50 Tips For The Finals

50 tips

The finals officially came out a month ago, and I have been addicted to this game. If you want my review for this game, I already have the finals for noobs out from months ago, so go check that out because since I made that article, the game has only gotten better.

I got 50 whole tips for you, some maybe a little bit, but I want to get a lot better. I got 50 whole tips for you, some maybe a little bit more straightforward, others are kind of deep cuts, so without further ado, let's get these tips going shall. You can throw the cash box into the cash out stations, and as long as it touches, it'll start your cash out.

This can save you a ton of time to set up and return to the fight. Yes, no, way. Did you get the achievement? I did Yeah, you can also pass the box to a teammate set up on High Ground already to speed up the process. It's like a little game of catch gas mines, which are usually set up near the cash out and can be super annoying to deal with, but you can get rid of all the gas immediately by lighting it on fire with an incendiary grenade, and then boom, all the gas will go away.

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Another important thing to know is that smoke beats fire, so it's like a rock-paper-rock situation. It's your fault. Gas can be picked up and used immediately after, which is great for when you accidentally misplace it in the wrong spot or in the wrong direction. Okay, it's not your fault. Gas can be annoying to deal with, as in order to get rid of it, it will take a lot of shots and melees.

But also, like gas in Sy, grenades will ignite it, and it will disappear a lot faster, not instantaneously. But you know, faster than punching it, you can climb up floors to the windows in this game. It may not look like you can, but your character can manage things that look out of your reach. It may feel clunky, but after enough practice, you'll get used to climbing like a free solo pro when you hear this.

Noise. A team has just been wiped, so if you hear it after killing what you think is the last person you successfully team wiped them, and if you don't hear it, then one of the people you're fighting is probably still alive somewhere or they revive someone else. In general, listen to the announcers.

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Even if they are AI, they will give important information as to what is going on during the match, like specifying which team is cashing out, if only one contestant left on their team, or if another team is wiped out, one contestant left for the socialites. Maybe not a good time to hobnob with the other teams.

The Vogues are back in Vog, and the team responded. Hey. Embark Studios, if you're hiring people to actually, you know, be an announcer. I have a little bit of casting experience and a little bit of voice acting experience. Hit me up! You can use Goo as more than just a temporary wall; it can be used to traverse across areas like bridges, and with the Heav Goo Gun, you can become a full-on architect with stairs and bridges.

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Turrets can be super annoying to deal with, but one easy way to just ignore them is by throwing a goo grenade or goo container in front of them, blocking their ability to shoot you and your team mid-fight in the banket mode. The more money someone has, the longer their trail becomes. If you see a huge trail, that person is loaded with cash, and if you kill them, they'll drop a ton of money for your team.

Your grab range is a lot longer than you think, and it's even longer when you're crouched. This is most helpful for grabbing the cash out and, of course, trying to grab your teammates so you can respond to them. In tournament mode, you will have coins to revive yourself when your team can't revive you safely, but be aware that you will only have four coins as a team to start with and will only gain one coin between each round, so only when absolutely necessary.

In the beginnings of a round or in the final round, it may be wise to just tactically die when you're The Last One Alive, as the only penalty before the final round is losing some money, so if you have no money, it's a free revive, and in the final round, that penalty doesn't even exist, and you'd rather just spawn in with your whole team as soon as possible to give your team a chance to fight again.

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The defibrillator now responds to teammates with half their health, so if you have the healing beam equipped as a medium, the moment you revive, heal your teammate up so they won't immediately die after being revived, and the animation for the healing beam takes a while to recharge if it overheats, so it's important to not let it get to that point, so pay attention to its healing indicator and switch off heals right before it overheats and switch back after a couple seconds, and you'll be the best healer since Mercy and OverWatch.

Also, please make multiple loadouts; don't just keep editing the same loadouts for each class. This way, you can have separate loadouts for being a healer, running a turret, or having a sledgehammer. It's important that you do this so you have more options to choose from, as some classes are just better and more useful on specific maps.

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Use your melee. It does a ton of damage, has more range than you think, and it's faster than reloading. So please don't forget to use it mid-fight to secure kills; both the zip lines on the map and the ones that you make can be destroyed by shooting them. This can be useful for holding down high ground and minimizing options for the enemy team.

However, make sure you destroy them after your team climbs to the top first. Noob You can also destroy the ladders, but I think that's like 7 years of bad luck. Wait, am I getting that right? You can also break your jump pads, which will make it a lot harder for enemies to chase you down. Jump pads can be placed down at a slight angle on rooftops, bushes, or goo, and if it's at an angle, it will launch you like Sonic the Hedgehog when he's on a jump pad, which is great for getting across the map fast.

When the cash-out stations spawn in higher areas, you don't have to always try and climb up; instead, you can bring the whole thing down. You can break the floor it's on to drop it down to the next floor, or if it's on these boxes in the sky, you can take the whole thing down by breaking two of the corners.


If you're heavy, you can destroy so much and take down entire buildings if you attack the right parts of their foundation. The entire building will collapse if you take down enough of the bottom floor walls, and this can be useful for bringing down a cash-out station. You can place turrets on walls and even upside down on the ceilings, which adds a bit of spice to your turret gameplay.

The Finals is officially out, and I have been playing it so much, it's so fun! So for all you noobs out there that want to get better, here are 50 tips for The Finals! Enjoy.
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