The Finals Season 2 Changes You Weren't Told About

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As with every game, the finals always release their patches with a lot of changes that, for whatever reason, didn't hit their patch notes, so today I figured we would go over all of the changes in season 2 patch 2.1.0 and the most recent patch of 2.2.0. That you weren't told about, and there are a lot of changes you were told about.

Starting off with probably the reason you clicked on this article, lh1 feels great. This patch has actually been around ever since season 2 was released. I've been saying it on stream for a really long time, but after I finally dug into it, thinking it was a change to visual recoil. I noticed that when I was comparing this old footage to the actual live version footage, the visual recoil actually seemed unchanged.

The bullets also seem to exit where the gun is pointing. However, as you might be able to tell, it has significantly less recoil today than it did in season 1. Looking at this from a balancing perspective, this is a pretty big undocumented change, but it's far from the only one. You can now pick up teammate statues from slightly farther away.

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This used to be the range that you would get if you crouched when going for a pickup in the past. If you try crouching now, the range from which you can pick up a statue seems unchanged. Obviously, if you're on the floor above a statue, crouching will get you closer to it, which would let you pick it up, but previously, crouching seemed to add almost a meter to your pickup range.

Even when picking up statues that were right in front of you on the same level, gas and smoke grenades now show enemy health bars through the gas if they have taken damage from you. The smoke also appears to be thicker than in previous seasons in most areas, but in some weirdly lit areas like the museum and Sis Horizon, you can see through the smoke.

Just fine, there seems to be quite a noticeable amount of additional bloom or dispersion whenever you shoot guns mid-air compared to last season, most notably with something like the F car. All the barrel boxes have a new, different look to them; they're more modern or sleek. Compared to the previous season, Sandstorm Las Vegas has been added back to the game along with some tiny tweaks.


Here and there, you aren't crazy. Both Scotty and June sound a lot different. This season, this is probably related to some sort of lore event that we're going to hear more about later in the season, when the map doesn't have any modifiers instead of showing up as blank. It will now show the standard issue on the loading screens.

As an act of courtesy, you can now say thank you after being revived by a defibrillator. Characters might also play a voice line after they've been revived that you, your team, and your enemies can hear. I've also noticed that the store now shows tomorrow and then today instead of a specific hour, counting down to when the store will refresh.

Another huge balancing change is that the game's characters will now audibly announce that they started their revive. The enemy teams can also do this, which makes clutchy stealth revives a lot less viable. Defib now plays new audio during the revive animation. With the audio sort of filling up to match the animation, the noise can be heard both by teammates and enemies alike.

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You can no longer get into the hollow ball on Horizon with the gateway. If you try throwing a gateway at the bottom of it, which normally would clip you through, it will instantly despawn. Instead, odds apply to other clipping spots as well; you cannot clip through ceilings or floors with the gateway anymore.

Either normally, placing a gateway underneath a flat surface would teleport you on top of it, but now it just places you, you know, inside of the portal, and then you'll drop down as intended instead, and there are also some undocumented changes. It seems completely random, or maybe just inconsistent.

I have no idea which one of the two it is; maybe it's actually intended to be this way, in which case this is definitely not the way to go. You can use the Gateway ability to glitch out of the map on the practice range by throwing one end of the portal through the big white hole and then taking it following this.


Reddit users found that you can shoot at other enemies in the practice range as well. Some cash outs spawn halfway sticking out of the ground for some reason, but if you touch them or start a cash out, they should perk right up. You will randomly lose the ability to sprint. I'm not sure what causes it, but you can get the ability to sprint back by swapping between your weapons and all of your gadgets.

It's not always the same one being the culprit; just keep swapping between them until it eventually works. The L glitch or exploit from last season might still be here. I'm not going to explain how to do it because I don't want to share a gamebreaking exploit that I am hoping that Emar is tracking and will punish anybody who abuses it, but people are abusing a specific glitch not to lose any Fame points in the first qualifying round, and of course, while we can't see our total Fame points to see whether it works or not, it is easy to test it and see that the leaderboard position doesn't change if you do this, and you don't receive a penalty.

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For doing it, I'm just raising awareness about this. Don't do it because odds are you might get banned. I'm just telling you for your own sake. I also have this weird glitch where I seem to keep shooting, but without reloading after PR inspection, none of the shots registered with the environment, so I was probably not shooting on the server side.

Punching or swapping my weapon seems to fix it. I'm also noticing that something is up with the lights on my device. I've had lights cloaking right in front of me and then completely disappear even though they're moving out of the way, which would mean that they have a more obvious machine. I had a very hard time actually replicating this when I was experimenting with my community, but if you guys have other clips of lights completely disappearing in front of you, make sure that you submit them to the subreddit.

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The game randomly crashes and freezes at times; it almost seems like it crashes on Vegas more than any other map. I'm not hinting at anything, but I don't think anyone would really complain if Ember just took the map out for a little while until it's, you know, fixed. I also had this weird bug where I got kicked for inactivity because I was inactive, but when it came back, I didn't have any guns.

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