37 Game-changing Tips For The Finals Season 2

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Here are 40 tips that will give you a huge edge in the finals of season 2. The light portal can actually pick up vaults, so if you place the portal right on top of a vault that's being unlocked, the second it unlocks, it will take the portal and go to the other side. You can use this to steal vaults that you aren't sure that you'll actually get, or you can place your portal on top of a vault, start opening it, and then make a portal up to 70 meters away to save yourself some crucial time.

The data reshaper might seem random at first, but when converting barrels, there's actually a set order; it will actually convert to red barrels, which turn into smoke canisters, and smoke canisters, which turn into goo canisters. Goo canisters turn into orange barrels. Orange barrels turn into gas canisters, and the gas canisters turn back into red props.

They will always turn into barrels, though the ones they do turn into seem completely random, and enemy gadgets will always turn into props. The dematerializer actually allows for so much creativity other than obviously creating holes to get off angles with some walls. You can even create holds that give you enough cover that only your head shows, which gives you a so-called head glitch.

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One of the best uses for the dematerializer will also be ice fishing, where you open a hole in the floor and shoot at any enemies that are below you. The dematerializer can also be used to scale large walls that you otherwise couldn't just make a hole in a building by looking up on that new ledge and then keep climbing.

You can also instantly climb to the next floor in a building by looking up and then dematerializing. As you are jumping and moving forward, this can even be chained over and over again to clear an entire building from the inside, assuming the roof isn't too high up. Not too many notice, but the dematerializer can close any dematerialized holes with the secondary fire.

This includes your own holes, but the dematerialized walls from enemy mediums as well. Do note that there's a small delay before you can close a reasonably dematerialized hole, and the ability as a whole has a really short range of 5 m, so you practically need to be right next to the wall to interact with it using the specialization.

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On the new Horizon map, you can go inside of this ball by using either a dematerializer or by placing a light portal right underneath it. Grenade trajectory is finally accurate to the season, so when you do hold a grenade, the trajectory will not only show where the grenade will travel but also where it will explode.

You can use this to your advantage and line up the fuzzy ball against an enemy to have the grenade instantly explode as it hits them. SA1 1216 wasn't touched this season, which makes it the best gun for heavy, assuming you can get close enough to your enemies you'd be throwing, not to run in. If you're playing medium, you can place a ton of mines underneath the floor of a cashout and then open up the floor with a dematerializer to kill anyone who goes for steel.

The portal can go over 70 meters away, as I mentioned previously, and it keeps the momentum of anything that you throw into it, meaning you can put it in between a vault and a cash out to instantly pop it up to 210 meters away. It's safe to say that the new defibrillator is kind of bad, but it's still hands-free.


Make it a habit to at least take another half-second to pick up your teammate and then put them behind cover before you're starting a revive. If you're playing in the open, you can also try standing behind them as they revive to confuse your enemies and have your spawning teammate draw some fire. Remember, just because it's Nerf season doesn't mean that it's completely useless.

If you place both ends of a portal right next to a cashout, this will make it harder for the enemy to steal at the last minute, as they might accidentally take the portal instead of actually starting the steal. Keep in mind that gas damage has changed; it now starts after half a second and ramps up in damage with every tick.

This means that you can no longer heal frity gas the same way as you could in season 1. Any old subscribers might remember the old trick that fire will instantly evaporate any gas that it gets in contact with on pow shift. There seems to be a finite amount of spawn points where every team seems to spawn in from around the same area.

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This makes it very easy to camp a spawn. Just keep an eye on where they are coming from, and odds are they're going to keep spawning in that same direction. For example, it appears that in the case of Skyway Stadium, all teams seem to spawn around the office high grounds. Not only can you change every gadget weapon and specialization, but in between lives in the pow shift game mode, you can actually change your class as well, so go nuts with the counter picking.

If you have the multi, you might as well buy the season 2 starter pack. You get some cool limited edition skins as well as those multipacks, refunded to spend on something else. You can shoot the anti-gravity cube after it's been deployed to break it. It really doesn't need that much damage at all.

Some walls, like the one in this clip, have at least double layers. This means that if you line up, you dematerialize. In the right way, you will be able to only peel one of those layers off. In some cases, that means that you can stand on top of that layer, using it as sort of a pixel ledge. It's worth noting that any dematerialized walls will not rematerialize.


As long as you or a teammate are standing inside of them under New's Horizon map, you can actually stand on top of these lights that you can find in certain buildings, most importantly the museum. In some cases, there are some climbing rods to get to them, and in some cases, you need to use movement abilities to actually get up there.

The KS23 has some pretty destructive capabilities and can tear through walls pretty fast. When compared to other weapons, it takes four shots to create a breach-charge-sized hole in a normal wall or floor. Completing the circuits will not only give you free skins, but you can actually get multiple bucks for completing these challenges as well.

A heavy can use a slime from a charging slime to slime down and hit the bottom of an anti-gravity Cube lift: if there is a challenge that you don't like in your circuit, you can just roll it using some excess VR dematerialization. Walts will automatically go back after 30 seconds if nobody rematerializes them due to their cooldown.

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This also means that you can have a total of four dematerialized At the same time as this patch, there is now an audio queue every time your teammate dies, which sounds like this: And an audio if you're the last one standing on your team, which sounds like this. If you're alone, like me, you'll be hearing these noises all the time.

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