The Finals. Advanced Tips That Will Enhance Your Gameplay



This is like finding bonus nuggets in your 10-piece chicken nuggets, except the nuggets are extra tips for the finals. These are going to be deeper, more advanced tactics and what I covered in my previous guide, like how to harness the built-in momentum system and a few parkour tricks, strong damage synergies, and some other stuff you'll definitely want to be aware of and know how to counter.

I'm Alex welcome or welcome back, and let's get into.

Parkour tricks

First up, don't be a nauseating stair. Sprinter, we've all been there and done this at some point. A faster and more skillful way to go from one floor to the next is to look back and up and hold the jump button as you exit a window to transition into grabbing the higher ledge.

It takes a bit of practice to get it consistent, so I'll slow down the footage for you. This trick is a very quick way to go directly up to the next higher level, though if you don't have any other traversal options, this works not just out of Windows but almost anywhere where the other level is directly above you. By the way, you can also look up and jump before the end of the ropes to skip to the top level of these hanging platforms.

Improved c4

Improved c4

The next C4 can be thrown, but not super far; however, if you slap it onto an interactable object, you now have just created a long-range delivery service for that volatile explosive.

Hold Sprint before throwing the object, and you can send this even further than normal. Hey, look at that. I just demolished a heart on purpose. Put C4 onto one of the orange flammable barrels, and you just assembled an even larger explosive in a matter of seconds. If you crouch or slide before throwing these, you can kind of roll them instead and then detonate them whenever you want.

Attach C4 to a green barrel for a poison explosive or to one of the red barrels for the fastest delivery method. It's trickier to time the detonation, though. All of these will let you use C4 a bit more offensively, which can catch people off guard, and this is really just scratching the surface of what kind of shenanigans you could invent.

Persona 5 tactica

Wait for a special message from the Phantom Thieves. This is a turn-based strategy RPG that continues the story progression of the Phantom Thieves. If you played Persona 5, this is an absolute must-play. I'm saying that, or if you're brand new to all this, it's the perfect entry point since it quickly familiarizes you with the entire squad.

Tactica has all the persona isms that make the series so endearing and addictive, like Persona Fusion to turn multiple personas into beefier brand new ones, character building team synergies, and a story that has just that right amount of weirdness to it that keeps you glued to what's going to happen next.

There's a lot of depth baked into its battle system, and I'm a big fan of the Triple Threat mechanic this has in it, where you can create a large damaging area of effect that's influenced by the space in between each party member. Xbox One. Xbox series X and S. Nintendo Switch, or PC. Don't sleep on this one; it's better than I even conveyed in this ad. I just wrote for.



Let's talk about the momentum system and how you can use it to your advantage. A basic example of it in motion: instead of sprinting into a jump pad, try sliding into it to increase your forward momentum and travel further. The slide bonus even works when the heavy has their shield raised.

The light class can use their grappling hook as a jump pad, which will propel them even further than the slide method. The same goes for the light dash ability if timed right before you enter the jump pad's area of influence. This is pretty useful for traversing the map quickly or for getting a literal jump on people who thought they were completely safe, but they were not.

Momentum carries with you as you jump off of zip lines, which can be chained into a jump pad to, you guessed it, travel even further. Jump pads seem to build momentum between them, so jumping a jump pad into another jump pad is a solid way to keep your speed boost going. You can also bunny hop upon landing with forward momentum to maintain the speed for a moment, which works better if you land on a sloped surface.

Sliding while landing with momentum works as well, which gives you just enough time to throw down a jump pad while keeping that speed.

Improved mines

Improved mines

Next, similar to the C4 trick, mines can be placed on objects to greatly increase the range in which you can throw them. This works with random things, like potted plants, a comfy seat, or, of course, those explosive barrels.

This is a good way to deal with a double hit of damage or combine mine effects with different types of barrel effects. Attaching multiple mines to these canisters will actually weigh them down, slowing their forward momentum. You can also use non-explosive items purely as long-range delivery methods for planting your mines; look, they were over there; now they're delicately placed nicely over here.

Another thing I like to do with mine is a little dirty, but worth trying. You can attach mines directly to people's death statues in the hopes someone tries to revive them or pick up their statue. This does exactly what you think; it does a little punishment to other players just trying to be helpful, teammates.


Next are a few structures you can easily build when you're playing as the heavy The first one, which I call this setup, is the big bunker. Place a single goo puff, put a deployable shield right in front of it, and then place another one on top of the goo a little more towards the front. Then you can step up onto the goo like a little platform and have a higher, elevated position to shoot from with the majority of your body protected from the front.

The next setup I have for you is called the turtle shell. One application of Goo Crouch and put an angled shield as low as you can get it while you're underneath, and then close yourself in from the front with another shield. Individual panels can be knocked out of these shields, so manually open one yourself so you can shoot through it.

Now you have a highly protected outer shell in the recoil bonus from being crouched the entire time. If you want to stop being a turtle, just pick a shield back up. You could also add an extra barrier to this if you're trying to maximize the cheese.

Elemental effects

Elemental effects

To close this out, here are a few rapid-fire bonus tips. Fire, of course, beats out goo; smoke beats fire since it instantly puts it out; fire beats poison, extinguishing it immediately. And fire beats humans, poison beats humans, and bullets beat humans, just to make sure we're all on the same page here.

The Finals gameplay guide with advanced tips on pro movement, momentum, damage synergies.