The Finals Best Controller Settings. Ps5,xbox,pc

best controller settings

So today I'm going to be showing you what I believe to be some of the best controller settings possible on the finals, but it's not even like the settings themselves, but how I have my settings set up and how I think most controller players should have their settings set up, and these settings are especially good for light players all right, so first things first, on my controller settings.

I play linear. I think linear in this game is the best respawn curve you can use. Super clean is just like Apex; it feels like if you were super into movement on Apex, these settings would make sense to you, but if not, it's okay. I'm going to explain it. So my look sense (X and Y) is set at 350, and that's kind of a mid-sense; my zoom sense is at 40%, which is a little bit slower.

And then the number-one thing that I believe is super crucial, especially for light players, if you want to be fast but also have precise aim, is the boost on both vertical and horizontal. I have mine at 500, and then I have my ramp-up time at 5. So what this is going to do is allow you to still have super good skills like hip fire, but at the same time you're able to spin around really fast, and I see a lot of people who'll have their boost lower than their look sense, which doesn't make sense because you want your look sense to be slower because that's what's going to be applied before the boost comes in.

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That's how you get that slower hip fire before the boost kicks in, and you can turn around and see that when I'm just looking around, my SN isn't that fast. But if I hold my stick all the way, you see how I do a 360, but when I'm just looking around. I got that 350, but if someone's like behind me.

I can turn real quick, so these settings are really good for movement and aim because the hip fire is still super steady, but you can also turn on someone if you need to, so it's really good, and then one more thing: I had my dead zone on zero, my aiming dead zone, but I recently switched to five because I feel like zero is really good, but you're going to make it.

More mistakes if it makes sense because it's super sensitive, so five gives you that wiggle room to make slight mistakes. And I think it's just going to help with consistency overall, but you also want your look acceleration to be zero. Another big setting that people don't really talk about is the sensitivity reduction.

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It slows sensitivity down when looking at a target. At first, I turned this off because I was like, I don't want this on. I don't want my senses to change just because I'm looking at someone, and it felt super weird, so I turned it back on, and I swear having this on gives you more aim assistance.

It could just be Placebo, but I swear it gives you more aim assistance, so I would just leave it on. I don't know if it's really good. I have some gameplay that I'm about to show you with these settings: a lot of movement and a lot of beams. My teammates left me; it was literally me on my own. This game play is fire; you are not going to want to miss it.

It truly shows the potential of these settings. But one more thing with these settings, though, is that you don't have to copy mine exactly. Like, the one thing you need to know is that you want to have a boost, and you want to have your boost be higher than your X and Y. Trust me. Check out this game play because it was so much fun.

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