Essential Advanced Tips You Need To Use To Outsmart Other Players. The Finals

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You need to change the way you play the finals because it's costing you wins, so I put together 20 advanced tips that you need to incorporate into your game to help you win games and be a better teammate. Starting with the number one RPG, do 200 damage. You can easily one-shot a light-close range and survive your own rocket.

Just make sure you're over 200. Health stop I already know what you're going to say, but you didn't one-shot him, and he was light; listen, he was out of the area effect. That's why it didn't work, so make sure you're above 200 and you're not going to rocket yourself. End of the day, bye. If you're The Last One Alive, please do not try to be John Wick; you're trying to win a 1v3 as much as you think you are him.

You are not him. Instead, just stick around closely, preferably hiding, so that you can get the enemy trying to steal, which brings me to my next point: stopping enemies from stealing cash outs. Downing an enemy takes time, and ammo, let's be honest with ourselves, you have a worse aim than Steve.

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So use a stun gun instead of trying to get a kill with a gun. You have the stun gun instantly, and it will stop them from trying to steal the cash. It stuns them, and they can't aim down sights or walk anywhere, so it's basically a free kill if you have no movement on your character. You can scale buildings by standing on the window sill, jumping out, and turning around.

You will vault to the next level, and you can even vault onto roofs as well, so do that if you're getting chased and you don't want to die. This is very useful, and I've gotten a lot of kills with it. But around the map, you're going to see a lot of usable items. A lot of things, like cranes and wrecking balls, are actually usable, so just go to the top of them, and you're going to see like a little control panel, and you'll be able to use them.

You can use these to break walls. You can use them to break buildings, roofs, enemy clay, and all things of that nature. Just make sure you use them to your team's advantage. Do you camp well? Don't do that in this game. Throughout the game, you're going to find many different events. One of them is called an orbital laser, and this will blow up anybody trying to cash out or stand still.

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Yes, this does hit buildings. My personal favorite tool is the grappling hook. This can be used to get Heights to swing like Spider-Man and just close the distance between someone that's one shot, but my favorite thing to do is to fake like you're going off of a platform to force an enemy to follow, and then you grapple back up; they're going to follow and fall to their deaths, and he, dumbass.

I cannot stress this enough, the mes shield should be the main thing you use on the heavy class; you can actually win 1 v3s with it. I know I just mentioned you shouldn't take 1 vs. 3, but that's because you are not him. I am him. No, I'm not him. I'm just him. But no, just learn how to utilize the M Shield to your advantage and when to block and when to attack when they're reloading.


You don't get two weapons in this game; you only get one, and when you reload, you're kind of wide. Get off of me, what the [__] What kind of animation was that? I didn't even get an animation. How do you counter having to reload in someone's face? I'm glad you asked if, if you ever have to reload in someone's face, strafe left and right.

This moves around your hitbox, making it harder to track, which allows you to get your reloads off and then finish them when they're reloading after they missed all their shots. Now listen if you use medium. The guardian tur in this game is OP; it does a lot of damage, so let's move to training mode for this.

It can be attached to items and thrown into buildings that may have cash out, so it can do a little damage before the real players actually go in and start doing damage, and it can actually be placed through windows; it could be attached to walls, and not only that, if you pick it up, it could place it back into your inventory, and then you'll place it down again, and it's going to be right back at full health.

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You can do this as many times as you want; there's no cool down on this, and that's actually OP for you to be able to just continuously pick up and place it, and it'll be at the full health of the new cool down, no none of that. Yeah, this is definitely going to get nerfed. Something like that is going to happen, so make sure you take advantage of this before that happens.


Now I know you might love taking every single jump pad you see because you're just such a fend, but anybody with decent aim will be able to beam you off the sky, so don't just take every jump pad willy-nilly like that. M good [ __ ] thing have you ever been playing and got robbed, yeah me too sometimes you got to know if you're a guardian or a thief communicate with your teammates move together to know if you guys are more interested in stealing the cash out after it's been placed or guarding it all the way through cuz sometimes at times you're going to be guarding the cash out and another team will come in the minute you guys die, and because the respawn is so long you're going to be upset, that you guarded it for like 80%, of the cash out and now you guys didn't even get it and you guys just wasted your time it doesn't matter who has it in the beginning it matter it matters who has it at the end do I even want to try to get the [ __ ].

We were protecting it the whole time just for that. Happen, are you doing something I don't see a lot of people doing? If you want to revive a teammate who died, pick up their statue and drop it somewhere where you can revive and look at what's happening. At the same time, don't just stare down and revive them; you want to be able to have your back to a wall or something and see everything in front of you while you are there.

Revive, the absolute strongest canister, gas, or material thing is poison gas, so how do you counter it with fire? fire lights the gas on fire, and to disperse the fire, you throw a smoke grenade on it, but there's no way to disperse the gas instantly without turning it into another damaging material, so I would use a gas grenade since it takes longer to disperse and it takes like two things to disperse it rather than taking one thing to disperse it.


You get me to aim for the head when shooting people. When you die in this game, you have to wait 23 seconds to respawn, and I know during that time you would just turn on Tik Tok and start scrolling until you hear your sound CU come back, but wait, resist that urge for one bloody second because a teammate may be coming to revive you, and when you revive, you revive with a full amount of health to fight again, so please pay attention to the screen.

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