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We're going to get the first and most obvious category out of the way, but I definitely think it's one I need to talk about, and that is the teammate situation. I played a lot of Apex Legends before I played the finals and I feel like as time goes on more and more people seem to think that you can play Team games in a competitive setting solo and get away with it and that's just not the case I really do feel like maybe the top percentile of players can have some moments where they can really shine but even those people will struggle against people who are using teamwork, to their advantage because it's a teamwork game it's like trying to play football without team it's just it's impossible the first part I want to touch on is Solo versus with friends I think that solo, can be viable if you are turning on your mic to communicate it's probably the only way you can actually find any success doing it solo but I do highly recommend joining some lfg discords, there's a finals Discord an official finals Discord where you can go looking for teammates in there and just being able to find people who are in a like-minded.

Your mindset, as you are, is going to be really beneficial. You're all wanting to win; you're all going to communicate; you're all going to, you know, take that extra step to play together.

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I think it's really important to synergize loadouts around each other I mean if you're both Rocking Jump pads you're both rocking double Mobility, it's kind of pointless because then you're double stacking utility and losing out on other utility that's going to really benefit you in maybe some defensive situations so synergizing your lotos making sure you're a well balanced Squad that's going to be capable of more than one scenario is very important obviously the communication aspect once again is something I really stress and a lot of people think of communication on a very basic level but with the amount of teamwork that's at play in the finals, you know people don't account for communication.

When it's the final 5 seconds of the game and you got to jump on a cash out, you need one guy to grab the cash, you need one guy to heal pump the guy stealing, and you need the third guy to mes Shield as a heavy and body block all at the same time that's just not happening if you're not communicating and using your words, that will never happen with random teammates so yeah make sure you are using your mics and the last point I have regarding the teammate situation is just overall playing together I feel like the finals is very teamwork based and just like Apex Legends.

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If you're not playing tight you're not holding cash outs tight together you're not holding hands while fighting and teamshotting people you're very easily going to get picked off I think that, the finals is one of the most teamwork intensive games I think I've ever played so I really do enjoy it for that aspect but you definitely got to make sure you are playing properly if you want to see success, so yeah that does wrap up my first category of tips surrounding the teammate situation I hope that helps you out I think there are some useful stuff from there but we're going to move on to, category number two which is just talking about the objective in the finals this is actually one of the most important categories are going to talk about today because I can't tell you the amount of times that people we go against or just other teams in the lobby get caught up in pointless.

And endless amounts of combat that don't serve any actual purpose in winning the game, especially off the start of matches. When you're going for the 10K vaults, I noticed so many teams get caught up with the first team they engage with. One of the other teams will install their 10K by the time you've lost half of the first vault.

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You now have to double-stagger the second 10K or go play for the third one. It's just a lot of wasted opportunity, so stay focused. Making sure that if you are fighting it's intentional you either need to go through them to get to your cash site to get your cash full but you're not just fighting for the sake of fighting especially at the start of games when you get wipes they don't actually have any real impact on the game you lose about 30% of your cash when you do get team wiped, and when you're dealing with no cash if you get wiped I mean you're still dealing with no cash so it doesn't serve you anything I definitely think that in the finals being first always pays off when you get that first 10K install at the start of a game and get that First Cash Out going a lot of teams who aren't playing disciplined will end up fighting and you'll pretty much get a free cash out if the lobby is undisciplined.

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A lot of times too, if you get that first 10K, the other team teams will battle over that second 10K, so try to get that installed, and that'll give you free opportunities to play for some of the most important vaults in the game, which are the 15K. If they are fighting over the second 10K, you'll still you'll be able to go get a free cash out, and you'll be able to go get a free cash out and you'll be able to get a free setup to defend that cash out and defend properly and it just kind of snowball effects throughout the whole game once you get that 15, obviously the 15 is always going to go contested you're going to have to fight at some point in the rare case you might not, but a lot of times if you get that 50 15K secured, it gives you the first chance to play on those 22 volts, which can be the real tone setters.

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In a game, if you can get to the cash vault first, you're able to defend it if need be, or you can get the jump to get that installed just because I have written it down here. I'm going to say it again, but I'm going to emphasize that cash is the only thing that wins; cash is priority. Nothing else is going to get you to that next round closer to the finals, but it does tie nicely into the conversation about team wipes because, like I said at the beginning of a game, getting team wipes does not matter; it's not really.

You know, it's beneficial to you in any sense, but as the game goes on, team wipes can now start to be beneficial because you are dealing with money. That's the only justifiable time I think you should play for team wipes, and so yeah, that is everything surrounding the objective. I think if you focus on those key tips, it'll provide you with a lot more success and keep your games much clearer and more focused.

The third subject I wanted to talk about in the finals was that I have a bunch of tips for when you should install cash, when you should not install cash, and when you should defend cash. I think that the 10Ks are always something you want to install. 10Ks are something you should be focused on right from the beginning of the game.

Today, I break down some of the most important tips I feel are necessary to find consitent success in THE FINALS ranked system.
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