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It's your boy. AIT me, and in today's article, I'm going to show you 10 to 15 tips and tricks that you should be using in the finals. If you do use these tricks, you'll become a much better player, and your movement will become a lot smoother. And just generally, you'll have new stuff that you have unlocked; there'll be new movements; and there'll be new things that you didn't even know you could do, which I hope you didn't already know before this article.

This article will be new-friendly, so if you are a beginner and you're just looking to play the game and want to unlock some new things, this article is for you. The first tip is very, very boring. I will go through this very quickly. You want to make sure you go to your article and make sure your field of view is not on 70 and change all the way to 100.

This will allow your game to feel a lot smoother. You can see a lot more from your point of view. You can see it here from 70 to 100. A lot of people have been moaning about the movement being a lot slower. That is because your field view is on 70, so I would highly recommend changing that, and because I play with my mouse and keyboard, I also changed my Crouch slide to my mouse.

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Now that we have all the boring stuff out of the way, let's talk about the goo grenade. The goo grenade can be very creative. I see a lot of people just using it for doors, but you can actually use some more interesting things for it. As you know, I'm playing the map Monaco here, and there's usually a cash out on this lift; it's around that fountain, and there's not really a lot of places to hide.

You can actually put a goo grenade inside the tree and sit up here. You probably think, Hey, there's a lot of foam just like sticking out. You can actually shoot it and get rid of it and make it very discreet, and you can hide here. This is a great spot if you're using the throw knives or a sniper.

Especially on the map when it's nighttime or it's a lot darker at the moment it's day, you might think there's a guy up there, but if you get rid of the foam, the last place you're going to check is in the tree, let's be honest. And if you see what I'm doing now. I've pretty much got rid of all the foam, and you're never going to see that there's anyone up there, and if you're using the free dashes and you've got a vanishing bomb as well, that's the last place you're going to look, and you know this might actually win you the round.

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You know, maybe you just bring this out for one round, do it once, and once you kill someone, you just escape, and if you get the cash out, boom, that's done. It's a great spot to go. I highly recommend trying to use these spots more often. And one more thing I want to talk about the goo grenade so I'm on the map SEO and you got this massive black building in the middle which is not in use you can actually use the goog grad to get around this building which I don't see anyone using, and if you're running more than one light you can get around this building so quickly with these foam so if I turn around in a second you'll see that the foam that I've already put down and you can just Dash across and go all the way around and you don't really have to worry about getting shot cuz no one's ever really going to look up here but this is also a really cool tip I think, the next thing I want to talk about is actually using the building's chimneys.


A lot of people like what the hell you're talking about, so I've actually played this game for quite a long time now, and some of my friends have as well, and they never knew that you could hide inside the chimney. So, as you know, there's a cash out right in this yellow or orange square, and you can actually hide inside this if you're a light, and I think maybe a medium.


If you're a heavy user, I'm sorry you won't be able to get in here. You can see here that this is a really good spot to hide, especially when enemies come in and if you use the vanishing thing or the cloaking device. So the next thing I want to talk about is movement. I see about 60 to 70% of the people that I watch just do this they just walk over it and they land roughly around here, you can see in between the tree and The Rock it's an okay distance but we can extend that which is what you really want when you're jumping over your jump pad when you're trying to get to a location or a destination, quicker, so what you want to do is when you walk over you want to slide AK crouching over it and you can see I've made it a lot further this may actually help you this could be the difference from getting the cash out or not so highly recommend using this tip, this may seem very obvious but a lot of people may just throw the cash out without jumping which you'll see here If I throw this, it's going to go about this distance; it's quite far, but you know you can extend that by jumping.

And you can see it goes a lot further. Okay guys, be honest, did you know that this was for the cash out? I just thought this was like an art decoration. I did not know that you could practice throwing the cash point into these little cashouts. This is actually really, really useful, especially if you're trying to play a competitive match and you're throwing your cash point into the cash out, which isn't that great, so I highly recommend using this and actually playing, like without jumping.


As you can see here, without jumping, I managed to get them all in, but that was a little bit slow. As soon as I started jumping, you could see that it's a lot more powerful and that it's actually a lot harder, so I highly recommend you try this and actually see if you can get them all in. This will actually improve your You know your skills in terms of if you're playing a competitive match and you're going to Diamond and you need to get the cash point in and there's only 7 seconds in, maybe you could launch this across the map and freestyling your teammates; it's really, really useful.

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So what you're seeing on the screen here is a little bit sweaty, and this is something a lot of people will not use, but if you can implement this, it's actually really good. If you're using the throw knives, which are the new items in the game, you can actually cancel your animation. By using your grenades or other gadgets or items, if you don't want to throw your right mouse button, if you throw your grenade in your hands, you can cancel the animation all together, which is very overpowered, and if you start utilizing this, you can become a really good player with the throw knives.

If you're using lightweight class and you got the three dashes, what's the point if you go through the building if you can just go through the windows? So make sure you utilize this in the best possible way. You can go in, get a kill, and then dip out straight away, which you can see here on the screen.

In today's video, your boy Epitomy is going to share 10 to 15 game-changing tips and tricks for the finals. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, these secrets will level up your skills and make your movements smoother than ever. Get ready to unlock new abilities and surprise yourself with what you can do in the game.
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