The Finals But I Can't Shoot

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That is how I play. That is what I play for. Nah, I'm not some average Joe. I might do these loopy loops, but I can play what's going on, guys. Welcome back to another article. Today I've got a challenge in the finals. If we head over to the finals, as we can see, there is a riot shield. I'm going to be purchasing this and only using it, which means no use of gadgets, and my usual gadgets are defibrillators, Pyro grenades, and mines.

We're just going to unlock this, and this is going to be the only thing we're using. I feel so bad for whoever's going to be playing with me. My team looks so good as well, and we're going to let them down. At least one of the members on the other team does not have a person right now, so it might be good all right, so I could block like that, and I can hit like that.

That is the only thing that I'm able to do, like stand guard up the stairs. I guess I think it's best if I take this, unfortunately. Again, I can't put any turrets down or anything, and I look, not really, minorly skilled. I suck let's try and get my first kill. I don't know where they are. Yes, I got a kill of 3 HP in a dream.

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I haven't died yet, which says something good if this works out first game. I'm going to be so upset, not going to lie. It just means that my team has carried on. Get the hell of it; let's go. I got another kill while we're doing so. Good, let's go. I don't know. Where, how did I kill him, and how was I still on fire?

I can't see anything, Team. What the hell happened? I'm just going to say I'm on four kills and only one death. I don't think that's too bad. All right, it's going to be really bad if I stay in here. I'm not going to lie, so I'm going to come outside. The only reason I'm going to say it's bad to be in there is because if that gets bombed or smoked, I'm going to be the first one to go out.

The big guy's in there with an RPG, so he knows what's going on. Are we going to win? What the hell just happened? That was our first game. How did we do that? I don't understand. There was no one who came and really attacked, and I'm not going to lie. With four kills and one death, our teammate had 18 kills.

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What the hell is he on? That's not too bad, especially considering I've never used that at all and I didn't use any abilities or anything with gadgets. My special ability is nothing. We're going to go again, and we're going to see if we can get a high kill round and a little bit more. Action, let's go first, kill down, and he barely took anything from us.

I'm getting sniped; let's go, and I got a double kill. I actually did not mean to do that, and I don't think I actually got that double. Kill I don't know what you're doing, but it worked. I lagged to get underneath this guy and deal big damage. I can't use my abilities. I'm sorry he's gone. Keep your guard up for now.

My teammate's probably very mad at me because I did not use my defibrillator, but I'm sorry. Man, I can't move. No, why is all of this on fire? Why am I on fire? hello there a [ __ ] I ca. I ca i ca i ca i ca go up here, go up. Here they have the one thing that I can't defend. Yes, yeah, that is how I play; that is what I play for.


I'm not some average Joe; I'm here to win. I might do these loopy loops and [__], but I can play. I don't even know where to go. I've got seven kills, so it's doing a lot better. My voice is freaking dying, though I actually did not think that this riot shield would do. You know the damage that it's currently doing.

Wait, come here, come here. Here you're just going to go on a fire, man. Let's go we got it. Can we go for two games in a row? Hell no, let's go for two games in a row, baby. That's what I'm talking about. That was insane.