I Used Every Light Weapon The Finals. Best & Worst Build

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So in today's article, I decided to play a game with every single light weapon in the finals. My idea here was to play a match of quick play with each weapon and get as many kills as possible within the round. You may notice from the results and gameplay that I wasn't necessarily playing the objective.

And the reason for that was that I wanted to extend the games for as long as possible. This worked out really well because I ended up getting close to 40 kills with one of the weapons within a single match. Anyway, without any more hesitation, let's take a look at how this challenge played out. I'm going to show you guys the build I used with each weapon going into each round and also ranking the weapons by taking the number of eliminations I got and subtracting the number of deaths.

There are 10 weapons all together, so I'll also let you know where they rank from 1 to 10. The first weapon we had to get through was the new burst-fire pistol. Initially, going into the game, I had only used it maybe twice, and I am definitely not a fan of this gun. However, we ended the round with 22 eliminations, so it wasn't downright useless.

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I got a couple of nice plays with it, but I constantly felt like I had to do a lot more work with it compared to something like the M11 or the Silen pistol. Overall, I went 22 kills for nine deaths with this weapon, giving it a score of 13, and it ranked as the sixth-best weapon from all the games in this challenge.

The dagger was our second weapon to use here, and let me just say that. I really don't rate this weapon at all, but it actually surprised me a lot by how much easier I found it to use compared to the sword. Maybe it's the lock on range or something, or maybe it's the fact that I seem to be glitched into invisible mode for most of the game, but it actually wasn't all that bad.

I ended the game with 16 eliminations and eight deaths so far. Nothing special but not too bad either; this gave it a score of eight, and it also ranked in eighth place. All right now, the LH1, one of the most underused and underrated guns in the finals, is our next weapon. I love this gun. It is probably a little harder to use than some of the others, but it's worth it.

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I used the grappling hook and vanish bomb with this just like I would with a sniper. This lobster got torn apart with a total of 24 kills and just five deaths. The lh1 scored 19 and ranked in as the fourth-best weapon from The Challenge. Overall, I could have easily taken this to 30 kills or more if the game didn't end so quickly, but that's the challenge.

Now, getting into the juicy stuff, here we have the M11. The M11, as I have stated before, is by far the best light weapon in the game, and this challenge tended to prove that even further, in my opinion, so in this match we got 37 kills and nine deaths, giving this a score of 28. The gameplay with this gun is ridiculous because it can wipe team after team, paired with Invis, if you are new to using light.

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Use this gun. It's not difficult at all now. Given this performance, the M11 undoubtedly ranked in first place. From this challenge, the double-barreled shotgun gets a lot of hate, but I just can't bring myself to join that side of the opinion because I absolutely stomp kids with this thing. Get your invis and move up, and look at how good this weapon is.

Unfortunately, we only went 17 for five with this, giving it a score of 12. Ranking in seventh place out of 10 weapons, but I'm putting that down to how quickly the game went. I mean, we absolutely dominated the lobby, so I'll admit the ranking doesn't do it justice. Here All right now, getting into my most-used weapon in the finals, we have the sniper.

Sniping, no scoping, and 720 insta swapping have been my specialty for 10+ years, and we definitely did this gun. With this match and performance bringing in 30 kills and just seven deaths, the sniper scored 23 and ranked as the second-best gun in The Challenge. There could be some bias here, as I have used this far more than other weapons, but I have to say that it is underrated.

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In a sense of how people use it, the sniper paired with melee is very effective up close, and that is always overlooked by other sniper players. I probably do take a completely different approach to using this gun compared to others, but that's just what I find works best. Okay, for all my sword dash users out there, I don't want to hear it.

I don't use the evasive dash because it's guaranteed death after you get one kill, and I'll probably never use the sword again because it seems like that might be the only way to use it. Maybe I just played badly, but I find the sword to be the most unrewarding weapon for Light. Why does it take?

I pulled 11 eliminations for eight deaths, given a score of just three. This thing ranked in 10th place, no doubt about it, and I can't get behind using it. It really doesn't suit my play style. Throwing knives are another weapon that I find unrewarding. For how much work you have to do to use them similarly to the sword, these things seem to not suit my play style.

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I play controller on PC, by the way, so maybe it's easier for keyboard players, but anyway, I managed to get 14 kills with six deaths, leaving a score of eight and ranking it in eighth place overall. The throwing knives look amazing and sound amazing, but they don't work well when you come against anything that has a brain and knows how to aim, taking a completely different approach to this next weapon.

I was very surprised by how well the silenced pistol worked for me. In previous experiences, I struggled with this gun, but in doing this challenge, I pulled in 27 kills with only five deaths, making a score of 22 and ranking in as the third best weapon so far. I had a great game here and once again could have done more if the round didn't end so soon.

I would definitely consider trying to pick this gun back up. After using it in this challenge, now that I've seen what's possible here, and to finally complete the challenge, the last weapon that remained was the XP. If you've watched my previous article ranking light weapons, you'll know that I would put this as a fairly mid-tier weapon, basically a worse version of the M11 in every way.

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Although it isn't anywhere near as good as the M11, it is still a very solid gun, and I got 21 kills. With six deaths in yet another short live match of Banket, similarly to the double barrel shotgun. I think I could have done much better, closer to 30 kills, if I played another game or two here, but given the challenge, this is how it went.

With a final score of 15, the XP ranked as the fifth-best weapon for light. I'm also interested in your thoughts about using these guns. Bye-bye.

Welcome to my latest gameplay video where I dive deep into "The Finals," one of the most exhilarating games out there! In this video, titled "I Used EVERY Light Weapon In The Finals And Ranked Them Best Worst! CRAZY Results And High Kills! ", I'm going to take you through a comprehensive guide and analysis of every light weapon available in the game, sharing my top tips and tricks along the way.