All 17 Classes The Finals - Explained

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The sniper light class is built around, you know, sniping, while it can be used in closer ranges for style points. The whole kit revolves around taking high ground and abusing off angles, ideally on high grounds that are far away from enemy teams, because if anyone as much as looks at the sniper light the wrong way, they'll die.

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The sniper light will, of course, run an SR84. Along with the grapple to do just that in order to support your team from these long distances sniper lights will generally run grenades such as a glitch grenade to deal with enemy Shields and get free shots in the gas grenade to assist the point or deny enemies certain angles, and then the last get it in the loadout being either the stun gun or Vanishing bomb to deal with any enemies who happen to get too close in my specific case I'm running the frag grenade because I want to get a little bit extra damage, and kill people that are behind cover you'd be surprised just how much pressure the class can put onto any team trying to take the point once it's been set up in the right position.

And when that pressure becomes too much, you'll be thankful if you have a supportive teammate. Like the support medium, the support medium is based on enabling your team as much as possible while staying in the middle or even in the back lines of a team. The support medium will either use an F car or ideally an AKM for more sustained damage, along with a heal beam to keep your teammate topped up, which will also allow them to quickly heal up any revived teammates.


They also run a guest defibrillator to bring your teammates back to life, a zip line or a jump box to allow the medium and their team to quickly rotate and take the right positions, and then the last gadget is usually up to the medium and their play style, though it usually comes down to the APs. A frag grenade, a gas grenade, or some type of mine running double support medium can be the best choice at higher levels, with two medium dogs leashing and healing up that one heavy who's playing in the front line.

This support medium goes hand in hand with enabling the team, but even more so, backing up an overly prey front line like the aggro heavy, or what some people might call the Chad heavy or Winton OverWatch, is a heavy class built around getting into the middle of fights while dealing massive amounts of damage.

In order to do this, they run the charge and slam for that instant burst of damage as well as the ability to displace enemies and destroy any cover that might be in their way. The charge is followed by an SA 1216 for that close-range burst damage, and sometimes an M60 or Lou gun for sustained damage, along with an RPG for range and destruction.


A dome shield for extra effective Health in the middle of a fight and you know some type of actual shield and finally normally they'll be running a barricade for Extra Car Mobility, or maybe even an anti-gravity, field for extra mobility, and out place but as fun as frontlining may be sometimes you might just want to get behind enemies and deal crazy amounts of damage and for that we have the cloak light at the time of this article the cloak light is considered the most meta way to play light equipped with the cloaking device the lights can easily cross open areas and set up flanks and I identify single targets that they can take out with the rest of their kit the cloak is also extremely useful in resetting and positioning in the middle of a fight which is incredibly, strong where you are squishy as the typical light the cloak light will generally run the xp54.


As it is fairly easy to control, with a great damage output and most importantly, a sight which stays visible even when you are cloaked this helps with keeping your aim On Target and flawlessly going from being cloaked to actually shooting adding to this R play style the clo light will always run a stun gun as this helps them secure picks on Lone targets the revives or even stall out the cash out they will also run the Gateway, thanks to its infinite outplay ability and team utility and their last Gadget is usually a glitch to help with fights and disabling enemy targets you know most importantly Heavies or mediums gas to stall the cash out and the nice steals or the frag grenade or breach charge for more outplay potential and some more damage, and if you love tearing up teams with creative outplay just wait until you try out the movement medium the movement medium might look a little bit like the support medium at first but there is one key difference the entire class is around clearing ground as fast as humanly possible the movement medium will usually be running an F car along with a dematerializer.

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Or heal beam, depending on how supportive they want to be. As for gadgets, the movement medium will be running not only a jump pad to clear certain gaps and move forward, but they will simultaneously run a zip line to get as much movement value as possible. By combining both of these movement gadgets, the movement medium can guarantee that their team will be the first to achieve any objective that they may want.

The movement medium can really only be picked if there is a support medium on the team. Yeah, and of course, you're going to be running the defibrillator. And of course, something as obvious as a medium-running defibrillator will be the heavy deciding to play defensively; the defensive or support heavy, or Reinhardt, is the heavy class specifically built to provide shielding and support the team from the front line.

The support heavy runs a m shield with the full intent of standing between enemies and the rest of their team while soaking up as much damage as possible, while also equipping a M60 or a Lou gun to help deal damage over mid- to long ranges to help assist them in their defensive play style. The defensive heavy also runs a dome shield for additional health; they run barricades for even more defense and bunkering; and, of course, the RPG.

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which is a near-most pick for extra all-around utility, but if you get tired of standing still in front of your team while holding a shield up and doing nothing else, peeking at the sword light might just be the choice for you. The sword light is the perfect class for dudes who want to feel like the main character.

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