25 Things You Really Should Know The Finals

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The cash out will take 2 minutes from a vault being deposited to actually finishing, but if the cash out is started with less than 2 minutes remaining on the match timer, the additional missing time will instead be added to overtime. That being said, the additional overtime caps out at a minute at most, meaning that if you put in the vault with a minute and a half remaining, you'll get a full cash out with 1 minute and a half of normal time and then 30 seconds of overtime.

But if you put it in with anywhere less than a minute of time left, let's say in the last second, you will only get a minute of overtime and no normal time instead, meaning that the cash out, instead of taking 2 minutes to be fully captured, will only take one. This also means that while there's a general visual guide to when it'll be too late to steal a cash out when it is at full length, being at any point in time after it's crossed, this part doesn't really work if the cash out was started in overtime, as animation will fill out faster when there's less overall time.

That being said, any cash out started with more than 6 seconds left on the game's clock will lead to successful steel. It's also worth noting that the second the game enters overtime, any unused cash outs will despawn, so if you're going to make a last-minute hero play, make sure that you do that before the overtime starts.

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Another thing that they really don't tell you is how long it takes to steal cash. Sure, you can see how long it takes to start a steel with a fancy animation, but sometimes knowing the exact time is a lot more useful. If you ask me, I'd probably say that 6 seconds is adequate.

If anything, it's all you need, and while we're on the subject of how long things last, as for opening a vault, that will always take 20 seconds, and of course, since a lot of people don't notice, unlocking a vault will give you a thousand cash, starting a cash out will give you an instant 2, 000 cash, and stealing the cash out at any time in the game will give your team an additional 1, 000 cash.

Knowing these values might help you make the right call and tap that additional vault in order to climb up high enough on rankings where you will place above another team. Something else that I really wish that you just showed us at one point is that we can pick up our teammates, statues. There's never been any suggestion that this is a possibility, and the first time I saw it.


I was shaken. Just like with the reserve loadouts, you don't need to have say one weapon and three gadgets in your reserve; you can have any combination that you would like, even four weapons or four gadgets. No problem Something else that most players still don't seem to know is how the elemental effects in this game work.

Gas can instantly evaporate when it comes in contact with fire, so I use a pyro gadget or one of these barrels, and fires can instantly be put out if they come in contact with smoke, so I use a smoke grenade or one of these smoke canisters. Goo is also flammable, or is it inflammable? It doesn't matter if you are caught on fire; the flames will spread and destroy all of the connected things in no time.


Speaking of Goo walls, so goo from goo grenades or goo canisters, all have that one spot that, when destroyed, will take the whole wall down. I like to call this spot the goo spot, or g spot for short. From the point of view of the person deploying the wall, the G-Spot will be here when the wall comes from a goo canister, and it will be here when it comes from a goo grenade.

If the goo wall was deployed against a wall, the G-Spot is the topmost goo blob that has contact with the wall. Just saying that your current momentum determines how fast you throw something. If you're sprinting and jumping, you'll throw it a little bit farther than if you were just standing still.

The same logic applies if you're taking a jump pad or using a movement ability if you're holding something indestructible. Like a vault or a teammate's statue, you can combine running and jumping with a quick melee, and this will send those props flying. There's no immediate friendly fire when it comes to shooting punches or explosions, but you can still damage your teammates with gas or fire.


Keep in mind, though, that just because you can't damage your own teammates with it doesn't mean that you can't affect yourself with a glitch effect or hurt yourself with explosions. In fact, some explosions, like in the RPG, will actually deal an increased amount of damage. If you hit yourself with it, you can actually drop an item that you are carrying.

Gateway or Dome Shield secondary fire will stop you from performing an ordinary throw and perform a very weaker underhand throw instead. Bridges and elevators can not only be interacted with by hitting the interact key, but they can also be activated by getting punched, shot, or hit by an explosion.

Not many notice, but if a bridge or elevator is hit by a glitch grenade, it will activate the button and then disable it from being activated for the next 5 seconds. It takes 10 seconds for you to not take any damage before you start restoring your health. You can break almost everything in the finals; in fact, anything that is destructible can be destroyed not only by explosions but also by shooting or punching it.

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Not many realize this, but this also applies to zip lines or ladders. These types of props usually only take two punches to destroy explosions, which are based on the line of sight from the explosion. If there's any line of sight between any part of you and an explosion, you will take damage; if there's no direct line of sight and something covers away even if you're right next to it, you won't.

Also, this might be obvious, but even though nobody really tells you can put two cash boxes in the same cash out, the total amount for the cash out is a combination of the two cash boxes put in a secondary Cash Out does not change the ownership of the cash out, so whoever had control of it last now gets the tally added to their total.

Almost all weapons and guns in this game are hit-scanned, with the exception of the throwing knives, the KS23, grenade launchers, and the flamethrower. This means that as soon as you shoot, the gun will instantly hit a target exactly where it is pointing, with no bullet time or falloff being said.

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While these weapons are hit-scanned, they do have damage falloff. The distance before the damage falloff starts as well as how much damage is lost over range and for how long varies between the different weapons, but the falloff is always calculated with the same logic, so let's use the revolver as an example because we do have their numbers from a prior set of patch notes.

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