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Attributed, so in today's article, I'll be teaching you how to master the sword in the finals.

3 attack types

3 attack types

First, we're going to start off with your three attacks: your left click, which you're going to call the basic attack. Your right click, which I'm going to call the charged attack, and lastly, your m, which will be used later for animation cancellation, Your basic attack has about 1 me of range facing forwards, and your charge attack has about 2 m of range facing forwards.

Accurately hitting attacks

The basic attack has a bit of guidance for assistance, and the charge attack has to be aimed once you let go and you dash forward, keeping the reticle pointed.

Animation cancels

On Target Next, we're going to talk about the animation cancels, making your basic attack when the animation cancels do 134 damage and your charge attack when canceled do 180 damage.

This leads us into.

Combos/contestant hp

Our next topic is combo lights. Lights in the finals have 150 HP, mediums have 250 HP, and heavys have 350 HP.

Light combo (1 shot)

The combo you're going to use for lights is a charge attack with a melee animation cancel, effectively being able to one-shot a light.

Medium combo

The combo you're going to use for mediums is either a charge attack melee basic attack or, if you're trying to take as little damage as possible, a charge attack melee charge.

Heavy combo (2 shot)

Attack, The combo you're going to use to kill heavies is effectively two shots; it's a charge attack.

Closing/start of in-game examples

Closing/start of in-game examples

If you want to ask me any questions, feel free to do that.

1 shot combo on light (2x)

Half of this match has been played, and now the competition is getting fierce. The contestants are doing well, Scotty, and I wonder if the sponsor support has something to do with that, not what you wish.

Dash + charged attack medium combo

Dash + charged attack medium combo

There, not going.

In today's video, I'll be teaching you how to master the sword in The Finals, as well as showing you the BEST Light Build to use the Sword with. Enjoy! Watch Me Live.
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