Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Light Class The Finals From A Top 200 Player 2023


In the finals. I will talk about the most optimal team composition for playing light, the best weapons, gadgets, and abilities to use, how to position yourself, how to properly time your engagement, how to properly rotate with a team, the correct way to fight for an objective in a desired position, how to defend the cash out, and how to steal the cash out, and then we will go for some useful tips and tricks here and there to help you win more duels and stay useful throughout the match.

If this article is going to get 1, 000 likes, I'm going to start working on beginner tips for the finals; there will be at least 50 of them. Let's get started. Before we begin with the guide. I'd like to warn you that the current season 1 state light class has to be the most pathetic and miserable state the light class has ever been due to a massive utility and weapon nerve.

This role has an incredibly high skill floor and skill ceiling, to the point where you have to be an extraordinary player from the start to have mediocre results that you would have gotten with zero experience on medium. As well, you have to suffer and spend a few hundreds of hours constantly dying, losing games that you should have won, losing teammates because they lost faith in you, tilting, burning out, and saying to yourself that you would never ever play the freaking light role again just to play the light role.


2 days later, and continue the vicious cycle. Right now, the game revolves around high sustain, medium, and heavy composition, where you are quite literally holding hands together, supporting each other, and keeping everyone alive and healthy with defibs. Shield bubbles and healing beams You always have an artificial cover to hide behind you, and if you've made a positional mistake or simply lost your 1v1 duel, your team can always back you up with a shield plus an instant defensive combination, followed by a quick healing beam to get you back on track.

For 99% of you guys watching this article, the medium-to-heavy composition is going to be the most optimal, and it's exceptionally easy to use, meaning that you will be able to play more games, have more fun, and lose less, and it's not as reliant on the perfect execution and correct engagement timing as the light medium-heavy composition that we will talk about right now.

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A light, medium-heavy setup has to be the only way to make the light roll work as of right now because you need both strong point presence as well as the ability to keep your teammates alive and healthy. You can still make any composition work in Publix as people will never punish you for the major mistakes you are making, and that's exactly the reason you never understand that something is fundamentally wrong; you understand it only when you get absolutely devoured by the people that are playing correct compositions that are absolutely countering your composition.

I also need to add that this game is very heavily team-play-oriented, and you absolutely need to find good players in a competitive Discord so three of you can discuss strategies in real time with one another and use the windows of opportunity that are created either by your team's proper ability usage or effective damage tradeoffs.

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Major positional or mechanical mistakes by opponents I'm going to leave a link to competitive Discord where you can verify yourself, prove that you are a gamer, and find good teammates. When we talk about the best-performing weapons for the light class, it's important to fundamentally understand why some of them are completely terrible and unplayable.

There are also gas mines, explosive mines, gas grenades, and frag grenades that are casually ending up at my feet every single time I personally play Light.

I'm pretty sure that's happening to you as well, so it already takes every single melee weapon out of the equation due to the nature of the game. Top it off with an easy-to-track character model and very limited amounts of movement while you are scoped and dueling, and you have a perfect candidate for the Next 7 James Bond movie.

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You also want your weapon to be consistent and easy to use at the same time, and realistically speaking, we are left with two options. It's either going to be a shotgun or an MP5. I personally think that a shotgun is better due to the fact that it's so much easier to use; you can quite literally double-tap any character in the game and press your invisibility, reload, and repeat the process until you die from another random thing that has never meant to hit you but has hit you anyway.

LMP5 is better on paper for the majority of the players, but this weapon is way too difficult to use, especially when everything is blowing up and you have 90 FPS. Your mouse pad is dirty, and you haven't been training your aim in ages. Pick the shotgun. When we talk about the best abilities for the light class.

I feel like invisibility has to be the winner by far because both grapple and dash are providing you with some movement, but at the end of the day, you want to be unexpected; you want to be a scout and a silent assassin. I can't imagine a situation where I am grappling with three players and not dying within a millisecond.


After I'm in their line of sight, I can't imagine the situation where a talented light player with Enis will not be able to track me down after I used three of my dashes to escape him. It is very difficult to compete with invisibility for what it does to you. The majority of light players never get any major value in team fights and usually go alone and die in the middle of three teams just to coin back 25 seconds later and repeat the process again.

And it usually happens when they don't have invisibility. They can't be set up, but we'll talk about them in later chapters of this guide. Light BL games are very interesting. You can't enable your team with movement or healing like a medium class would; you can't protect and tank damage. Dage like a heavy would do, but you still need to be useful in a fight, and you do that by picking up a glitch grenade or a stun gun.

A frag grenade or a gas grenade, depending on how you feel about them. A frag grenade is better because there is no friendly fire. Enemies can't see the warning sign, and they will never be able to shield against it. It's just going to blow up from the cringe. As a result, let's quickly talk about how to use glitches and frags.


The best way to do it is to throw one and then throw another; after that, you do it by canceling your animation because it feels like there is just so much downtime on your glitch plus glitch combination. It just takes a human amount of time to pull the second glitch grenade out for some reason. If you are playing from above, you can always right-click grenades.

In this guide I'll share the easiest and most effective way to dominate ranked tournaments on light class in the finals. We will go over best team compositions for light, best light build, best light weapons, abilities and gadgets to use, when and how to play around the cashout. I will share advanced tips and tricks when it comes to positioning and engaging.
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