The Finals Season 2 Ranked Has A Problem


I want to talk to you guys today about the number of cheaters that are in ranked and the long Q times. Now, the long Q times aren't as much of an issue as the number of cheaters that are playing ranked, but why these two topics tie in together is because of the long North American Q time specifically.


Every single tournament that me and the boys played, we were matched up with at least one cheater. And I promise you it completely ruined our mental and this goes for any article game out there I understand there's going to be cheaters no matter what game or what level you play the game at but when me and the boys are playing tournament after tournament, and we see the same cheaters in our tournaments, at lobby after Lobby and they're not getting banned it becomes quite concerning, and the people that I'm specifically talking about it's not like they're questionable, where they have some kills on us where I'm like that's a little weird and a little odd I don't think he's a legitimate player no these players are legitimately, rage hacking so much so to the point within the first vault opening up they already have five kills and over 5, 000 combat score which in my opinion I don't understand how these players are still playing the game if they're obviously constantly getting reported there's no way they're not and they're not even attempting to hide their cheats so if there was somehow an admin spectating in the tournament.

They would quickly realize and quickly understand that this guy is 100% hacking, and I honestly have to push the blame towards the anti-che, which is just not doing its job, and that's clear as day now. The majority of you may know that easy anti-che. I'm going to put a screenshot on the screen right now, and the first question that you can see in the screenshot is what easy anti-cheque is.

And it states that easy anti-che is one of the systems that Embark uses to detect and prevent cheating in our games, and right underneath that there's a follow-up question that says do you only use easy anti-che, and their answer is no, we use additional systems besides easy anti-che. However, telling the world what they are would be like giving a burglar a key to our house.


Therefore, to ensure we can continue our work of detecting cheaters and providing a great game experience for everyone, we need to keep all the other systems secret. We appreciate your understanding, and that last statement makes complete sense to me. My problem with this is the fact that they have announced that they use multiple anti-cheap systems, and they're still the same cheaters playing the game that haven't been banned, and like I said earlier in the article, it's not like these players are pretending to play legitimately.

They are just as clear as day-rage hacking, so much so to the Split. Second you peak a window, you're pretty much dead from an lh1, light, or any other gun that they're using, and it's super upsetting because cheaters ruin the game entirely, and if you're somebody like me who likes to grind ranked, it really just kills the vibe when you're trying to win your game, and then you run into a hacker who's clearly rage hacking, and you know there's nothing that you could do against them.

battlefield 1

I honestly hope that Embark, which actually changed their main anti-che from easy anti-che and separated from the finals in Apex Legends easy anti-che, has had a major problem during a major event. If you guys didn't know, during the Apex Legends biggest tournament or Apex Legends Global series, two of the biggest players who played Apex Legends during the tournament were actually hacked and forced to play with a bot and wall hack when one of the players noticed he immediately left the tournament, and the tournament has actually been postponed because of this.

I'm not saying this is directly linked with easy anti-cheat, but as far as I know, there's only one anti-cheat for Apex Legends, and that is easy anti-cheat, and that game has one of the worst cheater problems in all of gaming. I know the last two articles on my channel have been kind of rants or discussions, but I feel that they're very needed for the game to succeed.

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It seems that the majority of the time, people share the same opinion as me. The only solution that I can think of for cheaters is to completely switch the anti-cheat that the game uses to face it anti-cheat, and even then, it's not going to be a perfect 100% solution, but because face it anti-cheat launches when your PC launches and is ready before your game launches, it makes it harder for a cheater to bypass his cheats in comparison to easy anti-cheat, which, in no pun intended, is pretty easy to bypass.

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