Light Build Up For Nerfs The Finals Next Update


The finals recently got the 2.1 update, and it brought about a host of quality of life improvements outside of the private mat. As you might have noticed, there were bug fixes that were a key focus, which ensured a smoother gameplay experience for all of us to enjoy the game, which you know is kind of a big deal.

Additionally, there was the introduction of a new three-strike band system, which provides enhanced security measures within the games. The cheating issue that's been such a plague for so long might actually finally be getting fixed, which you know is great because that contributes to a more positive and fair gaming environment.

The powers shift game mode, which is the brand new 5v5, in the finals underwent improvements as well, including map tweaks, updated spawns, and the addition of a new Arena feature like jump pads and zip lines, which overall just makes it really fun and engaging and lets us know that Embark is listening to player feedback, which is why we can be expecting more weapon balancing efforts because we also got some concerns fixed, particularly.


In the new update focusing on SA1.1216, The glitch grenade and glitch traps made changes to the shotguns, such as a decreased fire rate and damage per pellet, which aim to fine-tune the weapon. Has been labeled as stupid and perceived as unfair by many players. I myself have probably raged out by getting hit by a stun gun more than any other weapon in this game it used to be the nuke but now it's definitely the stun gun now on Reddit there are a ton of discussions on it highlighting the frustrations with it there's the ability to incapacitate, opponents you can't use any of your other gear leading to debates on its balance and impact on gameplay Dynamics strategies and counter plays against the stun gun have been shared showcasing a ton of community engagement and basically how we as gamers are using our problem solving abilities and you know what I will say it's nice to see the community isn't just critiquing, they're actually offering valuable suggestions for future updates which Embark does look closely at that's One of the great things about this game is the relationship between the developers and the community.


Players have proposed changes to the Sun Gun mechanics, such as limitations on its youth and stealth situations. To reduce perceived unfairness. Additionally, there's actually talk about other weapons needing Buster Nerfs, which has led to the creation of a tier list to provide developers with insight into players preferences and concerns regarding weapon balance.

Once again, I think this is actually a great tool, and I hope Embark does see this. I actually agree with the list; I think it's pretty decent. Nerf is an F car, slightly Nerfs is an XP54, and the SA1 1216, but that one has already actually been nerfed, so I think it's fine balance and mixes the akm flamethrower, cl40.

V95 M60 lh1, model 1887. H1900, and M11 LS gun in the Famas, and my personal opinion is actually give a Famas a slight buff, and speaking of slight buffs, r357, throwing knives, swords, sr84, 93r, ks23 slug shotgun, and decent Buffs are the dagger, mg-L32, riot shield, and sledgehammer. Once again, I want to be very clear.


I'm just sharing what the community is putting out there for you to see. Also, don't forget to check out my other articles right here, where I cover news on all kinds of other article games, including Hell Divers 2 and Power.

Light Build Up For Nerfs In The Finals Next Update as the various aspects of The Finals, certain weapons have drawn intense scrutiny from the community. The stun gun, in particular, has been labeled as 'stupid' and perceived as unfair by many players.