Famas Buffed Again. Rank Progression Changes. Patch 2.3.0 Breakdown Under 5 Min. The Finals

Introduction & overview

Introduction & overview

I'm happy to say guys, in patch 2.3 we have yet another buff to the Famas, which sure as hell will solidify it as a top contender for the medium meta pick, finally giving more weapon variation for the class and highle con, we have a new map added to the rotation of Po shift, and more transparency.

It's a small button for you, but it makes a massive impact on my channel.

Famas recoil adjustment buff

So what does this mean? As you can see from the footage comparing pre- and post-buffs, it essentially means that whether you fire the gun slow or fast, the recoil pattern will not variate and will be more consistent. This also condenses.

The recoil vertically turned it into a damn near-straight line, making this gun more lethal than it already was. On a side note, while working on my controller aim training guide. I came to find that this gun shreds on the sticks, allowing you to destroy any class at mid- to far range with a huge margin for error. please, if you guys can put down the F car and give this gun a shot for a few games, you won't be disappointed.

New map & changes for powershift / ui fixes

New map & changes for powershift / ui fixes

Next up, we have the new map Horizon being added to the powers shift map Pool, and now players will be dealt damage if they are squished underneath the platform.

Ranked progression changes

We also have a fix for the revive tab and respawn coins being swapped on the scoreboard, and last but not least, rank changes, with the addition of an end of match screen to indicate the change in rank as well as an animation screen to show whether or not a player is moving up or down rank, so hopefully this fixes the issue.

My friend was stuck in plat 3 as I'm progressing my way through Diamond, even though we have played almost every single-ranked match together, having on average the same combat support and an objective score. On the off chance that they haven't fixed it, maybe at least now we can obtain some proof that there is a glitch stagnating him in this rank.

advanced tips

And that's about it for today, guys. Not the biggest patch, but I'd say a meaningful one. At the very least, there is one more thing that I wanted to talk about before wrapped this up today, which is the cheating epidemic.

The cheater problem

I don't know if these cheating companies recently made an update or if the anti-cheap Is that easy to bypass?

But right now, if you have a high ELO, the cheating is absolutely horrendous in both pubs and ranked, running into at least one every other game, if not back to back. I even came to a point yesterday where I literally had to stop playing on my main account and start playing on an ALT because it got so bad.

I really hope that Embark has another band wave in the works, because right now it is borderline unplayable. In high-level lobbies. I can't wait for that time to come to see all those pieces of going to support on Discord or writing a post on Reddit and crying about how they were banned for no reason, and I'm telling you right now I'm going to drink those tears, marinade my food with it BA in it because some of these players even have skins that they have paid for in season 1 meaning that they have been cheating for quite a long time and knowing that they have potentially lost money from this makes.

My day, you guys ruin everything you get your hands on, and I wish you nothing but the worst. Anyhow, once I'm done with my little tangent for the rest of the article, I'll be showcasing new items in the store, and if you guys found this article informative or hated it,.

Prepare for a whirlwind tour through the latest gaming landscape with our lightning-fast breakdown of Patch 2. In this quick and concise video, we dissect the key changes, including the FAMAS receiving another powerful buff, and the notable adjustments to rank progression. Whether you're a seasoned gamer looking to stay ahead of the curve or a newcomer eager to catch up on the latest updates, this rapid-fire breakdown is designed for you. We waste no time in exploring the nuances of Patch 2.
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