The Finals - Season 2 Full Battle Pass Overview. Exclusive Gameplay W/ Devs

finals patch

I'm going to break down the full season 2 battle pass for you, including all the cosmetics and the rewards within the battle pass, and yes, this is the official battle pass, and yes. I was given exclusive access to this again. I really do want to thank Andark from the bottom of my heart. You'll be greeted by this screen right off the bat if you do want to unlock the battle pass.

First up, we do have the vapor wave specs, which are actually one of my favorite glass types used in cosmetics. Next up, we do have the sundown. Sizzle, which is an M11 skin; next up, we do have the Twilight Sunkiss, which is a rare sticker for the LS Gun; next up, we do have a skin for the LS Gun, which is the Sundown Sizzle, again matching that 11 skin at level five; we do have a weapon charm, the Dieno Reverb; at level six, you'll get yourself 75 multi.

We do have a weapon animation here, which is for the F car, to ensure your runs are ready to start the ACT, which is the ammo audit, and then last on the first page, we do have that Sundown sizzle for the F car, again matching that full set there for those weapons. Now on to page two. We have The Knockout Omen, which is a little emote or little modicon.


At level 10, you'll net yourself another 75 multi-BS, and then we have the function Flip, which is an animation for the Pyro grenade. At level 12, you'll let yourself have another 75 multi-b. Level 13 will get you the master-class jacket. Level 14 will get you a come here emote, which is an emote in first person.

At level 15, you'll get yourself a tornado warning. The third-person emote on the last page of the battle pass will get you the combo calculus Ator, which is a full outfit. Moving on to page three, we have the typo tantrum, which is a really cool weapon charm level 18. Again, nets you that 75 multi-buck.

Level 19 will give you the rare sound of the modem. Melody level 20 will get you the temporal leader, which is an emoticon; at level 21, you'll get the ammo audit, which again was for the F car, but this one is specifically for the M11; level 22 will net you again; that's 75 multi-BS. We have a really cool emote here at level 23, called Keyed Up.


The last item on page three will get you that M11 skin shown off in all those trailers; that's called the cartridge. Gunner, first up on page four, you cannet yourself the broadcast, hoodie for the frag grenade, we have the calibration, Cube at level 26. Level 27 will net you those 75 multibucks.

We have a free reward at level 28 named analog, which is a sticker. Level 29 gets you the color band wraps. Get yourself another 75 multi-b at level 30 seconds. Last on page four is the frequency player, which is a legendary spray with your actual name on it. Last up on page four, we have a really cool legendary weapon charm called the small screen.

Jumping over to page five, first we have the bubble gum blast, which is a skin for the frag grenade at level 34. You'll get yourself another 75 multi-buucks, and at 35, you'll get yourself a first-person emote called out. Next up is a rare sound called press. Start let's play 37 is going to net you those 75 multiboxes.


After that, you can get yourself a rare sticker called, or second to last on page five, will get you a oneway pager, which is a pretty unique weapon charm. Last up on page five, you will get yourself the Epic Outfit, which is colorful fast casual, which is that outfit that was featured in a lot of the promo work.

First up on page six, you can get yourself the Goblin Up Baate, a rare sticker. 42 will net you a weapon charm called Saving Throw. We finally get another pair of glasses, which are the Smash specs at levels 43 and 44. Level 44 will net you those 75 multiboxes, and level 45 will get you some hair, just called hair.

At level 46, you can get the collectible cash epic emote again. This is a third-person or intro emote. Second to last, we'll get you those 7 and 5 multi-b again, with the last reward on page six being that new dagger, the pencil, epically called the crit writer, jumping over to page seven. We do have the rare sticker called reset routine at level 50, and we have some brand new weapon skins for the chromium futur for the CL40.


At 51, you'll get yourself another 75 multi-buckets. 52 will net you the fashionable Shimmer gloves. Next to that is another chromium skin, this one for the RPG7. At 54, you'll get yourself some multi-bucks, but this time it's on the free track. Second to last is another chromium skin for the SH9, 00, and last up for page seven is the metallic zip-up legendary upper body.

First up on page eight, we do have the emoticon, Artisan. At 58, you'll get yourself another 75 multi-b, and at 59, you'll get my favorite emote of the battle pass, Jolt to a Start. This is a third-person emote or an intro. Next to that is a defibrillator skin called the DIY Dynamo. At 61 is the workbench symphony, which is a rare sound.

62, again, is going to get you 75 multibucks. Second to last, we do have a free reward here called the Wave Form Watch, which is a legendary weapon charm. Last on page eight is the legendary outfit called Max Viewing. This is the TV head outfit, which has been shown off in some of the promo work.

new map

Jumping over to page nine, we do have the officially scheduled rare spray level 66, which will give you 75 multibucks. Next up is an epic weapon charm called the reasonable fact simile. At 68, you get yourself some brand new eyes called surveillance lenses. Level 69 will get you the Scotty to-do list, which is a sticker.

Next to that, we do have another 75 multibox. Second to last, on page N9, we do have a first gesture, which is called a coffee break, and lastly, on page n, we do have a rare skin for the throwing knives called Rong scissors. First up on page 10 is a free sticker called Glitch Adhesive Level 74. We do have that brand new 93r skin that's been shown off in all the trailers that's called The Wave Interference, and to fall in line at 75, you will get 75 multi-b.

We do have another wave interference skin; this time it's for the Ryan Shield at level 77. We do have that ammo audit animation for the. Famas. Next up is another wave interference skin for the brand new shotgun, the K3, second to last is an epic weapon charm on the free track called Hall of Fame, and to round out page 10, we have that last wave interference skin for the Famas.

new season

First up on page 11 is the coin of the realm emoticon; next to that again is the 75 multi-buuck at level 83. We do have my favorite weapon charm of the battle pass, called pixel pulse. This does seem to show your health bar, or at least show your existing health, and right next to that is the retro-restorative sticker that also shows your health bar at level 85.