can melt lights and mediums very quickly.

The mag size is great. The recoil isn't that bad, but the site takes up half the screen, so that's a problem. Anyway, there isn't much to say because it doesn't lack any range or have any crazy flaws to point out. The M60 did 24 eliminations with six deaths, very similar to our Lewis gun, which had a 4.0 KD ratio, and that puts it as the third-best weapon so far now, after the SA 1216.


Very overrated, in my opinion. I've seen players run this in Diamond ranked, and they are almost always free big pots when we come across them. I found it very slow to finish kills, and the damage up close always felt just a little too short. I understand that this gun has a rhythm to it, and that takes getting used to, which I could not achieve in one game alone.

However, I don't see myself returning to learn that rhythm anytime soon unless it gets the Supreme. Almighty Mega Damage Buff: This gun got us 23 eliminations and a shocking 10 deaths, leaving us with a 2.3 KD ratio and ranking as the fifth weapon.



Now on to the biggest joke of a gun I've used in the finals: the mighty MGL 32 grenade launcher. Simply put, it's like throwing a bouncy ball and waiting for the enemy to pick it up and swallow it. The gun doesn't work against any player who has hands and eyes because the grenades have a mind of their own anyway.

I got a very lucky 13 kills and seven deaths, leaving us with a 1.9 KD, easily ranking in at last seventh place from The Challenge, and finally the sledgehammer.


I will defend this weapon because I do like it and it is very enjoyable to use, especially with charge and slam. It is very effective in places with natural cover and near objective points.

The flaw is the very obvious range and exposure, which can be avoided most of the time, but it is definitely frustrating if you don't have teammates around you or if you get stunned. The Sledge managed to pull in 14 kills and six deaths, so the KD ratio was 2.3. Unfortunately, it only ranked as the sixth weapon on the list.

best controller player

Looking back at the heavy weapon challenge, there are plenty of good options for all game modes. If you are looking for the best-ranked weapons. I would exclusively highlight the Lewis gun as the most viable, but the M60 and flamethrower also serve a function depending on your team's composition anyway.

I'd love to hear your thoughts or ideas, if you have any. I appreciate the comments on these articles, as it's great to get a discussion going, and I'll do my best to reply if you have any questions. Ratings are appreciated, and don't forget to subscribe if you like this type of content. Bye-bye now,