Season 2: Gadget & Weapon Deep Dive. Next Potential Meta - The Finals

Apology & correction

Apology & correction

So to start things off, there are three things on this channel that I'll always promise: The first is to never clickbait you; the second is to never waste your time and get straight to the point as fast as possible; and the third is to provide you with correct and quality information, unfortunately.

Yesterday was not the case, and there are two corrections that I need to make before I jump into today's article. The gun that was demonstrated on the gravity cubes showcase was not a heavy SMG; it was the new medium Famas Burst assault rifle. The reason why I thought it was a heavy SMG was because it was showcased in the heavy segment of the trailer, just like when they were demonstrating the lights at Gateway.

And the mediums data reshape. All the gameplay came from their respective classes. On that note, the second is that the data reshaper is actually meant to be used to change the enemy gadgets rather than your own to essentially deactivate them, which I'll get further into later in the article.

Video summary

Video summary

do what I'm doing right now; it truly means the world to me anyhow. In today's article, we're going to go over all the new weapons and do a deep dive on the new gadgets and how they may be used in the upcoming meta. Let's cut the [__] and get right into it to start things off with this beautiful map called Horizon.

I'm not going to say the whole thing because I have no idea how they want us to pronounce it, whether it's CIS Horizon or maybe it's short for System Horizon.

New weapons

three weapons are coming with the new season. The first is a new burst pistol called the 93r. In my opinion, this is one of the coolest weapons to come to the game.

If you guys have ever played Destiny 2, it reminds me of the weapon I used to use called the Crimson. Now I don't know how this is going to affect the v9s, but I hope it doesn't completely outclass it because how else am I going to flex this diamond skin? Just kidding, it'll probably give me PTSD from all the wonderful solo-ranked experiences I've had.

advanced tips

Hey, do you mind you know resin me you know be cool. We're just chilling down there, kind of open. You know, you could maybe stop by. All right i guess I'll [__] myself. If you haven't checked it out yet, I have a article on the top 50 tips to improve your solo-ranked experience that will increase your win rate almost instantly, so check it out.

The link to it is in the top right-hand corner. The medium is getting the new Moss burst rifle, which should be a direct competitor to the F car now, in my opinion. I know for a fact that this will not be shared by everyone, but again, in my humble opinion, the F car is in a really good place right now.

However, the only reason why it is used almost all the time over the akm is because there is no direct competitor to it when it comes to medium to long range. With the introduction of the Famas, we have a solution to this problem now, depending on how powerful the Famas are on release. I don't know where this leaves the AKM.

Because unless there is a buff to its recoil or damage, mag size will not be enough of a factor to make me want to use it more over the Famas or the Fcar, so I'm quite curious to see how they plan to balance that out because, to be honest, in the beta, the AKM was one of my favorite weapons, and I would hate to see it being completely outshined.

By these two guns, anyhow, we have Heavy's new meta, I mean, weapon, the KS23, Slug shotgun. Now, depending on whether there is a crit multiplier and how far these slugs go, this could be yet another dominating, disgustingly powerful weapon that Heavy will add to its arsenal; hopefully, it will need a high skill curve to balance it out because, as of now, in season 1. Heavy is the class that has the most rewarding weapons with very little risk, and I would love to see that change in the upcoming season now.

New gadgets

New gadgets

On to the good stuff: the new gadgets. We have the anti-gravity cube for the heavy, which manipulates gravity in the immediate area, lifting contestants and objects, including the cash box, upwards.

This can be used as a traversal tool as well as a defensive gadget; however, depending on how fast that lift is and how big the area of effect is, this can be a really powerful gadget that could potentially replace either the C4. Dome Shield, or RPG, or it could make our fatasses a sitting duck in the air.

The one thing that Heavy was missing to legitimately become a one-man army was movement, and if this gadget lifts a play up fast and has a modest area of effect. Heavy will maintain its dominance in Now. I do think the anti-gravity cube is a good thing because the player will have to choose whether or not they want vertical movement, the protection of the dome shield, the damage of an RPG, or all the wonderful benefits C4 has to offer.


Sorry, I got [__] stuck in my throat. Something will have to be given now. The one concern I have with this gadget is whether or not it'll be an object like the jump pad, where to deactivate it, the opposing team just merely has to shoot the cube, or if the cube acts more like a grenade, and the effect will last for the entirety of its duration.

If it does, this gadget will be a no-brainer pick for any team that is defending the cash box. Just throw the anti-gravity on the cash boox, just like in the trailer, and you will instantly stall the enemy team, getting precious seconds till the effects are off, and you could even double that time if your team was running two Heavies, which is a huge advantage in tournaments.

Now let's just say the peak of the lift does not bounce up and down, and when you're at the top, you're pretty much stationary so that you can steal and pull it off, which still leaves the player stealing as an easy target for both the defending team and the other teams attempting to steal the box either way, depending on how this is implemented.

full release

This one gadget has the potential to be one of the best in the game. Yeah, I strongly suspect that you could combine this with a jump pad to literally move across the map in mere seconds. If you thought third parties were bad, just wait till you see a fat ass flying your way at Mock speed to personally spoon feed you his shotgun now onto the Gateway gadget for lights, which is a pair of limited range Deployable portals, which, when activated, can move contestants or objects between two locations, can be used by anyone, including the enemy team, but players cannot see or shoot through them all.

So here we have yet another potentially powerful gadget that, in my opinion, will be a no-brainer, pick for light, which will give not only team utility but also crazy offensive and steel potential in ranked play. Now, why do I say this? Well, let's say when you first spawn and you are the team that is far away from the vault.

Welcome to the ultimate deep dive into the highly anticipated Season 2 gadgets and weapons! In this comprehensive video, we explore every aspect of the latest additions, offering insights into their potential impact on the evolving meta. From cutting-edge gadgets to formidable weapons, we leave no stone unturned as we analyze the intricacies of each new addition. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to stay ahead of the curve or a newcomer eager to discover the next big thing, this deep dive has something for everyone.
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