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It's your boy. AIT me here, and in today's article, I want to do an advanced build for the heavy loadout. So here is my class and my loadout. First of all, let's talk about the specialization. I know a lot of people are going to say the mes shield is better, and yes, it can be if you want to be a more defensive player, but in terms of my gameplay and style that I play.

I am very aggressive. I want to help the team get damage, get kills, and make sure we secure the point. If my teammates aren't good or they're just running around like headless chickens, what's the point of using a Mes shield? I think we can all relate to Dan here. Mes Shield is great. Until you realize your teammates abandoned you a long time ago, I find it really funny that this post has been upvoted.

213, which tells me a lot of people end up in this situation, This could be solo players, but if you are on a well-coordinated team, Shield can be really, really good. I would rather put out damage. I'd rather get in there with him and have more fun than just holding a shield up. I want to show you one great example of why I prefer the charge lamp over the mesh shield.

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If I were Shield here, I probably wouldn't win this fight, but I'm doing a 1 vs. 3 here it looks a bit crazy what I'm doing, but you don't really need skill to do that, and it's an easy three kills, and this is in the rank game mode as well. If you're playing heavy and you're on high platforms, you can also make it work as well.

You can use a charge and slam from above, and you can slam down onto the point, and they've got no chance, and if it doesn't kill them, it'll at least push them away from the point. This might seem very chaotic in this clip, but I kind of thought about it while I was behind this wall. You'll see me for a few seconds thinking, Do I push this?

My two teammates are dead, and I knew I could get them off the point and keep them alive. All I need to do is push them away and make sure I'm shooting my shotgun. And what I'm going to do now is right away. I know it's a 1V one; it's versus a light or a medium. I'm going to put the point here: I'm going to revive my teammate.

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I know it's a 1 V1 at the moment. Now that my teammate's back up, I'm going to go back in there, so it's maybe a 2V1 or a 2V2. He's getting the point again. I'm going to charge Slam again. I've killed one more player, and we're looking for one more now, and this guy is trying to run around me, but he's eventually getting stuck because the whole building is clapped because of my mess, and we just went from a 1 V3.

Now that all of us are back up, we're in a 3v3 situation, and this is all because of the charging slam. So that should give you a good understanding of the specialization. The reason why I use the charge and slam over the mesh shield is because I just feel like if you want to be more aggressive and do more damage, and if you are left alone quite a lot, this is the reason why I use the charge and slam.

The next thing I want to talk about is the weapons, so instead of me just saying. Hey, use the shotgun, going to use a sledgehammer, let's bring up a little bit of a stat sheet for you guys so you can have a good understanding of the reason why these weapons are the most used ones. So here is the heavy breakdown graphic that I made.

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There is a spreadsheet that I'll leave in the description, which looks a little bit more boring than this, but you can see here that when you look at the damage per bullet for each weapon, the flamethrower is 28 and the Lewis Gun is 25. The grenade launcher is 80, the M60 is 35, the shotgun is 104, and the Sledg Hammer is 90.

Just from the damage per bullet, we can see that the shotgun does 104 damage per bullet and the sledgehammer does 90. So straight from the get-go, the shotgun and the hammer do the most damage. Then followed the grenade launcher, But with the grenade launcher, it does splash damage, so I don't really want to be using a grenade launcher, especially at close range.

This puts me off using a grade launcher, mainly because if it's going to hurt me at close range, I do not want to be using it, and it only has six bullets in a magazine. If you look at the magazine size for each one, we can see that the flamethrower does 30 leis, the gun does 47, the grenade launcher, like I just said, has six M60, 70, shotgun 16, and the sledgehammer, which are all kind of on similar lines.


You know they're all okay, but we also know that the flamethrower has gotten there from the recent patch, so the flamethrower and grenade launcher are off my list right away. The next thing I want to talk about is the two light machine guns, so you got the Lewis gun and the M60. These two weapons can be used, but I personally believe if you're going to play the heavy Clash, you want to be up close and personal; you want to be inside the building and just doing loads of damage.

For the long-range shooting in your medium classes and your light classes, you want them to be doing damage at a further distance; you want to be up close. If you wanted to use one of these two weapons, I would probably go with the Lis gun. Apparently, the M60 is very inconsistent; at the moment, it says on the wiki that it does 23 damage, but in game, it does 35, which, when I hit stuff like that, kind of just puts me off using the M60.


So use the LS gun if you want to use the light machine gun, but my two personal favorites are the shotgun and the sledgehammer. And in the notes document from the spreadsheet, it says the shotgun for burst should kill everyone. If I'm hearing things like that and it can kill a heavy in four shots, I'm going to use it.

So the next thing I want to talk about is the gadgets in the game. So now that I've gone over the weapons, you now want to add a little bit of range to your play styles so you can use the RPG. If you're not using the RPG as a heavy. I'm not really sure what you're doing; they can onot a light, they can make a medium down to half HP, and they can do a lot of damage to heavy Here's a little cool clip that I hit from a long distance.

I'll show you now. RPGs are absolutely insane, and if this first clip doesn't make you want to use it, I'm not sure what will, but maybe this one will as well. My teammates are kind of struggling; one's down, one's weak, and he's a medium. They're at the point where we're kind of struggling here.


I'm just going to save the day and get a double kill, and there you go, so I think I don't really need to explain why you should use the RP G in these two clips; basically, tell you why. So the second gadget that I use is the Dome Shield. As we all know, this dome shield is absolutely broken. It's so good to use if you're not using it as heavily as you should, especially if you're using charge and slam and not the Mes Shield.

In this video, Epitomy showcases an advanced build for the heavy loadout. He explains his choice of specialisation and why it suits his aggressive playstyle.
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