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While the dematerializer can open and close walls, opened walls do not affect the structural integrity of the very thing it dematerializes. Dematerialized walls or props can also not be destroyed. This means that if you play on something like a suspended structure and dematerialize three of the four pillars, the enemy teams will be unable to actually blow them down.

Indefinitely, you can add an APS tur on top of the cash out, and then the enemies want to be able to blow the cash out down for this reason alone if I play with the dematerializer.

I will try running an APS turret and decently ranged weapons like the F car if we ever end up playing on suspended structures. I've actually gotten really good with the dematerializer. Assuming your enemies are playing on The High Ground above, you throw all your bubbles on point, put your shield up, and then drop the anti-gravity.

Cube, your teammates will be able to steal the point without anyone dropping in from The High Ground to kill them. The light portal can pick up vaults, so if you place the portal right on top of a vault that's being unlocked, the second that it does unlock, it will take the portal and go to the other side.

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You can use this to steal vaults that you aren't sure that you will get, or you can place a portal on a vault, start opening it, and then make that exit portal up to 70 meters away to save some time. My, it's genius. What if an enemy goes for defibrillator play in front of you? Try to throw a frag grenade right at their shadows feet.

If you hit the timing correctly, the frag grenade will blow them up and kill them right after their spawn, and you know spawn protection finishes. There's a really cool exploit or glitch for the new defibrillator, and I really want to tell you guys about it, so I'm going to share a tip to abuse the defibrillator, and then I'll follow it up with another one that doesn't abuse the glitch, so this article will keep aging well.

Any defibrillated teammate can use their specialization. During the defibrillator animation, this means that a light can grapple away as they're being revived, a heavy can hold up their shield, and the light can instantly activate their invisibility. Players set to be revived can also mantle any nearby object during the revive animation, and as for the non-exploit tip, the defibrillator Shadow can be moved after it starts.

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Meaning you have a dematerializer. Or a teammate with an explosive, you can blow up the floor underneath your teammates to save them from a risky exposed position you can also place a jump pad underneath them to bounce them away into safety be really careful when healing a teammate through gas or smoke as the blue healing beam will be visible through it which reveals both yours and your teammate its position and due to the changes in smokes this season taking damage will show your health bars to the enemy which will turn you into easy kills there is actually a way to tell whether you have a C4, active primed and ready other than literally looking right at where you actually put it when you throw a C4 out the C4 Detonator, in your hand will emit a orange light, once the C4 is primed and ready that light will turn blue this means that if you have C4 on the point to deny a cash out but you can't Peak it without risking dying you can just take a look at The Detonator to decide whether you can activate the C4 remotely or if it has been blown up and you have to step in and cancel the cash out yourself.


Which is pretty good to know, and if you like that tip, here is one tip for every ability: in the finals, the stun gun has a near 100%. If not 100% accuracy when firing it from the hip, and since the iron sights for the stun gun are pretty difficult to use, this means that you should hip-fire with it all the time.

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Also, a quick extra tip for the stun gun: if you aren't sure if your enemy is in range of your stun gun or not, just ping them. The Ping keeps tracking them for about a second or so, and as long as they are within 12 meters, they will get stunned. My best tip for the flashbang. Is swap to something else because of the way the finals calculates hit boxes and most importantly, hurt boxes, this means that the evasive Dash allows your melee sword or even dagger attacks to deal damage to an enemy as long as you dash close enough to them during the time in your swing animation where you would deal damage, even better if you dash through an enemy while going for a backstab with the Assassin's dagger you can pull off a backstab, without even needing to turn around the jump pad can be used for a lot more than just giving your team a chance to bounce around it can actually be placed against walls, which means that if you put it close enough to the edge you can block an entire vent doorway or window you can even step up behind it and use it as a head glitch for additional cover the ponade can be thrown against walls or ceilings.


Which will immediately, deal damage and ignite anyone who touches it on the other side you can activate your cloaking ability right after shooting meaning that you theoretically, could fight an enemy with the saw of shotgun with them barely seeing you as you activate it as soon as you fire a shot you'd also be surprised how many enemies, will catch off guard by beaming one of their teammates and then immediately going invisible the moment that they are dead the barricade is really tall in fact it is so tall that only the heavy can see past it so as a heavy you can place the barricade, stand behind it and only have your head poke out over the top giving you a guaranteed positional Advantage thanks to something that's called a head glitch if you place a zip line where one end connects to a moving Target the zip line will stay up between the two attachment points even if that one target keeps moving until the line of sight between the two attachment points is broken this means that you can make zip lines to get on moving platforms.

Or on top of cranes, basically on two more things than you initially think. The explosive mine on its own doesn't really pack enough damage to secure a kill, but if you put two explosive mines either on top of each other or close enough where one of them exploding will set up a chain reaction and detonate the other, you can easily deal over 280 damage in one explosion, which one shot lights and mediums.

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The sonar from the sonar grenade goes through walls, so in more cases than not, you're better off throwing it near a wall or other obstacles to give you information on the overside since throwing it right on top of a team gives them a chance to glitch it or get out of the way, and why would you need information on a team that's right in front of you?

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