How To Get Top 500 The Finals Right Now

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Advantage to those that do so when he first started playing hiding in the same room as the cash out and camping seemed like a viable strategy, however he noted that opponents quickly figured out how to counter by destroying the ground or ceiling and rushing in fact that's kind of what the finals is based on with its destructible, environment slaying on the roof actually proves effective because it allows you to shoot opponents from a distance before they actually reach you moreover if enemies attempt to take the cash out from blow you can shoot from above after creating a hole in the roof and this actually will enhance your chances of winning cash outs according to ninja now number two is when do you double a cash out now initially ninja didn't see the purpose of debling cash outs and struggled with third- party situations, the realization.

Came that the best time to stack a volt onto another Cash Out is when it is halfway done this resets the cycle leading to two new volt SP spawning once the cash out is complete doubling reduces the risk of third party interference, failing to do so however and placing the vault in a different Cash Out gives opponent's ample time to reach you after the First Cash Out ends making surviving, a little bit more challenging than you may originally anticipate, it makes the entire Lobby fight for 20K instead of just that 10K speaking of which number three every amount of cash counts and with each kill ninja noticed that you would gain 200 opening a vault yields 1, 000 placing a vault in a cash out results in 2, 000.

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And stealing a cash out grants $1, 000. If you're trailing in third place by a few thousand, you can focus instead on just opening vaults or securing kills to bridge the gap and secure the win if you're not able to get that cash out. Number four: staying alive and avoiding wipes is another common sense one, but as Ninja points out, if you're in first place, there's no need to engage in the last cash out in overtime as only the second-place Contender stands to lose.

Relax, observe the situation, and see what your opponents are going to do before you go into the next match with them. Number five: one player should always run Recon, which is a little bit of an interesting tip because the information is crucial, and having Recon allows players to choose when to engage in fights, enabling more effective third-party strategies, or selecting 1V one battles wisely.

Recon has transformed the game dynamics for Ninja and should do so for you as well. Number six: getting the first wipe in the final round determines the game's outcome. This one's pretty interesting in my opinion because if you secure that initial wipe, it will provide ample time to set up and choose when to push opponents upon their respawn utilizing the Recon, which we went over in number five.

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Ninja was able to anticipate spawn locations and hold advantageous positions. Positions ultimately, that allowed him to influence the game's outcome this might be a little bit harder if you're newer to the game but if you get a lot of practice with it could be absolutely instrumental in making you top tier number eight don't solo queue this is pretty much a fundamental rule in any FPS but it applies especially in the finals as ninja strongly advises against solo queuing for a better chance at winning games you want to utilize the Discord servers which are preactive, to find teammates it'll improve your overall experience and increase the likelihood of Victory I actually use looking for groups all the time when I can't play with my regular crew and I actually agree with Ninja here 100% it's just way more fun number nine always use certain gadgets for each class ninja emphasizes optimal Gadget selection for each class medium should always run defib and I'll vouch for that as a medium that runs defib heavy should equip RPGs, and light benefit most from the stun gun excluding, glitch grenades these Gadget choices optimize your class performance in the game number 10 best class is the solo queue ninja suggests that for solo queuing the heavy class is the most effective with its Simplicity, high 1v3.

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Potential powerful nukes in supportive do and mes Shield the heavy class can be pretty much a strong choice that's why they had to Nerf it not too long ago however be prepared to carry the team in Solo Q scenarios as that's probably the best class to once again solo que number 11 how do spawns work ninja delves into spawn mechanics highlighting the randomness of spawning near an active Cash Out controlling spawns becomes a powerful tactic in highle play with Recon and strategic positioning enabling, spawn trapping.

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Understanding spawn points is crucial for gaining a strategic advantage. Once again, you're going to need to practice these and get them down to memorization. It's not like you can just hop into a game and know where someone's going to spawn you're going to have to play a lot of hours to get that kind of knowledge or maybe there's an online tool I don't know how the API works for this game yet number 12 how to win more gun battles winning gun battles involves more than just aiming ninja emphasized incorporating movement into gunfights by spamming Crouch while moving side to side that's something called strafing, if you've ever played Halo it's basically one of the fundamentals, or any FPS really this makes the player harder to hit additionally using HTI fire in close range is recommended, especially on mouse and keyboard while aiming down sights can be challenging as a controller player I actually recommend also not aiming down sights up close as it just makes your aim speed a lot slower and if the other player knows how to strafe well you're kind of out of luck number 13 how does the credit system work in ranked and ninja actually explains it pretty well starting with two credits that replenish at the beginning of each round wise credit management, is crucial you need to save them for situations where getting WIP could result in a significant.

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Loss of money ultimately. Affecting the team standing because if you get a wipe. I believe you lose 30% of your cash, which can be absolutely. The reason you get knocked out and don't qualify for the next round number 14 is when is the best time to use your credits, and Ninja once again advises against using credits early in the round instead you want to save them for critical moments such as when in first place and facing those potential wipes using credits strategically.

The Finals has many options for players to mull over before they step foot in the arena. Choosing the right The Finals class and The Finals weapon to suit how you play is vital if you want to achieve success. Team composition is also important, as you usually want to find a balance between support, damage, and sheer destruction As the Competitive FPS marries Rainbow Six-style teamwork with Team Fortress 2 mayhem. You and your squad must destroy, zip, and shoot your way through each map to bank as much cash as you can and be crowned the victor.
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