The Finals Is A Flawed Masterpiece

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Another free-to-play shooter with expensive skins, battle passes, premium currency, and crackhead players, but it's so fun, and I feel so naughty thinking about the nasty things I could do to the developers if I found them. Remember all those hype plays you made in Skywars? No, I'm serious with that last one.

The finals capture all those hype moments and feelings you get from so many of those nostalgic games. It takes modern concepts from today's movement. Shooters and remixes, with that old school PVP gameplay, and it comes with all those hype moments you got from that era, the devast didn't revolve around making yet another chicken dinner.

Winner Takes Nothing, wobble fellas type game like every damn franchise is doing now, like, why the hell is Sonic getting one unless I want to play Shadow the Hedgehog and mow down Cream? The rabbit plays with a trench-sweeping shotgun. I don't care if the finals play exactly as the trailer does with that fast-paced gunplay and creative environment manipulation.

To gain tactical advantages on other players running through water to slam down on an unsuspecting HP player is so funny. It's like the dreamy advertisement; it's amazing, but the finals have a very big problem, and it's that the game play is a bit too creative and free, right? Let's do a test. I'm going to put some items on screen, and I'm going to let you take your load out.

Pick up a gun and two gadgets. Go ahead. I'll give you a couple seconds; in fact, no. I won't, because I know for a fact most of you have already picked up the stab gun with invisibility, and let me guess you've picked up the sniper rifle too, but guess what? Even if you've not picked those, I can guarantee you someone on the enemy team has. Some people should be putting chains on a muzzle.

Humans are scum

Humans are scum

You know who you are running up behind people as the light builds invisible, then you stung gun them and Point Blank sniped them for your little Reddit. Simultaneously, let me tell you that every time that happens, I get one step closer to unleashing the wolf.

When your goal is to give players the ultimate freedom to choose their play style, that doesn't mean you should C to every single fatherless subhuman organism. I bet you're probably that sensitive-spirited kid playing Undertale on your laptop during school launches weren't you when you load into a shooter you expect to get into gunfights that you could lose what I don't expect is to be stunned, teab bagged, have my ego twatted as I get skull, by a paypig with a funny load out while he's streaming to his ego squirming.

In the Discord call, I'm sorry. I love this game, but I thought it'd be funny to write this on the file script after I had a game like this, and yeah. I decided to play one game today, and here we are regretting it because people choose to dev evolve for a match and run such unfun one-note loadouts; it just ruins matches.

You have some crazy abilities and weapons. You can jump into the sky and slam down an unsuspecting enemy. You can absolutely carpet bomb an objective. With Grenades, there are so many fun ways to play the game. There are so many, so why are people such animals? Next minute, some kids on the other table start throwing food.

They start ordering things specifically to use as projectiles to launch other people. Sure, those things can be eaten normally by a normal person, but in the wrong hands, they become a projectile of mass destruction. In fact, no, I've got a better analogy. Just imagine you're at a garden party and the little kid picks up a home and everyone ducks.

In that moment, that kid puts on his perfect sh*t eating grin and becomes God; then everyone gets wet, no one has fun, and the kid gets slapped. That's what these players choosing to play the way they are feels.

What would i change?

What would i change?

Like i wanted to use this part of the article as a discussion point, a part of the article in which I'd like you to join me in thinking about how you would fix some of the issues with this game. You can click off this article and just leave a comment if you want.


I need to get my ideas and thoughts into words for when this game gives me dementia and I can't remember unless I watch it back. Idea one: get rid of snipers. You know I'm partial to sniping in this game but I enjoy mid-range, quick sniping as I'm actively engaging in contesting or supporting the objective, but so many times I can see that FY little lens glare on the opposite side of the map I can hear the enemy sniper peppering shot all game it's a movement shooter man come the down and move and shoot, come over here and play The Objective, come engageing the mechanics of the game if you're sniping in this game then I'm sorry but I think your talents are wasted, you either annoy the enemy team so much that they all run Shield comps which are not fun to play against in any game or you in all game and do nothing for your team it's just such an out ofpl play style in modern fast-paced shooters or how about we keep the sniper but it does less damage when you're stood in one spot in one part of the map for the whole game or if it's damage is tied to your movement speed that would be cool as it promotes skillful, play and mid-range sniping near the objective so you're actively engaging.

Use the movement mechanics, momentum, and physics that are already in the game to your benefit. Idea two: let's get rid of stung guns. I'm not even going to spend any time on this idea; it's a movement shooter. I expect to move; it's simply not fun and invites unskillful one-note playstyles, as I was crying about earlier, like look at.

finals flawed masterpiece

This, he's come on; he's trying to Reddit snipe. For me, it looks like just some, of, off idea three. This idea is probably my favorite, but I think some of the utility in this game could be tied to the weapons you use. That sounds weird at first, I know, but by zoning in on the core concept of certain play styles, you can make them more focused.

For example, if I'm seeing so many brainlets, use the invisibility ability, which can be paired with any gun and any gadget. I actually like the idea of a stealth mechanic where you can surprise your enemy and cover close distances without being seen easily. What I don't like is seeing an enemy pop out of invisibility 5 meters randomly in front of me without a full-barrel shotgun aimed at me.

Cranium, hey, imagine if it was just bounced to an alternate fire on the knife, for example. Well, you still get that invisibility, but now it's associated with a weapon that's best suited for that playstyle archetype. Freedom could cause abilities to be used in ways that were never intended, like what we're seeing.

The Finals has the potential to be a Masterpiece! Most modern movement shooters die on arrival, but The Finals did the impossible and shocked everyone with it's amazing gameplay and fresh yet nostalgic mechanics.